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Microsoft Delays Highly Anticipated Crackdown 3 to Spring 2018

Crackdown 3 will not meet its original release date of November 7, 2017, taking the time to perfect the title's art style and add more polish to the experience. It will now release alongside titles like Red Dead Redemption 2.
Bill Gates Wikipedia Commons

Bill Gates’ Stake in Microsoft Drops to 1.3% following Huge Stock Gift

An SEC filing reveals that Microsoft founder Bill Gates has gifted approximately $4.6 million in stock to an undisclosed recipient, his largest donation since 2000. It will likely fund the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which continues to do good work across the world.
Surface Pro  Microsoft

Microsoft Surface Devices Are Unreliable Says Consumer Reports

The results of a new study suggest Microsoft’s Surface products are significantly more unreliable than rival devices. Microsoft has refuted the study and says it does not accurately reflect customer feedback.

Samsung Brings Bixby Virtual Assistant to LinkedIn

In a furthering of Samsung and Microsoft’s relationship, LinkedIn now has Bixby support. The digital assistant makes contact between members smoother.

Xbox One Insider Update Brings a Customizable Fluent Design UI to the Home Page

Microsoft's Fluent Design System has made its way to the Xbox One, also introducing customizable content blocks, a guide revamp, and more. The changes will make their way to the public with the Fall Creators Update.

Microsoft Subtly Reveals Spotify for Xbox One

After last week’s leak, an official Microsoft video shows the Spotify application running on Xbox One. However, the company has still not made an official announcement.
Spotify Gaming Category Own

Leaked Xbox One Screenshot Shows Major Nelson Using Spotify Once More

A Reddit user has revealed yet another hint that a Spotify app is in development for Xbox One. Retail training material shows a screenshot of Major Nelson using the music streaming service.

Interview: Microsoft´s Paul Stubbs on Current Bot-Offerings with Azure, Skype, Cortana, Voice Recognition and...

Paul Stubbs, Director of Product Marketing AI & Bots at Microsoft, shares his insight into creating Microsoft-based bots with the currently available tools and services from the company.

Tencent Pulls Microsoft’s America-Leaning XioBing Chatbot

The XioBing chatbot has been telling Chinese users that it dreams of coming to America. Tencent has responded by removing the bot from its WeChat service.
bitcoin flickr

Bitcoin Mt. Gox Fraud Suspect Faces U.S. Trial After Stealing $4 Billion

Alexander Vinnik, thought to be the main perpetrator of a $4 billion Mt. Gox Bitcoin laundering operation, was arrested in Greece and will be extradited to the United States.
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Microsoft Edge Details Plans for Killing Flash

Adobe has announced Flash will be killed by 2020, and plans for Microsoft Edge to phase out the once popular web format have now been detailed.
Apple Watch Wikimedia

Apple Watch 3 Likely to Launch Alongside iPhone 8

A supply pick up suggests that the Apple Watch 3 is close to launch and will probably make its debut alongside the iPhone 8. The device will get improved performance and battery life, but will not receive a face lift.
Microsoft  October Event Paint D

Microsoft Won’t Kill Paint Completely: 32-Year Old App Will Continue Its Life in the...

Microsoft has allayed fears of Paint's death, announcing that it will return as a Windows Store app, while many features will be built into Paint 3D. It's not yet known when the new app will launch.

Netflix Subscriptions Surpass 100 Million, Shares Hit All-Time High

Netflix subscriptions now stand at 104 million all over the world, with the company's share trading at $175.18 and its revenue standing at $2.79 billion for Q2 2017.

Microsoft Releases LinkedIn App for Windows 10 to the Windows Store

The LinkedIn app comes to provide a fully Windows 10 integrated experience, providing real-time notifications in the Action Center and the Live Tile.
GTX Nvidia official

Graphics Card Prices Set to Fall as Ethereum Bubble Bursts

Nearly a month after Ethereum peaked at $400 and sent graphics card prices soaring, over speculation has brought the cryptocurrency back down to Earth. As a result, GPU prices are moving back towards normalcy.
Microsoft Logo Wikipedia

Microsoft eBook Giveaway Returns with Millions of Books Available for Free

The Microsoft eBook Giveaway allows users to download free eBooks from Microsoft’s extensive catalog of content for its own products.

Microsoft Acknowledges Issues with Skype App’s ‘Trainwreck’ Update

Microsoft has begun to fix many of the problems present in its Skype app, caused by the last update. You can now see online status, delete contacts and messages, and multitask during calls.

Report: Kaspersky Lab Has Been Working with Russian Government

Internal emails obtained by Bloomberg are from a thread between the CEO of Kaspersky Lab, Eugene Kaspersky and senior staff of the FSB, the principal security agency of Russia.

LiquidSky Cloud Platform Brings True PC Gaming Quality to Smartphones

After a beta phase on Windows 10, the LiquidSky game storage platform is moving to Android. The developers say the platform brings true PC quality to smartphones, including 1080p resolution and 60fps across AAA titles from Steam, Origin, and other providers.

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