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Windows 10 How to rebuild the icon cache for thumbnail-previews

How to Fix Missing Windows 10 Icons and Thumbnails with an Icon Cache Rebuild

Are your Windows 10 desktop icons missing or blank? We show you how to delete and rebuild the icon cache so they display as usual.

Microsoft Teams Will Soon Support Call Merging

As part of an interoperability push with Skype, Microsoft Teams will next month receive an ability allowing users to merge calls.

Microsoft Teams Meetings 49 Visible Participants Feature Rolling Out Now

Microsoft says a new meetings update for Microsoft Teams allows 49 visible members in a meeting, rolling out to users in the coming weeks.

Microsoft Teams Gets Third-Party App Support in Meetings

Microsoft has brought a major change to meetings in Microsoft Teams, allowing third-party app integrations for the first time.

Microsoft’s Extensive Outlook Update Points to Deep Microsoft 365 Integration

Microsoft 365 received a major Outlook update this week, showing how Microsoft Teams is increasingly integrated with the suite.

Microsoft Launches Massive Microsoft 365 Meetings-Focused Update

While Outlook and Microsoft Teams tools dominate the new Microsoft 365 update, there are some other interesting additions.

Microsoft Seizes Domains Related to Office 365 Phishing Attacks

Microsoft obtained a court order to thwart phishing attacks against unsuspecting Office 365 users during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Upcoming WhatsApp Update Adds Animated Stickers and 8 Video Call Participants

WhatsApp has confirmed an update that will add numerous new features across platforms, including a Dark Mode and QR code expansion.

Microsoft Teams Receives Support for 300 Meeting Participants

Microsoft Teams has moved in line with Zoom by allowing 300 people to participate in a meeting. 49 participants for a video call remains inbound.

How to Set up a Metered Connection in Windows 10 for WI-FI or Ethernet

Windows sucking too much bandwidth? We show you how to set up a metered connection in Windows 10 on both ethernet and Wi-Fi.
Windows Spotlight Not Working? Fix It with a Reset or Re-Register

Windows Spotlight Not Working? Fix It with a Reset or Re-Register

Windows Spotlight not working or stuck? We show you how to reset and re-register the feature so that images continue to change.

Microsoft Teams to Get 49 Visible Video Participants This Fall

Microsoft has confirmed Microsoft Teams will soon accommodate 49 visible meeting members and 250 private meeting participants.

Microsoft PowerPoint Live Presentations Arrives on the Web

Live Presentations for PowerPoint is now available for Microsoft 365 users on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.

Microsoft Teams Finally Gets Custom Background Features

Microsoft Teams users can now change video background with a custom image, bringing the service in line with Zoom.

Microsoft Teams to Remove Irrelevant Messages to Expediate Productivity

Microsoft says Microsoft Teams will no longer surface unimportant notifications on the Channel System to allow users to concentrate better.

Google Meet Receives Game Changing Noise Cancellation Feature

In its Communication Wars battle against Microsoft and Zoom, Google Meet has gained a powerful new noise cancellation tool.

Microsoft Teams to Drive Taiwan’s Official Remote Work Push

Taiwan wants more of its legislators to work from home and is using Microsoft Teams and Power Platform to make it happen.

Slack CEO: Microsoft “Unhealthily” Focused on Using Microsoft Teams to Kill Slack

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield says Microsoft Teams is not a Slack competitor, so Microsoft’s obsession with competing makes no sense.
How to Reset Windows Update in Windows 10

How to Reset Windows Update to Fix Update Errors

We show you how to reset Windows Update and fix errors using Windows PoweShell scripts. We highlight both methods to reset the Windows update agent and the Windows update client.

Microsoft Teams Beats Slack to 50 Million Google Play Downloads

Microsoft Teams as over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store while Slack has over 10 million… Teams also has a better review score.

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