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Microsoft Exchange Heading for Passwordless Future, Basic Authentication Ending in 2022

Microsoft Exchange Basic Authentication will be turned off in October 2022, as Microsoft pushes for modern solutions.
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Microsoft Exchange Vulnerability Allows 100,000 User Credentials to Leak Online

An old flaw in Microsoft Exchange can allow attackers to exploit the Autodiscover protocol and access user credentials.

Microsoft Cutting Off Outlook 2010 and Older from Microsoft 365 Exchange

Microsoft says from November 1, Outlook 2010 and older will no longer have access to Microsoft 365 Exchange servers.

Microsoft Exchange Server Attacks: LockFile Ransomware Uses a Novel Attack Method

Researchers for security firm Sophos says the LockFile ransomware targeting Microsoft Exchange servers uses “intermittent encryption”.

Microsoft Exchange Server LockFile Ransomware Targets Windows Domains

A new Microsoft Exchange Server exploit places the LockFile ransomware on a network, sparking new security concerns.

Microsoft Exchange Server Attacks Were the Biggest Cyber Threat During Q2

Cisco Talos has published its second quarter threat report for 2021, showing Microsoft Exchange Server attacks with the biggest security breach.

Microsoft Exchange Server Attacks: Hackers Were Hunting for Exploits Within 5 Minutes

A report suggests threat actors were scanning for vulnerable Microsoft Exchange Server systems within minutes of Microsoft confirming bugs.

Microsoft Exchange Server Targeted by Lemon Duck Botnet Group

A threat group using the Lemon Duck botnet is now targeting Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities against unpatched systems.

Microsoft Exchange Server Gets Patches for New Vulnerabilities

Amid ongoing attacks through Microsoft Exchange Server exploits, Microsoft is issuing cumulative patches for newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Pwn2Own Hacking Contest Shows Flaws in Windows 10, Exchange Server, Zoom, and Chrome

Over three days Pwn2Own hacking context, numerous vulnerabilities were found across a range of popular tech services.

Microsoft Exchange Server Attackers Target KrebsOnSecurity

In an effort to delegitimize noted security researcher KrebsOnSecurity, Microsoft Exchange Server hackers are using domains mimicking the researcher.

Leaked Audio Shows Microsoft is Struggling to Reach Potential Exchange Server Exploit Victims

Microsoft says many companies potentially affected by an Exchange Server attack have not patched and cannot be contacted.

Microsoft Exchange Server Attacks: Investigation Underway into Potential Leaked PoC Code

Microsoft is investigating whether a leak happened that gave attackers access to PoC code for Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities.

Old Microsoft Exchange Server Versions Get Patch to Protect Against Ongoing Exploits

In the wake of Microsoft Exchange Server attacks, Microsoft is taking the rare step of patching older versions of the service.
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Microsoft Exchange Server Attacks Get White House Taskforce Response

Joe Biden’s administration has set up a taskforce to monitor the ongoing Microsoft Exchange Server attacks, which are currently ongoing.

Microsoft Exchange Server HAFNIUM Exploit Hits 30,000 Organizations

With hundreds of thousands more Microsoft Exchange Server customers at risk, Microsoft is releasing a tool to help organizations.
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Microsoft Exchange Online Users to Be Throttled When Reaching Upper Mail Limit

Microsoft says it will more strictly police the upper limit of Microsoft Exchange Online emails, with the threshold at 3,600 per hour.

Stellar Repair for Exchange: A Reliable Exchange Database (EDB) File Recovery Solution

Do you struggle with corrupt, dismounted and offline Exchange EDB files? Stellar´s Toolkit for Exchange could fix your problem with literally just a few clicks. We have a close look at this powerful recovery tool for Exchange admins.

Microsoft Exchange Servers Targeted by New PowerShell Backdoors

Researchers says two new PowerShell backdoors were used against a Microsoft Exchange server of a Kuwait organization.

Office 365 Exchange Online Will Get Properly Encrypted Emails Through DANE and DNSSEC Support

Microsoft says it will bring DANE and DNSSEC protocols to Office 365 Exchange Online to adds more encryption protection.