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Microsoft Patent Points to Surface Duo and Surface Neo Method for Handling UI Changes

A new patent shows a technology called Control Logic for the Surface Duo and Surface Neo, which will help the UI move from one screen to another.

Surface Duo and Neo to Get a “Good Camera” According to Microsoft’s Panos Panay

Surface chief Panos Panay says the Surface Duo and Surface Neo folding devices will receive good cameras without delving into specifics.

Microsoft Patent Gives Surface Duo and Neo Secure Screen Orientation

A Microsoft patent describes a method to stop the dual screens of the Surface Duo and Surface Neo from randomly changing screen orientation.

Google Planning PaLM 2 AI Debut at I/O, Capable of Creative Writing, Math Solving,...

Google will go big on AI at I/O 2023, including the introduction of its new PaLM 2 large language model (LLM) to compete with Microsoft.
Google Bard waitlist

Google Bard Is Now Available for Workspace Accounts

Google says its Bard AI is now available to Google Workspace customers, bringing the chatbot to the company’s productivity suite.

Microsoft Debuts AutoRXN Software That Can Simulate Chemical Reactions at 30x Speed Using Quantum...

AutoRXN is a new workflow driven by quantum computing that can accelerate chemical rection simulations compared to manual inputs.

Microsoft Surface Duo Reaches the FCC, Pointing to Imminent Launch

Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Duo Android smartphone is now being tested by the FCC, with an August release likely.

Microsoft Leaks Surface Duo and Surface Pen Slim

Microsoft keeps teasing the Surface Duo smartphone, which seems to come with a Surface Pen Slim and bumper case.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds FCC Filing Suggests Upcoming Launch

The FCC has published a filing for Microsoft’s delayed Surface Earbuds, which could now be launching soon.

The Surface Go 2 and Surface Book 3 Will Reportedly Launch This Spring

The Surface Book 3 will reportedly give users the choice between 16-series or Quatro Nvidia GPUs, while the Surface Go 2 will have a spec refresh and minor design changes.

Microsoft Patent Proposes Dual-Screen Emulator to Aid Surface Neo Development

Microsoft's prosed dual-screen emulator would show a 3D mockup of devices like the Surface Neo so developers can properly gauge how their apps will flow across screens.

Intel Unveils the Surface Neo’s Low-Power Tremont CPU Architecture

Intel's Tremont architecture will offer significant improvements to IPC over previous x86 architectures and theoretically offer the Neo better performance at a lower power draw.

Surface Pro 7 LTE Variant Not in Microsoft’s Current Plans

Microsoft says it has no current plans to launch a Surface Pro 7 variant, although the company says it will listen to feedback.

Microsoft Mechanics Offers Breakdown of New Surface Devices

A video from Microsoft Mechanics takes a deeper dive on the Surface Pro X, Surface Pro 7, and Surface Laptop 3.

Microsoft Announces Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard and Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard

The Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard and Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard devices are launching this month with dedicated Windows keys and Your Phone integration.

Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds will Work with All Voice Assistants

The new Surface Earbuds work across all voice assistants as they tap directly into the assistant being used on the connected device.

Microsoft Launches Dual-Screen Surface Duo, Re-Enters the World of Smartphones

Except, Microsoft prefers the Android running Surface Duo to be seen as more PC than phone, but it’s a game-changer either way.
R Services 9.1 Features

Microsoft Releases R Server 9.1 with GPU Powered Deep Learning and Pre-Trained Cognitive Models

R Services 9.1 brings a number of deep learning enhancements, including an up to 100x boost in scoring performance and role-based access control. It also brings support for Linux, SQL Server 2016, and popular Hadoop distributions.
Microsoft Adafruit IoT Kit Official

Microsoft Announces Two Updated IoT Starter Packs

Seeed’s Grove Starter Kit for IoT has been updated, while Microsoft’s own Internet of Things Pack has also been updated and now ships with Raspberry Pi 3.
IoT Grove Kit Microsoft

Microsoft’s IoT Grove Kit Makes Raspberry Pi Device Development Easier

The company has released a new starter kit to boost its Internet of Things output. IoT Grove Kit brings together essential components for easy device development.

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