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Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Service Pack 1 Now Generally Available

Azure customers can now get Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 Service Pack 1. The security management and synchronization tool for on-premised has been made generally available today.
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Microsoft Rolls out One of the Biggest Security Updates of the Year

Microsoft has rolled out a total of 94 fixes to address vulnerabilities in its software. The security updates cover Internet Explorer, Edge, SharePoint, Silverlight and more.
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How the AI Boom Overloads Global Power Grids through Data Center Demand

The surge in power consumption is quickly surpassing supply capabilities in many locations, leading to delays in grid access and raising concerns about potential outages

How ASUS Shifts to Supercomputers, Datacenters and LLMs

The Taiwanese company has been enhancing its tech portfolio and achieving success locally, with plans to scale up its innovations globally.
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Microsoft Addresses Encrypted Email Reply Problem in Outlook

The issue impacts Microsoft 365 customers using the Current Channel Version 2402 (Build 17328.20142) and higher.

Quantum-Resistant Mechanism in Chrome 124 Leads to Web Connection Problems

Chrome's new quantum-resistant encryption disrupts connections for some users due to incompatible servers.

Microsoft’s Security Pricing Strategy Sparks Controversy Amid Vulnerability Concerns

Microsoft criticized for charging extra for essential security features in its products like Microsoft 365, despite data breaches.

Microsoft Temporarily Withdraws Outlook Security Update Due to False Alerts

Microsoft pulled an Outlook update due to false security alerts in calendar files. A temporary fix disables other security prompts too.
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Concerns Mount Over Microsoft’s Control and Security Failures in Federal IT

US government reliance on Microsoft for IT raises security concerns. Expert suggests fostering competition and holding Microsoft accountable
Featured - how to delete instagram messages

How to Delete Instagram Messages (Delete Conversation or Unsend Instagram Messages)

We show you how to delete messages on Instagram by either unsending Instagram messages or deleting entire conversations/chats.
Hackers Cybersecurity Cyberattack Phishing

SEC Mandates Swift Cybersecurity Incident Reporting for Public Firms

SEC mandates quick (4-day) disclosure of cyberattacks for all public companies, boosting transparency and investor protection in response to growing digital threats.

Microsoft Announces Advanced Authentication Methods for Windows 11

Microsoft's new IAKerb authentication method enables clients in diverse network topologies to authenticate with Kerberos.

Microsoft 365 Admins Alerted to Strict Google Anti-Spam Laws

Microsoft 365 email senders are urged to authenticate outbound messages for compliance and effective delivery, as it reduces the chance of emails being marked as spam.

Google Unveils AlloyDB AI for Generative AI Applications

Google AlloyDB AI: A new feature that lets developers create generative AI applications using their operational data.
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Microsoft 365 Users Face Hours of Downtime across Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive Due to...

A network issue triggered a major outage for Microsoft’s cloud services on Monday, affecting Microsoft 365, Teams, Outlook, and OneDrive users.

Microsoft Braces for $425 Million Fine over LinkedIn GDPR Privacy Violations

Microsoft has stated that it will formally dispute the fine once the IDPC releases its final order.
Ransomware YouTube Scrnsht Reuse

Ransomware Attack: Networking Manufacturer A10 Networks Suffers Data Breach

The Play ransomware group has claimed to have stolen confidential files from A10 Networks, a networking hardware manufacturer

Microsoft Warns of Internet Information Services (IIS) Malware Increase

Threat actors are exploiting Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) servers to install known malware to steal info.

Introduction to Torrenting – All You Need to Know to Get Started

Torrenting is one of the most misunderstood online activities. In this guide we will show you how to use qBittorrent and understand all aspects of torrenting.

Microsoft Ignite 2021: Check Out All the Major Announcements from the Virtual Developer Conference

Microsoft Ignite 2021 is underway with big announcements including Azure Percept, Azure Data changes, and Microsoft Teams improvements.

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