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Skype Outage Map Downdetector

[UPDATE] Skype Is Back after Three Hour Outage

Microsoft’s Skype service was down for three hours today. The company says it has now solved the problem and the service is back up again.
The Slitherine Group´s owner and Development Director Iain McNeil

Slitherine´s Iain McNeil about UWP Apps, Console Gaming and Project Scorpio: “It´s Not a...

We have talked with, Iain McNeil, owner and Development Director of The Slitherine Group, the world’s leading producer and publisher of digital wargames and strategy games. McNeils shares his view about Microsoft´s gaming strategy and what he makes about UWP apps in gaming and high-end console hardware.
Mario Nintendo Official

Xbox Head Phil Spencer Wants Nintendo Games on Xbox One

Phil Spencer says he is open to Nintendo characters like Mario showing up on Xbox One, while Microsoft’s characters could move the other way.
Softbank LV Official

Lenovo’s SoftBank 503LV Windows 10 Phone to Launch next Week

A press release reveals that Lenovo will still go ahead with the launch of the Softbank 503LV, despite calling out the lack of commitment Windows 10 Mobile platform last month. The device will support Continuum with 3 GB RAM and an Octo-core processor.
Internet Usage Global StatCounter Official

Mobile Internet Usage Surpasses Desktop for First Time

On a global scale, mobile accounted for 51.3% of all internet usage in October. However, there is a different scenario in the US and UK and could the PC survive thanks to Microsoft’s Surface Studio?
Windows  Anniversary Update Accessibility Video Screenshot Microsoft

Windows 10 Growth Slows Over Last Two Months

Windows 10 increased its market share in October, compared to September. However, both months are down on August after Microsoft ended its free upgrade program.
Xbox  Microsoft Official

Xbox 360 Super Sale: 94 Games at Low Prices

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Super Sale dramatically cuts the price on classics like Borderlands, Far Cry 4, Grand Theft Auto V, and Halo 4.
Minecraft Campfire Tales Mojang Official

Minecraft PE and Windows 10 Edition get Spooky Campfire Tales Update

The latest Windows 10 Edition Minecraft update is a Halloween themed collection of Campfire Tales skins, while Mojang also explains a recent distribution issue with MINECON skins.
Windows  Fmaily Microsoft

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Build 14936 Lands on Fast Ring

Microsoft has sent out the latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update preview to Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring. Build 14936 introduces new Edge extensions and changes the Windows subsystem for Linux, among other fixes and features.
Open Live Writer Screenshot Own

Open Live Writer Now Available on the Windows Store

Microsoft has revealed a Windows Store port of the popular application Open Live Writer, which will now benefit from automatic updates.
Marissa Mayer Yahoo

Yahoo to Confirm Data Breach that Compromised 200 Million User Accounts

Yahoo was subject of a major data attack in 2012 that gave users information of millions of customers. The company will officially confirm the breach for the first time.
Surface Pro  Microsoft Resized

Surface Pro 3 Users Experience New Battery Issue, Preventing use Unless Charging

Users reports suggest yet another battery issue sin the Surface Pro 3 line, this time with the LGC battery. Many users cannot function on battery power at all, and there is currently no fix.
Adobe Flash YouTube Screenshot

Adobe Decommissioning Flash Player Download Links this Month (UPDATE)

Adobe has announced that it is finally starting to let go of Flash Player. The company will remove download links for the player from general users. Organizations can still get licenses to distribute the platform internally.
Torrex Screenshot Windows Store Official

Xbox One Getting BitTorrent Client Torrex

Torrex is currently available in a private beta, but will launch soon as the first BitTorrent client for the Xbox One. The service is being developed as a Universal Windows Platform app for Windows 10.
Microsoft Site Chrome Functioning WinBuzzer Own

Google says it Solved Battery Life Issues in Chrome 53

A new video shows that Google has improved battery life by over 2 hours in Chrome 53. The browser is well known for being poor at maintaining battery when browsing.
Wireless USB Wikimedia

Windows 10 Redstone 2 Could Come with Native Wireless USB Support

A new driver shared on Twitter suggests that Media Agnostic USB functionality will be built into Redstone 2, allowing peripherals and thumb drives to transfer data without a physical connection.
Clickteam Fusion

UWP Exporter Integrated Into Clickteam Fusion 2.5 for Easy Cross-Platform Development

Clickteam Fusion 2.5 now supports the UWP Exporter. Developers can now create 2D app and game content for Windows 10 through the Universal Windows Platform. Fusion 2.5 makes creating apps easy, negating the need for any programming knowledge.
Flexera data official

Q2 2016 Flexera Report: Unpatched Windows Systems Fall by 50% in a Year, Users...

Flexera reports that although the amount of secure operating systems has increased, unpatched software is still an issue. 13.5% of the average user's third party software remains unpatched.
Minecraft Survivors Book Official e

Minecraft: The Survivors’ Book of Secrets Launches in the US

The new Minecraft book has been written by the secret Survivors group and can be viewed as a bible of sorts for early Minecraft players still finding their feet in the game.
Windows Insider Microsoft Resized

Should You Remain in the Windows Insider Program?

Microsoft is about to fire up the coals and start pushing out previews for Redstone 2 to the Windows Insider Program. Users who do not want to have early unstable releases can opt out now without any hassle. However, time is limited.