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Microsoft Teams with Shopify for Bing and Edge Integration

A new Shopify collaboration will also be available on Microsoft Start as well as Bing and Edge, adding merchant products to the Shopping tab.

Microsoft Bing Gets AI-Driven Travel Results

With a new AI ability, Microsoft Bing Travel can now surface travel destination results in a special overview page including major details.

Microsoft Research MEB AI for Bing is One of the Most Complex Models Ever

With over 135 billion parameters, the MEB AI from Microsoft Research is almost as powerful as the Open AI GPT-3 model.
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Microsoft Working on Bing Chat AI Bot

With the new Chat AI on Microsoft Bing, users will get a Cortana-like virtual assistant for search engine results and more.

How to Remove Bing from Windows 10 Search in 2021

We show you the updated way to remove Bing from Windows 10, showcasing a simple registry hack that will de-clutter your search box.

Microsoft Bing Receives Major New Update

Microsoft Bing is getting a new recipes experience including UI, more details for local results, hover-over abilities, and more.

Windows 10 Settings App Now Includes Bing and Microsoft Edge Prompt

Microsoft is using a shortcut in the Windows 10 Settings app to advertise Microsoft Edge and Bing as default services.

Google’s Android Microsoft Bing Search Auction Gets Slammed by DuckDuckGo

After choosing Microsoft Bing as an alternative search tool on Android, Google’s auctions have angered DuckDuckGo.

Microsoft Bing Maps COVID-19 Tracker Now Includes Vaccines

Users of the Bing Maps COVID-19 tracking tool can now track vaccine progress across the world, including trials and prospects.

Microsoft Adds Forceful Bing Search Option to Outlook for Android

Some Outlook for Android users forced a Bing search option when they long press text, even if they don’t have Bing installed.

Microsoft Forced to Disable Bing Trending after Sexually Suggestive Video Promotion

A search for Shutterstock on Bing surfaced videos with titles like 'Big Tits' and 'Little Girl Peeing'. Microsoft says it's investigating the issue.

Windows 10: Microsoft releases Bing Wallpaper Slideshow App

Microsoft has launched Bing Wallpaper, a new Windows 10 app that places Bing images as the desktop wallpaper.

Microsoft Debuts Bing-Powered COVID-19 Search into Windows Search

People using Windows Search on desktop can access direct Bing and MSN information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Zoom Addresses ZoomBombing with New Measures

Zoom says users can use passwords on meetings and use default Waiting Rooms to avoid ZoomBombing problems during sessions.

You’ll Soon Be Able to Bing Search Anonymously in Microsoft Edge

Starting an InPrivate browsing session in Microsoft Edge will now apply the same principles to Bing, removing identifiers and making sure history isn't saved to your account.

Zoom Offers Tips to Avoid “Zoom-Bombing” Meeting Hijackers

Threat actors have been Zoom-Bombing meetings on the Zoom online conferencing tool with porn, threats, and hate speech.

Microsoft Bing Adds COVID-19 Schema.org Special Announcements

Developers across various sectors can now adopt and use Bing to add the Schema.org SpecialAnnouncement tag for COVID-19 searches.

Microsoft Launches Interactive Bing Maps to Chart COVID-19 Outbreak

Microsoft has released an interactive Bing Maps tool to help people accurately track the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Microsoft Announces New Bing Webmaster Tools Portal

Microsoft has modernized Bing Webmaster Tools to reflect the concerns of users who said the old version was too slow and outdated.

Microsoft Backs out of Plan to Force Bing on Office 365 ProPlus Users

The installation of Microsoft Search in Bing will now be opt-in, rather than automatic, and users with the extension installed will still be able to switch search engine.