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Microsoft Project xCloud to Support Touch Screen Controls on Smartphones

Microsoft has made several Project xCloud announcements, including touchscreen support, screen-size adjustment, and device network management.

Microsoft Brings Project xCloud to Apple’s iOS

Microsoft has launched its Project xCloud cloud gaming platform preview on iOS, albeit with some big limitations.

Microsoft Ups Available xCloud Games to 50 and Confirms Testing Expansion

At XO19 this week, Microsoft revealed 50 titles are now available on xCloud, while the company announced more region support is coming.

Microsoft Opens Registrations for Project xCloud Preview

Microsoft is preparing a Project xCloud preview that will be available on Android and will arrive on devices in October.

Project xCloud Placeholder App Arrive in the Microsoft Store

Microsoft has placed a Project xCloud app in its Store, likely in preparation for the first beta release of the cloud gaming platform.

Microsoft Expands Project xCloud Details Ahead of “Big” E3 2019

Microsoft has confirmed Project xCloud is now in testing amongst employees and game developers across 13 Azure regions.
Project xCloud streams Sea of Thieves to a tablet with a prototype touch overlay.

Microsoft CEO Admits Internal Nickname for xCloud Is ‘Netflix for Games’

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella finally opened up about the company's xCloud game streaming service, giving little clarification, but revealing some interesting internal naming.
Windows Hello official microsoft

Microsoft Introduces Password-less Account Logins with FIDO2 Compatibility

Users of Microsoft Edge can sign into Microsoft services without a password through Windows Hello. The feature is also debuting for FIDO2 devices.

Pirates Bypass Zoo Tycoon’s ‘Uncrackable’ UWP Protection

The crack of Zoo Tycoon marks the first every pirate UWP game, removing 5 different protections and potentially spelling disaster for Microsoft's Store. However, it's not yet clear if more games will follow.
Recore Screeshot GamePlay Official

ReCore: Definitive Edition Is Now Available to Preorder from the Microsoft Store

ReCore: Definitive Edition will release on August 29 and will bring the T8-NK Corebot frame, which was hastily removed from the base game. It will also include a new adventure, titled 'Eye of Obsidian'.

LiquidSky Cloud Platform Brings True PC Gaming Quality to Smartphones

After a beta phase on Windows 10, the LiquidSky game storage platform is moving to Android. The developers say the platform brings true PC quality to smartphones, including 1080p resolution and 60fps across AAA titles from Steam, Origin, and other providers.

Microsoft Releases Massive Windows 10 Preview Build 16226

The latest Windows 10 Fall Creators Update preview is extensive, making changes to Edge and Windows Shell, while also brings new Emoji support and numerous other new features across a breadth of services.

Microsoft Beam Becomes Mixer: New Platform for Revolutionizing Streaming

Microsoft has renamed Beam as Mixer. Aside from the new name, the platform get numerous new features such as co-streaming, Mixer Create, and Channel One.
Microsoft Studios Logo Microsoft

Microsoft Studios Collaborating with Disney Infinity Developer on New Game

Studio Gobo, one of the developers behind Disney Infinity, has announced a partnership with Microsoft Studios, but has not yet discussed any possible games.
Xbox Windows Microsoft Blog

Microsoft Could be working on Windows 10 Game Mode for the Creators Update

A Game Mode DLL file has been found in the leaked version of Windows 10 preview 14997. The dedicated feature would tie in with Microsoft’s ongoing plans to unify gaming across Windows 10 and the Xbox One.
Windows  notebook official Microsoft

Microsoft Expanding Boundaries of Windows with Openness

According to Programming Chief Julia Liuson, Microsoft has changed tact from wanting a closed Windows platform to creating an ecosystem that is open and inclusive.
Steve Ballmer

Report: Steve Ballmer Says Mobile Caused Division with Bill Gates

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says Bill Gates was unconvinced by his push towards hardware. Here we look at how a close relationship deteriorated on the back of an ill-fated belief Microsoft could thrive as a hardware manufacturer.
Scorpio Chip Tease E Microsoft

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg Praises Project Scorpio, Confirms VR Exclusivity

The head of Xbox games marketing talks about Scorpio, VR, and the future of console gaming.
PGS Gaming System Kickstarter

Portable Windows 10 Games Console Reaches Kickstarter Goal in 3 Days

Portable Solutions claims their new console will be able to run most PC games at 25-30 frames a second.

HP OMEN Gaming Laptops and PC Launched

The company has introduced three new OMEN gaming machines running the Windows 10 platform, with a new 4K display also making its debut.

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