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Android Successor? Publications Get First Look at Google’s Fuchsia OS on a Pixelbook

Google's experimental Fuchsia OS looks nice, but it has a long way to go. The possible Android successor still has many kinks to be worked out.

Qualcomm: Running Win32 Apps Doesn´t Affect Always Connected PC’s Great Battery Life

Thanks to CES 2018, publications got a look at the Always-Connected PCs for the first time, but they all had something in common. Each was running Windows 10 S, an operating system that runs apps exclusively from the Microsoft Store.

City of Barcelona Ditches Microsoft-Software, Goes All-in with Open-Source

The City of Barcelona says it will phase out Outlook this year, with Office, Internet Explorer, and Windows to follow. The municipality wants to promote local SMEs and open source solutions.
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Skype to Implement End-to-End Encryption for Truly Private Conversations

Skype's latest Insider version utilizes the Signal protocol for end-to-end encryption, ensuring only the sender and receiver can view messages. The functionality is unavailable on UWP versions.

Microsoft Refocuses on Cortana with 2018 Device Expansion

As Alexa threatens Cortana on Windows, Microsoft has announced the virtual assistant will make its way to several new devices this year.

CES 2018: Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant to Launch This Summer

The Lenovo Smart Display will come in an 8" and 10" model, powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 624 SoC. It's able to play YouTube videos, Google Duo calls, and regular Google assistant tasks.

AMD Cuts Prices across Ryzen CPU Range by up to 30%

At CES 2018, AMD has announced decent savings on the Ryzen 3, 5, 7 and Threadripper chips, possibly pointing to replacements being announced soon.

Intel and AMD Announce First Core i5/i7 Chips with Integrated Radeon Graphics

Months after first announcing a collaboration, Intel and AMD have debuted new processors with Radeon graphics. The chips produce significantly improved performance and a 50% smaller footprint.
Intel Logo Flickr Reuse

Intel: Security Updates Will Make PCs ‘Immune’ to Meltdown and Spectre CPU Flaws

Intel believes it can fully mitigate the Meltdown and Spectre CPU flaws via updates, and says it will soon launch updates for 90% of processors released in the past five years. However, users may still have to put up with significantly reduced performance.

Lenovo Updates ThinkPad Line and Debuts Business-Focused Windows Tablet

Lenovo ThinkPad laptops now support 8th-generation Intel Core processors. At CES 2018, the company debuted a new 2-in-1 called the Tablet 10.
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Bitcoin: Supporters Warn against Greed-Driven Opposition as Congress Seeks Restrictive New Bill

Bitcoin had a rough couple of days this holiday period. The currency fell to lows of $11,000, following a previous high of almost $20,000....
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Emails from 67 Microsoft Employees Discovered during Sex Trafficking Bust

67 Microsoft and 63 Amazon employees have been identified via emails as part of a sex trafficking sting in 2015. Authorities also revealed emails from Boeing, T-Mobile, and Oracle.
Huawei headquarters

Huawei Hit by Second Corruption Scandal of the Year as Executive Vice President Is...

Huawei executive Teng Hongfei has been accused of taking bribes from non-government entities and is now under police investigation. The details of his deals are still unclear.

Xbox One USB-Compatibility: Microsoft Poland Leaks First Supported Devices

Mouse and keyboard support for the Xbox One may be closer than some thought. The accidental post of a press release suggests incoming updates to enable Surface Keyboard and Microsoft Precision mouse operability.
Brad Smith Microsoft

Microsoft Changes Company Policy Regarding Sexual Harassment

Microsoft says it will remove forced arbitration agreements, allowing sexual harassment victims to take their case to courts.

Microsoft Garage Debuts Favorite Lock Screen for Android

Favorite Lock Screen allows Android users to see information on their favorite topics and content without needing to open their device.
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White House: Microsoft and Facebook Prevented North Korea Cyber Attack

The White House confirmed a cyber attack originating from North Korea was blocked by Microsoft and Facebook, although no further details were given.
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Microsoft’s Internal Policy Change Seeks to Eliminate Sexual Harassment Secrecy

Microsoft has declared public support for a Senate bill that would remove forced arbitration in harassment cases, as well as adjusting its internal policies. The move comes less than a week after accusations that the company was unsympathetic to an employees rape allegation.
Android Security Flickr Reuse

Loapi: Android Trojan Can Mine Bitcoins and Destroy Your Phone

Loapi is referred to as a 'jack-of-all-trades', able to send and receive SMS messages, mine cryptocurrency, display intrusive ads, and more. The trojan appears to have links to Podec, a trojan that came to light in 2015.

Reports: Samsung and Xioami Working on Always Connected Windows 10 ARM PCs

Xoami and Samsung will allegedly release Always Connected laptops for release both in store and online. So far, details on specs are sparse.

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