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Microsoft Adds AI-Powered Shopping Tools to Bing and Edge

An AI-driven buying guide and a price match feature with discount alerts aim to aid consumers in product discovery and research.

Bing Chat to Roll out Groundbreaking Feature to Predict Future Stock Prices

Microsoft is testing a new for its Bing Chat chatbot that can infer the probability of future stock prices.

YouTube Integrates AI-Powered Dubbing Service

The tool first generates a text-based translation that creators can review and edit, before producing the dubbed audio.

Bing Chat Gets iOS Widget and Expanded Language Support

The Bing Chat iOS widget provides a shortcut to the chat feature right from the home screen of an iOS device.

Microsoft’s New Bing Image Creator Watermark Helps Users Identify AI-Generated Images

Microsoft has started watermarking AI-generated images created by Bing Image Creator to prevent plagiarism and protect intellectual property.

Microsoft Ignored OpenAI’s Warning about Using GPT-4 in Bing Chat

Microsoft was reportedly warned about using GPT-4 in Bing Chat by OpenAI, who said the AI could raise ethical concerns.

Bing Chat Gets Voice Chat, Text-to-Speech Support for Desktop

Bing Chat now supports voice chat and text-to-speech for desktop. Chat with Bing in your voice and get answers to your questions faster.

Microsoft Shows off Bing Chat’s Text Prompts and Image Creator in New Campaign

Microsoft starts a Bing Chat campaign that aims to attract new chatbot users by promoting the text-prompt and image-generation capabilities of AI search.

Microsoft’s Bing Chat AI Tricks Users Who Search for Chrome on Edge with Bogus...

Microsoft tried to promote its Bing search engine and Edge browser by showing a fake AI chatbot answer when users searched for Chrome on Edge

Bing Image Creator Gets “Precise” And “Balanced” Modes

The update enables a more varied AI art generation experience with either more creative/flexible results or image output that follows more strictly the provided input.

Bing Chat Usage Turns Updated to 30 Turns per Session and 300 per Day

Bing Chat users with a Microsoft Account can now use the AI search chatbot 30 times per session over 10 sessions each day.

Bing Chat to Get Third-Party Browser Support Soon

Third-party browser support is coming to Microsoft’s Bing Chat AI search, allowing more access to the popular chatbot.

Microsoft Presents Shared Plugin-Ecosystem for Bing, ChatGPT and Microsoft Products

At Build today, Microsoft went big with plugins, including Bing Chat in ChatGPT and AI plugins for Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Microsoft Bing Tops Baidu to Become China’s Most Used Desktop Search Engine

While Bing struggles to compete with Google globally, it is now the most popular desktop search engine in China, topping local option Baidu.

Samsung Stands by Google, Will Not Choose Bing for Its Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung has reportedly decided to continue with Google as its default search and not choose Microsoft’s new Bing Chat Ai chatbot.

Bing Chat Gains Copy/Share/Export Options and Opens to Non-Microsoft Account Holders

Microsoft’s latest of Bing Chat makes it available without log in, while users can now copy, share, and export conversations.

Microsoft Bing Chat Gains Mobile/Desktop Workflow and Contextual Chat for Edge

Microsoft is rolling out a bunch of new tools for Bing Chat on mobile, including desktop linking, a widget, and Contextual chat for Edge.

Microsoft Bing Losing Market Share despite Bing Chat AI Search Tool

Statcounter shows Bing is losing market share, even compared to last year, despite the release of the Bing Chat search AI.

Firefox May Make Bing Chat Its Default Search Instead of Google

Microsoft is reportedly willing to pay Mozilla to have Bing Chat as the default on Firefox, replacing search rival Google in the process

Microsoft Finally Adds History to Bing Chat, along with Knowledge Cards

Bing Chat history appears in Recent Activity and allows users to share or delete previous chats with the AI search engine.

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