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Google Antitrust Trial: Microsoft Bing’s Failures Led to Google’s Dominance, Search Giant Claims

Google claims its dominance stems from competitors' incompetence, not any wrongdoing, and has always embraced competition.

Microsoft Adds Deployment Controls to Bing Chat Enterprise AI Service

Latest Microsoft controls allow for a more granular deployment of Bing Chat Enterprise, catering to specific user groups within an organization.
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Apple and Microsoft Challenge EU’s ‘Gatekeeper’ Designation for iMessage and Bing

On September 6th, the European Commission will reveal a list of designated gatekeepers, identifying companies and services that must comply with interoperability and competition regulations.

Microsoft Unveils Map-Related Updates for Bing Chat and Bing Search

Microsoft's new update enhances user navigation by providing efficient route suggestions with visual representations through Bing's map features when requesting directions.

Microsoft Introduces Bing Chat Enterprise to Windows Copilot Preview

Microsoft Rolls Out Bing Chat Enterprise in Windows Copilot Preview for Commercial Customers.

Microsoft Launcher Integrates Bing Chat AI for Enhanced User Interaction

Microsoft has released a new update for its Microsoft Launcher for Android that integrates Bing Chat AI.

Bing Chat Data Still Absent from Bing Webmaster Tools Months After Projected Deadline

Microsoft has delayed the integration of Bing Chat data into Bing Webmaster Tools, months after the projected deadline.

Microsoft’s Bing Chat Gets New “No Search” Mode

Microsoft is testing a new feature for its Bing Chat chatbot AI service that allows users to turn off web searching.

Microsoft Rolls Out Bing Chat Enterprise in Preview for Education

Microsoft's Bing Chat Enterprise is now in preview for Microsoft 365 A3 and A5 faculty users. The AI-powered chat tool can help educators with tasks.

Bing Search Fails to Gain Market Share despite Massive AI Push

Six months post-integration, the market share for Bing remained largely unchanged.

Google Bets Big on Gemini AI to Disrupt ChatGPT and Bing Chat in the...

Google is reportedly working on a new AI project called Gemini, which is designed to compete with Microsoft's ChatGPT and other AI chatbots.

Bing Chat: Microsoft to Store “Some Conversations” According to New Policy

Microsoft has announced modifications to its AI services policies, which will be implemented on September 30th. These changes aim to address the challenges posed...

Microsoft Acknowledges Quality Issues with Bing Chat AI following User Complaints

Bing Chat AI, Microsoft's AI search chatbot, has been facing quality issues in recent weeks according to users.

Bing Chat Gets Plugins in Microsoft Edge and Support for Mobile Browsers

Bing Chat plugins will offer users added functionalities such as restaurant bookings and data visualizations.

Bing Chat: Microsoft Is Considering Expert Mode for Advanced Users

An expert mode for Bing Chat could boost its usage as the AI chatbot has to compete with more and more specialized services for generative AI.

Bing Chat Goes Multi-Browser: Now Available in Google Chrome and Safari

Bing Chat, Microsoft's AI-powered chatbot, is now available in the Google Chrome and Safari web browsers.

Microsoft Opens Edge Bing Sidebar to Third-Party Developers

Microsoft's decision to allow developers to create their own Sidebar extensions will make Edge much more versatile.

Microsoft Debuts Bing Chat Enterprise, Bringing AI Search to Businesses

At Microsoft Inspire 2023, the company launched Bing Chat Enterprise, a business-ready version of the AI search chatbot.

Bing Chat Gets More Responsive with New Backend

Bing Chat has been improved with a new backend that reduces latency by 25%. This makes the chatbot more responsive and reliable

OpenAI Pauses Bing Integration in ChatGPT to Stop Users Breaking through Paywalls

OpenAI has put the brakes on its recently announced Bing integration in ChatGPT over concerns users are accessing paywalled information.

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