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Microsoft to Address GTA IV Frame Pacing and Water Shader Issues in Backwards Compatible...

Microsoft is investigating GTA IV frame syncing issues that can cause a jittery and unstable experience. Though a 30 fps lock isn't possible, the team is looking into other solutions.
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Xbox One Gets Four New Backwards Compatible Games

In June the backwards compatible game library of the Xbox One exceeded 200 titles, with the addition of Brain Challenge, Babel Rising, Flashback, and...
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Microsoft Releases More Xbox One Backwards Compatible Titles

Keeping true to its commitment to bring more backwards compatible games to the Xbox One, the list has now includes four new game titles.
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Microsoft Rolls out Xbox One Alpha Ring Build to Address Backwards Compatibility Bugs and...

Microsoft's latest Xbox One alpha build also remedies several app issues, including IGN, Ubisoft Club, and Beam. It also addresses a bug with sign-in after locking down an account.
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Microsoft Adds Call of Duty: World at War to Xbox Backwards Compatibility

Four new titles have come to Xbox One backward compatibility this week: World at War, E4, Encleverment Experiment and FunTown Mahjong.

Microsoft Addresses Azure AD nOAuth Flaw Allowing Account Takeover

Microsoft has resolved a serious security vulnerability in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) authentication. The flaw, known as "nOAuth," which was revealed by the...

Microsoft Says Xbox Series S Backward Compatibility Won’t Support Game Improvements

Microsoft says the backward compatibility on Xbox Series S will only play older games in their original quality.

Microsoft Xbox Scarlett to Launch Before Sony’s PlayStation 5

Mooted for a 2020 launch, Xbox Scarlett will give Microsoft a head start on the PS5, but the company will have to execute a smooth launch and avoid angering Xbox One X users.
Microsoft Ultimate Gaming Sale Store Screenshot Major Nelson

Microsoft Reveals “Ultimate Game Sale”: 280 Titles, up to 75% Discount

The list of 250 Xbox and 30 PC discounts has been released ahead of the 5 July launch of the Ultimate Game Sale, containing discounts of up to 75% on recent AAA titles.

Windows 10 Receives Auto HDR to Match the Xbox Series X

Microsoft is extending its Auto HDR feature from the new Xbox Series X to Windows 10, covering over 1,000 PC games.

Xbox Series X Supports All Xbox One Titles Apart from Kinect Games

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer says the upcoming Xbox Series X will not support Kinect games, but will have robust Backward Compatibility.

Xbox One Backward Compatibility Gets Rayman Raving Rabbids, Battlestations Pacific, and FUEL

Microsoft has started the year off with three backward compatible Xbox One titles, with a party game, an RTS, and a racing game providing a strong variety.
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Xbox One Backward Compatibility Gets Six New Games

Microsoft has expanded its Xbox One Backward Compatibility program with six new games, including the hugely successful Saints Row: The Third.
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Xbox Head Phil Spencer: ‘Never Say Never’ to Xbox 360 Emulator on PC

Though it would be hard to configure to different hardware, Xbox head Phil Spencer says Xbox 360 on PC is possible. Such an implementation would likely mitigate the issues of current third-party options.
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Microsoft Project Scorpio Specs Leak: 4K Next Gen Credentials Confirmed

A leaked developer whitepaper expands the specs for Project Scorpio. The console will remove the ESRAM cache that the Xbox One is reliant on and will have a compute power 4.5 times more than the current console.
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Microsoft Brings Multiple R and Python Support to Azure Machine Learning

A new update for Azure Machine Learning means data scientists can now have up to date R and Python runtimes and more flexibility when developing.
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Microsoft Expands Xbox One Backward Compatibility with Three New Titles

Anomaly Warzone Earth, Aqua, and Lazy Raiders have been added to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility list of Xbox 360 titles for Xbox One.
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Microsoft Announces Xbox One Backward Compatibility Now Supports Multi-Disc Games

Fans of epic games can rejoice as Microsoft has announced its first multi-disc Xbox 360 title that will now work on the Xbox One through backward compatibility.
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Microsoft Responds to This Week's Questionable Xbox One Decisions

After closing two studios and causing worry with the removal of project logos, Microsoft is attempting to clear up any misconceptions, but is the Xbox One struggling to find its true worth as a product
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Microsoft’s Xbox Division to Give Mobile Gaming Some Love

After messing up the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft has been on a charm offensive of late to win back gamers and bolster sales of its console.

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