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Azure PostgreSQL “ExtraReplica” Vulnerability Gets Patch from Microsoft

A chain of vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Azure PostgreSQL could allow attacks but has already been patched by the company.

Microsoft Azure Gains Kraft Heinz as a Global Partner

Microsoft Azure will now underpin all global datacenter assets from Kraft Heinz, helping to streamline the company’s production.

Microsoft Purview Debuts as Rebranding of Azure Purview

Microsoft is rebranding its Azure Purview compliance and governance platform to Microsoft Purview with Microsoft 365 updates.

Microsoft Debuts Azure Managed Grafana

Microsoft is debuting Azure Managed Grafana as a direct integration within Microsoft Azure, providing on-board data telemetry.

Microsoft Azure Reaches for the Stars with Space Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Cloud Azure Space is gaining some important new tools and partnership to enhance space programs and projects.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines Get ARM CPU Support

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine now support ARM processors from Ampere Computing, currently in preview in select Azure regions.

Google Cloud Security Survey Takes Aim at Microsoft Azure

According to Google Cloud, Microsoft is to blame for cybersecurity risks and survey claims government employees agree.

Microsoft Azure Defender for IoT Has 5 Bugs with Severity Score of 10

There are five severe vulnerabilities in Azure Defender for IoT that Microsoft has fixed but users need to update to get protection.

Microsoft Azure and AWS Go Head-to-Head to Entice Game Developers in the Cloud

At GDC, Microsoft announced Azure Game Development Virtual Machine and Amazon debuted AWS for Games.

Microsoft Azure Targeted by Malicious NPM Packages

Microsoft Azure is being attacked by trick npm packages that are loaded with stealer malware to take personally identifiable information (PII).

Microsoft Debuts Z-Code AI to Enhance Azure AI and Microsoft Translator

Z-code AI models are more efficient for learning and are bringing improvements to Microsoft Translator and Azure AI services.

Microsoft and NVIDIA Bring Confidential Computing to GPUs on Azure

Confidential computing capabilities through TEEs have been limited to CPUs, but Microsoft and NVIDIA are bringing them to Azure GPUs.
Quantum computing atoms

Microsoft and Pasqal Partner on Azure Quantum Neutral Atom Breakthrough

Microsoft through Azure Quantum and Pascal are using cloud connections to create quantum computing through neutral atoms.

Microsoft Edge Screen Reader Gets Azure API to Describe Images within Alt Text

Microsoft Edge can now access the Azure computer vision API to automatically describe images to speech even if they have no alt text.

Microsoft Azure Quantum Highlights Physics for Developing Scalable Topological Qubits

Microsoft’s Azure Quantum team has developed a new type of qubit that shows the physics for scalable quantum computing holds up.
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Microsoft Confirms Azure Automation Vulnerability

A vulnerability in Azure Automation allows attackers to cross tenants, but Microsoft says it is fixed and not exposed.
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Microsoft Debuts New Azure Cloud Region in China

It is the fifth Azure cloud region to become available in China, providing native datacenter support in Hebei in North China.

Microsoft Resumes Azure Sphere Updates following January Cancellation

Following a cancelled update last month, Microsoft is back with Azure Sphere 22.02, which makes several important changes.

Microsoft Opens Public Preview for Azure AD Multi-Stage Reviews

Microsoft Azure AD access reviews now allow multi-stage reviews that can be done in sequence and make reviews more efficient.

Microsoft Unveils Azure Operator Distributed Services for AT&T 5G Networks

Azure Operator Distributed Services work on AT&T’s 5G network to provide more cloud services including security and Azure Arc.