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Featured - How to Apply Shading to Alternate Rows in Excel

How to Add Shading to Alternating Rows in Excel (Zebra Stripes/Banded Row)

We show you how to create a banded row/zebra stripes Excel effect with the software's table styles function.
Featured - How to Insert a PDF Into Excel

How to Insert a PDF into a Excel Spreadsheet

We show you how to insert a PDF into Excel and have it display as a document, icon, or linked live file.

How to Combine Text Cells in Excel with the Concatenate Formula

We explain the concatenate formula in Excel, including how to combine cells in Excel with it and add spaces between words.

How to Find Duplicates in Excel and Remove Their Rows (3 Methods)

We show you how to find duplicates in Excel and remove the duplicates with three methods: the dedicated tool, find and replace, and Advanced Filters.
How to customize the ribbon menu in Office

How to Customize the Ribbon in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook

We show you how to customize the ribbon in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or Outlook, including how to add, remove, and rename tabs and items.
How to Enable Dark Mode in Microsoft Office

How to Enable Microsoft Office Dark Mode for Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook

We show you how to enable Microsoft Office dark mode for your desktop and online apps. The changes will apply across Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
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Microsoft Excel Gets Power BI for PivotTable Support on the Web

Microsoft Excel on browsers can now connect Power BI data to PivotTables, while the desktop app also received PivotTables improvements.

Microsoft Excel Gets Major Update on the Web

The web version of Microsoft Excel is receiving new feature across formatting, tables, cell styles, and color options this week.

How to Password Protect Excel, Word, PowerPoint, or PDF Files with Microsoft Office

We show you how to password protect Excel, Word, PowerPoint and PDF files in Microsoft Office so that you can keep your documents private.

Microsoft Updates AMSI in Office 365 to Stop Macro Malware in Excel XLM

Microsoft’s Antimalware Scan Interface in Office 365 will now scan Excel files received in the older XLM language for macro malware.
Sars Cov-2

Microsoft Excel Blunder Left 16,000 COVID-19 Cases Unreported in England

Developers working for Public Health England incorrectly configured Microsoft Excel, resulting in nearly 16,000 missed COVID-19 cases.

Microsoft Word and Excel Trackpad Support Testing on iPadOS

As promised, Microsoft is bringing trackpad and cursor support to Office apps on iPadOS, with Word and Excel currently testing the ability.
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Microsoft Excel Gains Workbook Links Support on the Web

The web version of Microsoft Excel now has a Workbook Links tool, something Microsoft says has been a popular request.

Microsoft Excel Gets New Money Feature to Chart Monthly Spending

Microsoft 365 Personal and Family users are also getting STOCKHISTORY in Excel, with both features arriving this week.

Microsoft Excel STOCKHISTORY Beta Provides Data Overview of Stock Values

By using STOCKHISTORY on Microsoft Excel, users can see a compiled list of stock values from different dates.
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Microsoft Warns Users of Excel Email Campaign That Can Compromise Fully-Patched PCs

A specially crafted Excel document can use macros to perform a complex infection chain that will run a Remote Access Trojan in the PC's memory. Windows Defender ATP users are protected from the attack.
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Microsoft Excel Insiders Can Now Use Dynamic Arrays

Dynamic Arrays is a tool for Microsoft Excel that allows formulas to be outputted across multiple cells as a list.
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Microsoft Expands Excel Stocks with Nasdaq and Refinitiv Collaboration

Microsoft has announced a new partnership that brings added stocks information to Excel, alongside Refinitiv and Nasdaq.

Microsoft Excel on iPhone Now Imports Tables from Images

Microsoft’s Excel application on iOS now reads tables in photos and exports them to an editable spreadsheet within the app.
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Microsoft Excel Now Creates Spreadsheets from Photos

Microsoft Excel on Android now supports the AI Insert Data from Picture tool, which allows users to create spreadsheets from images.

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