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Microsoft Garage Showcases SandDance to Tell Stories with your Data

Microsoft Garage, the skunkworks division of the company that cooks up apps and features outside the realms of regular products and services, has raised the curtain on a new tool called SandDance.
Microsoft Inhpi Partnership Logo

Microsoft Partners with Inphi Corp for Short Distance DCI Solution

While Microsoft has been a major buyer of dedicated data center interconnect (DCI) systems, the company has decided to rock the market and carve out its own niche in the DCI space.
Microsoft Openness Days

Microsoft Is Hosting Its First Ever Indian Conference, Microsoft Openness Days

The two day conference will be managed by Microsoft India and is the first of its kind in the country, featuring a six hour hackathon.
Linux SQL Server Official Logo Edit

Microsoft Discusses Release Plans for SQL Server on Linux

SQL Server for Linux was announced two weeks ago, drawing praise from the industry, bringing the database to the open source platform for the first time. Microsoft is now offering some more details about the release, and when it will happen.
Windows  Redstone

Microsoft’s Windows Team Waxes Lyrical about Redstone Upgrade

Microsoft employees are talking up the features we can expect to see with the Windows 10 Redstone update, which is expected to be rolled out in June.
Ignite Conference Official

Microsoft Running Scared in Enterprise Mobile Market Says Okta CEO

A day after being disinvited and then re-invited to this year’s Ignite conference, Okta’s CEO has hit out at Microsoft and said the company is losing the Enterprise Mobile space.
Ignite Home  NEWWhyAttend NewVideoImage e

Microsoft Wields Axe on Okta, Disinvites Company from Ignite

Microsoft has taken a tough stance against a competitor by “disinviting” Okta from the upcoming Ignite tech conference, which will get underway between September 26 and September 30, 2016.
visual studio logo Microsof

Microsoft Starts Private Testing of Visual Studio 15, possibly named Visual Studio 2016

Microsoft’s Visual Studio is due for a major refresh this year. Details about some new features from private preview have made their way online, "lightweight" mode included.
Steve Ballmer

Microsoft Right to Work with Linux says Former CEO Steve Ballmer

15 years after describing the open source operating system as a “cancer” Ballmer says Microsoft has moved on after winning the battle against Linux.
SoftBank Pepper official SoftBank

Microsoft and SoftBank to Bring Cloud-Intelligence to World´s First Empathic Robot

Microsoft’s technology will be integrated into SoftBank’s robotics to provide next-generation solution to the retail industry.
Microsoft Authenticator App official Microsoft

Microsoft’s New Authenticator App Allows Bluetooth Unlocking

The Authenticator app is undergoing an update that will let users unlock their PCs from anywhere by using Bluetooth authentication on Microsoft’s Windows 10 platform.
Eclipse Logo Official Edit Microsoft Logo Official

Microsoft Announces Partnership with Cloud Based Open Source Eclipse Foundation

In an effort to bolster its links with Java developers and to continue its push as a cross platform company, Microsoft has joined the Eclipse Foundation.
microsoft MVP program microsoft official

Microsoft Revamps Most Valuable Professional Award Program, Shifts Focus to Development, IT

Microsoft is changing its Most Valuable Professional Award program to focus more on development and IT, moving its consumer product-based MVPs to other teams.
SQL Server Linux Microsoft

Microsoft to Launch SQL Server for Linux

The launch of SQL Server will bring the relational database management system to the open source Linux platform for the first time.
Microsoft Hyperlapse app own via google play

Microsoft Brings Android Hyperlapse App to the next Level: Adds 1080p HD Recording, SD...

Hyperlapse, Microsoft´s App which allows Android smartphone owners to shoot fast and smooth time-lapse videos has been upgraded with 1080p HD support and SD card saving.
Azure cloud official Microsoft

Microsoft Pushes SQL Server 2016, StorSimple Hybrid Cloud Updates

Microsoft has announced new SQL Server 2016 and Microsoft Azure StorSimple cloud storage updates aimed at allowing more customers to use a hybrid cloud model for data storage and protection.
Windows  Store own

New Windows Store App Analytics API Gives Developers Quick Access to Ratings, Purchases, Reviews...

Microsoft's new analytics API will allow Windows Store application developers to easily access statistics for their apps, the company announced Tuesday.
SharePoint Audit Log Search

Microsoft Introduces Auditing and Reporting for SharePoint and Outlook for Business

A new update to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business services allows auditing and reporting, while also introducing higher storage capabilities.
singapore panorama wiki commons

Singapore Strives to Be the First 'Smart Nation' Through Partnership with Microsoft

Singapore hopes to be the first-ever 'smart nation' --- a nation that utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) to solve some of the country's biggest problems, through its partnership with Microsoft.
HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies and Microsoft are building an IoT Incubation Center in Redmond

HCL Technologies, a global IT services company from India plans to utilize the capabilities of Microsoft Azure IoT Suite to access real-time analytics, sensory data and rapid co-creation, accelerating enterprise-level adoption of IoT.

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