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Microsoft Patent Brings One-Click Shopping to HoloLens

A new one-click shopping experience for Mixed Reality shows how Microsoft is not ready to give up on physical retail just yet.
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HoloLens 2 Likely to Launch with Windows 10 19H1

Microsoft watcher WalkingCat has found information in Windows 10 19H1 that points to HoloLens 2 launching alongside the OS.
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Microsoft HoloLens Disappears from US Store, Sequel Imminent?

Is Microsoft planning to release the HoloLens 2 soon? The company’s first edition device is no longer available from its store in the United States.

Microsoft HoloLens 2 to Receive Always Connected PC Support from Snapdragon 850

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 850 processor will run the HoloLens 2 headset, allowing users to sync with Always Connected PC features.

Microsoft Wins $480 Million U.S. Army Contract to Supply HoloLens Devices

Microsoft will supply thousands of HoloLens devices to the U.S. Army after beating 25 rival companies to win $480 million contract.

Vodafone Leverages Microsoft HoloLens for Holographic 5G Calls

Vodafone showcased how HoloLens devices can be used for mixed reality phone calls and conferencing through holographic output.

Magic Leap Is Little More than HoloLens 1.1, Says Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey

Palmer Luckey has written a heavy critique of the Magic Leap, accusing it of failing to deliver on its promises and using fancy marketing terms to describe old techniques and hardware.

Microsoft Demos Project Kinect, Its next-Gen HoloLens and AI Depth Sensor

At Build 2018, Microsoft announced Project Kinect, its next-generation depth sensor for use in HoloLens and Azure AI. However, though it revealing specs and...

Microsoft Patent Points to HoloLens 2 Eye Relief Mechanism

A Microsoft Patent may show us the HoloLens 2 with a new mechanism for automatically moving an eyepiece on the headset.

Magic Leap One Launches as More Affordable HoloLens Competitor

The Magic Leap One Creator Edition is also sleeker than HoloLens and comes with interesting pre-installed apps. However, the battery life is an issue.

Mercedes-Benz Uses 100 HoloLens Units to Enhance Training Methods

The German carmaker has embraced HoloLens to improve training for employees, providing more detailed 3D models of vehicle components.
microsoft hololens development edition microsoft

Microsoft Updates HoloLens with First Windows 10 Redstone 5 Preview

Windows Insiders using HoloLens are finally on the Windows 10 Redstone branch with a new update for the headset.

Microsoft HoloLens 2 Patent Aims to Solve FOV Problems

HoloLens 2 may be free of the field of view issues of the original headset as Microsoft is developing a system to improve vision scale.
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Microsoft HoloLens 2 will be Powered by Qualcomm’s XR1 Processor to Drive AI

HoloLens 2 is expected to launch next year and will reportedly have Qualcomm’s recently announced dedicated XR1 processor.
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Microsoft Teams Gets Support for HoloLens’ Remote Assist Preview

Microsoft Teams users can now get a direct PoV of HoloLens users, delegate calls, copy existing teams, and more. It marks the most significant feature update in several months.
Hololens official Microsoft

HoloLens Gets First Windows 10 Feature Update since 2016

The HoloLens has received a series of improvements as part of the Windows 10 April 2018 update, including two new preview apps, tools for IT admins, and developer APIs.

Reports: Google Is Developing a Competitor to Microsoft’s HoloLens

Google is allegedly working on a standalone Mixed Reality device will multiple hours of battery life. The headset could prove a strong contender to Microsoft's HoloLens, but it's specifications are not currently clear.
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Microsoft to Provide Unified Speech Service Platform across Windows, Office, Cortana, and HoloLens

The Microsoft Speech Service combines various technologies into a single SDK and API to provide easier access to developers of all skill levels. It includes speech-to-text, translation, and microphone technologies across a number of platforms and programming languages.

Build 2018: Microsoft’s ‘Project Kinect’ Is a next-Gen Depth Camera for AI and HoloLens

Project Kinect will provide enhanced resolution, dynamic range, and power efficiency for use in both Azure-based AI and the Microsoft HoloLens. The tool was announced during Build 2018.
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MRTouch: Microsoft Project Brings Ten Finger Touch Controls to HoloLens

MRTouch lets users draw a touchscreen area on any flat table, wall, or floor, allowing for multi-window control surprising accuracy. Once latency issues are solved, the project could be a viable solution for Mixed Reality.

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