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Microsoft Clouds Pixels Reuse

Salesforce Partners with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Despite Commitment to AWS

Salesforce is embracing a multi-vendor cloud approach with partnerships with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Alibaba.

Android Q Beta Arrives with Desktop Mode

Google has released Android Q in beta with a Continuum-style desktop mode, while the company says Project Treble will help reduce fragmentation.

Microsoft Was Planning a Branded Windows Mobile-like Feature Phone

A working prototype of Microsoft's RM-1182 feature phone reveals that it was planned for a Windows Mobile UI all along, with support for live tiles, color changes, and account syncing.

Windows and Devices Leader Terry Myerson Leaves Microsoft after 21 Years

Influential Microsoft executive Terry Myerson is leaving the company for a break before moving onto other things. It marks the end of a long and successful stint at the company.

Samsung Shows off Note 8-powered Linux Desktop Experience

Samsung's DeX will soon allow for a Linux desktop experience via the Note 8, allowing more freedom for developers and bringing a better gaming experience to consumers.

Microsoft’s Andromeda OS will Make Windows Modular

Andromeda OS is being developed as a modular version of Windows, which will bring a truly universal platform that allows OS components to be chosen or removed.

Windows 10 Mobile Gets a New Device Called the WinPhone 5.0

Made by German company TrekStor, the Windows 10 Mobile WinPhone 5.0 is a mid-ranger aiming for enterprise customers wanting Continuum support and continuity in upgrading.
Focused Inbox Screenshot Winbuzzer

Outlook’s Focused Inbox Is Finally Rolling out to Windows 10 Mobile Insiders

Focused Inbox is now available to some Insiders in the Release Preview but is yet to make it to the Fast Ring. The feature came to Windows 10 in February.

HMD Global Announces the Nokia 8, Its First Flagship Mobile Device

The Nokia 8 features a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4 GB RAM, and dual 13MP back cameras. It will debut in September alongside the latest Samsung and Apple devices.

Samsung to Dethrone Apple after Q2 Earnings Report Reveals Record Profits

Samsung has reported record operating profits of $12.67 billion, a 72% increase over last year, while Apple is projected profits of $10.55. Much of the success is thanks to its semiconductor business, which had profits of $7.1 billion.

Microsoft Releases Massive Windows 10 Preview Build 16226

The latest Windows 10 Fall Creators Update preview is extensive, making changes to Edge and Windows Shell, while also brings new Emoji support and numerous other new features across a breadth of services.
Surface phone render Bartlomiej Tarnowski

Potential Microsoft Leak Hints at Upcoming Surface Mobile Device

The new Surface Mobile device will allegedly utilize Qualcomm Snapdragon, comes with a 185-degree stand, and can project Continuum onto a flat Surface for up to an hour. The validity of the leak is yet to be confirmed.
satya nadella flickr

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Says Company’s New Phones Will Not Look Like Phones

In a new interview, Satya Nadella has dropped the biggest hint yet that the company will return to mobile hardware. However, any new devices may change the way we look at smartphones and will not look like phones.
Qualcomm Snapdragon Official

Qualcomm CEO: Microsoft’s Windows 10 ARM PCs Will Launch Late This Year

Qualcomm has confirmed Windows 10 ARM devices by the end of the year, but the exact details remain a mystery. The releases will be "celluar PCs," capable of running traditional Windows apps while retaining long battery lives.

Microsoft Patent Shows Improved Windows Hello Iris Authentication, Potentially for Surface Phone

A new patent for mobile technology shows a new iris scanning capability for Windows Hello. The added authentication could potentially be used in the Surface Phone.
HP Elite x3 Mobile Retail and Mobile Scanning Solution Image 4

Microsoft Surface Phone is the Mobile PC Answer, Not UMPC Devices

The idea of an ultra-mobile PC device has the feel of been there, done that. If Microsoft is going to redefine mobile as a business-baiting sector that touts full PC capabilities, the company’s Windows 10 ARM-based developments and Continuum will be crucial.

Microsoft Releases ISO Files for Windows 10 Preview Build 15048

Windows 10 Preview Build 15048 has passed through the Fast Ring and Slow Ring in recent weeks. The build is among the last previews for the soon-to-be-released Windows 10 Creators Update.
HP Elite x3 Mobile Retail and Mobile Scanning Solution Image 4

HP Elite x3 with Desk Dock Bundle Now Available for $599

Customers interested in the HP Elite x3 Windows 10 Mobile flagship should act this month as the device and Desk Top bundle is now available for $200 off its original price.
Elite X HP Official

HP Elite x3 Could Get New Lap Dock with Larger Full HD Screen

A new report suggests the HP Elite x3 will receive a 14” or 15” Lap Dock that will get full USB ports, a larger back-lit keyboard, and a larger screen. HP has recently announced new accessories for the handset, and the current Lap Dock has helped the smartphone’s business-appeal.
Lumia Phone X official Microsoft video leak

Microsoft: Creators Update Will Come to Windows 10 Mobile after Desktop Release

The company has confirmed in a statement that the initial update will be for the desktop version and explained that the feature update will be available for other versions thereafter.

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