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Microsoft Launches Windows 11 SE to Combat Google Chromebooks

Windows 11 SE is moving into a new era as OEMs get behind the platform with new hardware to go alongside the Surface Laptop SE.
Featured - How to Disable (and Enable) JavaScript in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Opera

How to Disable or Enable Javascript in Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera

We show you how to disable or enable JavaScript in Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera, both permanently and temporarily.
Featured - How to stop chrome from blocking downloads

How to Stop Google Chrome from Blocking Downloads

Google Chrome download blocked? We show you how to stop Chrome from blocking downloads that are both manual and automatic.

Google Chrome Gets Two Emergency Security Patches

Google is sending out two security fixes to cover a pair of Google Chrome browser zero-day vulnerabilities that are exploited in the wild.

Microsoft OneDrive Debuts as PWA for Edge and Chrome

Microsoft OneDrive is now available to install as a Progressive Web App (PWA) on Microsoft Edge and Chrome.
Featured - How to Change the Default Search Engine of Your Browser

How to Change Default Search Engine in Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera, and Firefox

Need to know how to change your default search engine or make Google your default search engine? This tutorial will show you how on all of the major browsers.

Microsoft Ditches Office Apps on Chrome OS

Starting from Sept. 18, Chrome OS users will no longer have Office apps, with Microsoft pointing them to the web version.
How to Allow or Block Pop-ups in Chrome

How to Disable the Pop up Blocker on Chrome (or Enable It Again)

We show you how to disable the pop up blocker on Chrome for individual or all sites, as well as how to turn it back on again when you're done.
How to Change Chrome’s Default Language

How to Change Language in Google Chrome

We show you how to change Chrome language to suit your preferences, as well as how to enable translation for it.

How to Clear the Cookies, Cache, and Site Data for a Specific Site in...

We show you how to clear cookies for a specific site in Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, as well as the cache and site data.

How to Enable or Disable Chrome Volume Control and Hardware Media Key Handling

We show you how to modify your browser's sound settings to adjust Chrome volume control and enable or disable hardware media key handling.

How to Disable the Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool in Windows 10

We show you how to perform a Chrome Software Reporter Tool disable with Windows 10 security settings or your Registry Editor.

Fake Microsoft Authenticator Extension on Chrome Sparks Fake Review Investigation

Security researcher KrebsOnSecurity followed a trail from a fake Microsoft Authenticator extension to a network of malicious extensions and fake reviews.

Google Chrome Adds Opt-Out of Controversial FLoC Technology

Google Chrome now allows users to disable the FLoC technology that tracks them to avoid losing ad revenue through blockers.

How to Turn on Caret Browsing in Chrome, Edge, and Other Chromium Browsers

We show you how turn on caret browsing on or off in Windows 10, as well as how to use it to select text in Chrome, Edge, and other browsers.

Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome to Get Deeper Volume Mixer Integration on Windows 10

Microsoft is working on an integration with the Windows 10 volume mixer that will allow Microsoft Edge users to control individual browser tabs.

Microsoft Edge to Get PDF Reader Improvements to Compete with Chrome

Microsoft Edge PDF Reader previews show new features that will make the tool better than the reader available on Google Chrome.

How to save a Web Page in Chrome

We show you how to download a webpage in Chrome as a HTML file, as well as how to save a link as a desktop shortcut.

How to Enable and Use Picture-in-Picture Mode in Chrome

We show you how to enable and use Picture-in-Picture mode in Chrome using the extension, which activates a floating YouTube player in one click.

How to Enable or Disable Hardware Acceleration in Chrome

We explain what hardware acceleration is, when you should turn it off, and how you can enable or disable it in Google Chrome.