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Featured - How to Zip and Unzip Files on a Chromebook

How to Zip and Unzip Files on a Chromebook

We show you how to unzip files on Chromebooks or how to create new ZIP archives using the built in compression feature of ChromeOS.
Featured - How to Export and Import Favorites in Microsoft Edge

How to Export Favorites from Microsoft Edge or Import Them from Chrome or Other...

We show you how to import bookmarks into or export favorites from Edge and how to import them into Chrome or other browses.

Google Chrome to Launch “IP Protection” Feature Enhancing Users’ Online Privacy

Google introduces "IP Protection," a groundbreaking privacy feature for Chrome that safeguards user privacy by masking IP addresses through proxy servers.

Google Initiates Phase-out of Third-Party Cookies from Chrome in Q1 2024

Google's Privacy Sandbox in Chrome, a potential replacement for third-party cookies, uses the Topics API to tailor content or ads based on user browsing history.
Security Icon Microsoft

Federal Security Faces Serious Risk from Latest Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability

Google has until October 23, a three-week deadline, to fix a vulnerability in Chrome.

ARM Patches Mali GPU Bugs That Threaten Android Phones and Chromebooks

Exploiting the known Arm's Mali kernel driver vulnerability would enable non-privileged users to tamper with GPU memory processes.
Featured - How to get Emojis on Chromebook

Google Unveils Chromebook Plus as AI-Powered High-Performance Laptops

The new range of laptops will be available this fall, launched by various partners including Asus, Acer, HP, and Lenovo.

Google Chromebooks to Get One Decade of Futureproof Updates

Google has recently unveiled a significant enhancement to its Chromebook lineup, aiming to extend the lifespan of these devices. The tech giant has committed...

Google Chrome Privacy Sandbox Is Now Available to Majority of Chrome Users

Google Chrome Privacy Sandbox Makes Targeting and Measurement APIs Generally Available.
Cameyo ChromeOS Virtual App Delivery official

ChromeOS Gets Cameyo Software Virtualization for Enhanced App Delivery

This integration allows Windows applications to run alongside Chrome applications on Chromebooks without the need for a virtual desktop.

Microsoft Edge Takes on Google Chrome with Native PDF Translation Feature

Microsoft Edge is adding a translation feature to its built-in PDF reader. This will allow users to translate selected text within PDF files directly in the browser.
Featured - How to Clear Cookies, Site Data, Cache for specific website in Chrome, Edge, Firefox

Mozilla Warns France against Overreaching Website Blocking Proposal for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and...

Mozilla is warning of the global implications of a proposed French law that would force web browsers to block some websites at a software level.
How to install and delete apps on a Chromebook

Google Is Testing Ultra-Wideband (UWB) for Chromebooks

UWB is a radio technology that uses a very low energy level for short-range, high-bandwidth communications over a large portion of the radio spectrum.
Featured - how to zoom out on chromebook

Google Dumps Plans for Nvidia-Powered Gaming Chromebooks

Several gaming Chromebook projects for named "Herobrine," "Hades," and "Agah" have been terminated.

Google Chrome Moves towards HTTPS as Default for Web-Links

Developers are urged to fully adopt HTTPS and redirect all HTTP URLs to their HTTPS equivalents.

Google’s Chromecast Found to Infringe Video Streaming Patents, Must Pay $338.7 Million

Google has been ordered to pay $338.7 million in damages in a patent infringement case brought by small tech company Touchstream Technologies.

Bing Chat Goes Multi-Browser: Now Available in Google Chrome and Safari

Bing Chat, Microsoft's AI-powered chatbot, is now available in the Google Chrome and Safari web browsers.
How to install and delete apps on a Chromebook

Google Reportedly Working on Chromebook X Premium ChromeOS Laptops

The Chromebook X program aims to distinguish premium Chromebooks from baseline models.

Minecraft Reaches General Availability on Chrome OS

Minecraft is now officially available on Chromebooks, with cross-play, multiplayer, and Marketplace support.

Microsoft’s Bing Chat AI Tricks Users Who Search for Chrome on Edge with Bogus...

Microsoft tried to promote its Bing search engine and Edge browser by showing a fake AI chatbot answer when users searched for Chrome on Edge

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