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ElevenLabs Launches Innovative AI Dubbing Feature for Multi-Language Translation

AI Dubbing, offers a unique method to dub content, aiming to broaden accessibility, especially for independent creators without resources for translation.

Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator Faces Content Violation Issues

As first noted by Windows Central, Bing Image Creator users are getting content violation warnings for harmless phrases.
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Apple Explored Replacing Google Not Only with Bing but Also DuckDuckGo

Apple believes that, despite exploring other options, there's currently no viable alternative to Google as a search engine.

Microsoft Bing Chat Now Includes DALL-E 3 AI Image Generator

Bing's latest image generator feature promotes user engagement with creative AI suggestions for a collaborative experience.

User Bypasses Bing Chat’s CAPTCHA Using Sentimental Ploy

Microsoft's Bing Chat AI chatbot was duped into bypassing its CAPTCHA security by disguising the CAPTCHA within a locket image and accompanying it with a story.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Reveals $100 Billion Bing Investment in Google Antitrust Showdown

Nadella consistently pointed to Google's alleged anti-competitive practices as a significant barrier to Bing's growth.

Windows Copilot Integrates Same Plugins as Bing Chat: Future Updates to Enhance Usability

The integration of plugins between Bing Chat and Windows Copilot prompts concerns about automatic installations across both platforms.

Bing Image Creator: Microsoft Taps More GPU Power to Stem Overwhelming Demand

Due to overwhelming demand, users experience a waiting time for up to several hours until their image request is processed.
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Microsoft Wanted to Sell Bing to Apple in 2020 to Replace Google

Apple's skepticism of Bing's quality and the revenue from Google deterred them from pursuing the acquisition of Bing.
ChatGPT Voice Assistant

ChatGPT Integrates Bing Web Browsing Feature

Microsoft's new "Browse with Bing" feature uses their search engine to give users current, authoritative answers with direct source links.

Bing Search Integrates with Meta AI for Enhanced Chat Experiences

The Meta AI integration will enhance chat experiences on platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger by offering real-time, updated answers from search data.

Microsoft Bing Chat’s “No Search” Feature Transforms into a Plugin

The "No Search" feature lets users engage with Bing Chat without web searches, enabling more direct tasks and casual chats.

Microsoft Enhances Bing Chat with New Plugins

The latest Bing Chat plugins added are Adobe Express, MathSolver, and Spotify, each with its own function.

Microsoft Integrates OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 into Bing Image Creator

Bing image creator integrates DALL-E 3's advanced features to ensure user content adheres to guidelines.

Disturbing New Trend: AI-Generated Fake Nudes of Minors Circulate in Spanish Schools

The images, described as incredibly realistic, have not only gone viral among schoolboys but may also have been uploaded to adult websites.

Bing Webmaster Tools Retires Disavow Links Tool

Due to technological advancements, the Disavow Links Tool for Bing Webmaster Tools is now deemed redundant.

Microsoft Introduces Unified AI Copilot for Windows 11, Microsoft 365, Edge, and Bing

Microsoft Copilot will offer a unified experience that incorporates the intelligence of the web, user data, and real-time PC activity.

Bing Chat Search Data Finally Comes to Bing Webmaster Tools – and Doesn´t

The revamped Bing Webmaster Tools Performance Report now amalgamates metrics from Bing web search and Bing Chat,

Bing Chat Enhances Mobile Integration with New Features

Microsoft's two new features make for tighter Bing Chat integration when using multiple devices.

Microsoft Enhances Bing Chat Character Limit to 8,000

Microsoft plans to increase the character limit in Bing Chat from 4,000 to 8,000, including for Bing Chat Enterprise.

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