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HP Elite X Phone HP Official

Is This Intel-Powered Handset the Microsoft Surface Phone? [UPDATE]

A leak shows that the Microsoft Surface Phone may actually be real. An Intel-powered smartphone from Microsoft has been revealed, but could this device still be in development?
Alcatel Idol s Microsoft

Alcatel’s IDOL 4S Windows 10 VR Phone will Launch Next Week for $470

The IDOL 4S will feature a 5.5" AMOLED screen, 4GB of memory, a Snapdragon 820 processor, and a 12MP front-facing camera.
Windows  Redstone

Microsoft Plans to Launch Windows 10 Redstone 2 in March

References to Windows 10 Version 1703 in Group Policy suggest that Redstone 2 could be coming a bit earlier than expected.
Microsoft is committed to windows  mobile

Microsoft Bringing Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 2 Update to Insiders Soon

According to a new report, Microsoft will return to Windows 10 Mobile Insiders with some new Redstone 2 features. The company has been more focused on PC previews in recent weeks.
VLC UWP Official

VLC Could Be Coming to Xbox One in ‘a Few Days’

VLC has been submitted to the Xbox Store and should come to users soon. The app comes with full support for background and a number of other features.
Xbox project scorpio E  official Microsoft press show

Project Scorpio: Microsoft´s Xbox Chief Promises Premium Console at Reasonable Price

In an interview with NZgamer, Microsoft´s Phil Spencer has offered some insight about Project Scorpio´s coming capabilities and pricing.
Microsoft LinkedIn Microsoft

Microsoft Talks Salesforce Worries: Company will not Withhold LinkedIn Data

Salesforce and Microsoft are going through problems in their recently cordial relations. In a post LinkedIn acquisition situation, Microsoft says it will not stop other companies accessing data.
Microsoft is committed to windows  mobile

Microsoft: We’re Committed to Windows 10 Mobile and First-Party Devices

Microsoft's mention of 'first-party devices' suggests that the Surface Phone is more than a rumor, but claims of commitment to Windows 10 Mobile have angered some users.
Windows  Redstone

Microsoft Lists Mobile Improvements Coming in Redstone 2

Microsoft has detailed some key changes coming in Windows 10 Redstone 2, including an enhanced Continuum service and new auditing and management features.

Lumia 950 out of Stock in Germany as Lumia Wind down Continues

After reporting on the Lumia 950 XL going missing in the UK, its baby brother is out of stock in Germany. This is significant as the device may never be re-stocked by Microsoft.
Xbox E Flickr Reuse

Microsoft Clamps Down on Nintendo Emulator, Removes it from Xbox One

The Universal Emulator allows Sega and Nintendo games to be played on Windows 10. However, it has been removed after an attempt to publish on the Xbox One was denied by Microsoft.
Elite X HP Official

HP Opens Pre-Orders for HP Elite x3 with Some Extra Perks

Preorders for the company's flagship HP Elite x3 phone are now available, with a price of $799 including the desk Dock, as well as some discounts on other products.
Microsoft Display Dock Gallery  jpg e

Microsoft Bundles Lumia 950 and XL with Display Dock Once More

Microsoft has bundled their Lumia 950 and 950 XL with a free Display Dock once more, meaning potential savings of $99. New users can now get started with Continuum for as little as $399.
enterprise saas

Microsoft Becomes Leading SaaS Provider, Beating Salesforce in Second Quarter

Long-standing SaaS market leader Salesforce has lost its number one position to Microsoft. With the Software as a Service market booming, what does this mean for Microsoft and Salesforce’s relationship?
Wireless USB Wikimedia

Windows 10 Redstone 2 Could Come with Native Wireless USB Support

A new driver shared on Twitter suggests that Media Agnostic USB functionality will be built into Redstone 2, allowing peripherals and thumb drives to transfer data without a physical connection.
iPhone s Apple Official

Apple’s iPhone 7 Coming with Subtle Design Refresh and Dual Camera

Apple’s iPhone 7 will launch this fall and inevitably become the smartphone success of the year. Other new features coming to the device, according to a new report, is a pressure sensitive Home button.
Windows  Mobile Continuum touchpad official Microsoft video

Anniversary Update coming to Windows 10 Mobile August 9 Suggests Report

After a Microsoft Lumia India account hinted at an August 9 roll out of the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 Mobile, a new report backs up the date. The initial launch will be for unlocked devices, with carrier handsets getting the upgrade on August 16.
Windows  Redstone

Microsoft Confirms Two Major Windows 10 Updates in 2017

On Tuesday, Microsoft released Windows 10's first major update since launch. Since then, they haven't been sitting around – two major updates have already...
Quip Desktop Shot Quip Official

Salesforce Lines Up Against Microsoft Office with Quip Acquisition

Salesforce and Microsoft have tightened their relationship over the last two years. However, the recent LinkedIn bidding war, Salesforce has now purchased Quip for $582 million.
Remote Desktop Universal Windows Platform Updated with Desktop Scaling

Remote Desktop Universal Windows Platform Updated with Desktop Scaling

The latest update for Remote Desktop bring limited but important new functionality. The app was one of Microsoft’s first Universal Windows Platform applications.

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