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Developers Can Now Craft Custom Linux Distro Packages for Windows 10 Sideloading

Using open source aspects of Microsoft Windows Subsystem, users can craft custom Linux distros for sideloading, as well as build existing distros for use in the store.
Skype for Linux own

Skype for Linux Beta Announced as Version 5.0 with New Features

Skype for Linux Beta was announced as the next phase of the VOIP service on the open source platform. Microsoft has been developing Skype for Linux Alpha since it launched last July.
How to run Android Apps with Windows  featured

The 3 best methods to run Android apps with Windows 10

Do you know you can Android apps with Windows 10? Although Microsoft has put Project Astoria on ice which should allow ported Android apps to run on Windows 10, you can still do it! There are even different ways to run Android apps or even a whole Android system with Windows 10. Here are the three best methods shown in detail in our multi-media tutorial.

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