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Xamarin.Forms 4.0 Launches with New Shell Feature

Microsoft has rolled out Xamarin.Forms 4.0, the latest version of the cross-platform UI toolkit boasting several new features.
Visual Studio 2017

Visual Studio 2017 Preview Gets Debugging Tools and Extended Xamarin Support

An extensive Visual Studio 2017 Preview release has added numerous new features, also including python additions and changes to C++.

Microsoft: Xamarin Live Player Still Requires Fully Configured Mac

After confusion that Xamarin Live Player removes the need of a Mac during iOS app developments, Microsoft has clarified the functionality of the service in a new FAQ.

Microsoft Debuts Xamarin Live Player for Visual Studio

With Xamarin Live Player, developers can quickly manage their apps on the move through iOS and Android apps. The extension is available in preview today on Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio for Mac.
Xamarin Visual Studio free

Microsoft Adds DocumentDB Support to Xamarin

Xamarin users can now access Azure DocumentDB features directly in the service without needing a middle-tier. Microsoft says customers now have a fully manage NoSQL database as a service directly within Xamarin
Miguel de Icaza Wikimedia

Xamarin Founder: Microsoft Is Now Open Source by Default, Scott Guthrie behind Change

Xamarin Founder Miguel de Icaza talks about life after the Microsoft acquisition, further plans for the tool, and the Redmond giant's shift in culture.
Xamarin Visual Studio free

Microsoft Makes Azure Storage Client Library for Xamarin Generally Available

An extension of Microsoft’s mobile-first, cloud-first strategy, Azure Storage Client Library for Xamarin allows developers to have an easier experience for creating apps and services.
Microsoft Intune Microsoft Official

Microsoft Bolsters Intune with TeamViewer and Xamarin Support

The mobile device management tool Intune now supports TeamViewer desktop sharing. Xamarin support has also been added, giving developers tools to bridge cross-platform apps easily.
NET Framework Microsoft Official

Microsoft Updates .NET Framework as Xamarin Adds .NET Standard Libraries to its Apps

The latest update of .NET Framework to build 4.6.2 brings changes to MAXPATH file name lengths and support for Persisted-Key Symmetric Encryption. Xamarin has also announced that it is implementing .NET Standard Libraries to its apps.
WWDC Afterparty Microsoft WWDCPARTY

Microsoft and Xamarin to Host WWDC Event to Entice iOS Developers

Microsoft will literally be wining and dining iOS developers to entice them to use the Xamarin powered Windows Bridge for iOS for moving apps to the Windows platform.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Microsoft Discusses Xamarin Integration on Visual Studio

At Xamarin Evolve 2016, Microsoft has announced deeper integration for the cross platform app creator into Visual Studio.
Xamarin Visual Studio free

Build 2016: Microsoft Talks Xamarin, Coming Free to Visual Studio with an iOS Emulator

Xamarin is Microsoft’s way to easily create cross platform applications in single code, and it is coming free to Visual Studio users.
Windows iOS Bridge Microsoft

Microsoft Uses Purchase of Xamarin to make Toolkit Bridges Exclusive to iOS

The company has revealed details about its bridge or toolkit for the Universal Windows Platforms applications, moving forward with a full commitment to iOS.

Microsoft Debuts .NET 6 Preview 1 with a Host of Changes

.NET 5 ushered in a new era for the .NET experience. Microsoft is now launching .NET 6 Preview 1 as a second generation of that reimagining.

Microsoft Tells Developers Surface Duo Will Support UWP Apps

Microsoft says developers can run their UWP apps on the upcoming Surface Duo through Xamarin through Visual Studio.

Rudy Huyn Is Leaving Dropbox to Return to UWP and WinUI

Rudy Huyn will move into a yet to be announced role that involves a lot of UWP, .NET 5, and WinUI.

Minecraft Earth Gets First Full Gameplay Demo at Apple’s WWDC

Minecraft Earth's first live gameplay showcased the collaborative aspect of the AR game while delving into emerging tech like person occlusion, powered by Apple's ARKit.

Build 2019: .NET 5 Announced as .NET Core and .NET Framework Replacement

Following the release of .NET Core 3, Microsoft will launch .NET 5, which will combine Core with the .NET Framework solution for a single platform.

Microsoft Moves Visual Studio 2019 to Release Candidate

Visual Studio 2019 is now ready to launch ahead of its April 2 introduction after Microsoft moved the preview to the Release Candidate branch.
visual studio dev essentials official microsoft e

Microsoft’s New Visual Studio 2019 Search Feature Makes Navigating Objects Easier

With a new search function in Visual Studio 2019, users can now search keywords more rapidly and dig deeper into search results more accurately.


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