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Edge Browser Microsoft

Microsoft Announces New Edge Browser Codec Support Landing with Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The company says Edge support will be added for WebM, VP9 and Opus codecs when the substantial Windows 10 Anniversary Update arrives.
Skype Edge Extension

Microsoft Launches Skype Edge Browser Extension Preview

A month after rolling out Extensions for the Edge web browser, Microsoft is continuing to expand the amount of extensions on offer.
Edge Summit Screenshot

Microsoft’S Full List of New Edge Browser Features from Edge Summit

While the Edge Summit 2016 is a lower key event compared to Build 2016 last week, but the Edge browser focused event still managed to see Microsoft launch numerous new services.
chrome app launcher official

Google Killing App Launcher on Microsoft’s Windows Platform

In a move that is hardly surprising, Google has decided to pull its Chrome app launcher from rival platforms, removing what was ultimately a pointless tool for Windows users.
sanddance microsoft garage website shot

Microsoft Garage Showcases SandDance to Tell Stories with your Data

Microsoft Garage, the skunkworks division of the company that cooks up apps and features outside the realms of regular products and services, has raised the curtain on a new tool called SandDance.
Turn Off the Lights twitter Offiical Edge

Microsoft Has Early Developer Support for Edge Extensions with Turn Off the Lights

Popular Chrome and Firefox extension, Turn Off the Lights, is coming to the Edge browser after Microsoft sent out a Windows 10 Redstone preview that supports browser extensions.
Leaked Edge Extensions WindowsBlogIttalia

Microsoft Launches Edge Browser Extensions to Windows Insiders

After reports that Microsoft was readying extensions for the Windows 10 Edge browser, the company has launched previews for Insiders.
Microsoft Rakuten logos e

Microsoft Signs Android Patent Licensing Deal with Rakuten, Renews Agreement with Wistron

Patent licensing is the name of the game when it comes to the bottom line and Microsoft has secured yet another new partnership in the form of Rakuten, as well as extending its deal with Wistron.
Microsoft Edge Official

Microsoft Working towards Redstone Preview Update that Adds Extensions to Edge Browser

With Windows Redstone due for an early summer (June) release, we are seeing more and more “previews” for the software ahead of Microsoft’s BUILD Conference which will take place next month.
facebook reactions facebook

Windows 10 Facebook App Adds Reaction Emojis

The official Facebook app for Windows 10 has added support for the five new reaction emojis launched for iOS, Android and the web last month.
Slack calls setting own

Slack Testing Voice Calling Beta, Stepping into Microsoft, Google and Facebook Territory

The company has begun testing its voice calling feature just a day after it was confirmed that voice and video calling would be coming to Slack in 2016.
Microsoft Edge WinRT PDF exploit own

IBM Security Expert: Microsoft Edge Browser Vulnerable to Drive-by-Attacks via Built-in PDF Viewer

An IBM security researcher has discovered a major security flaw in Microsoft´s Edge browser. Using drive-by-attack techniques attackers can execute malicious code in a similar way than how it´s usually done with malicious Flash, Java or Silverlight plugins.
HoloLens VR Patent

Microsoft Patent Could Settle the Augmented vs. Virtual Reality Debate

While virtual reality and augmented reality are within the same technological sphere, they are different things, which means Microsoft’s HoloLens is different to products such as the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.
Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge Browser Doubles User Base in One Month

The Internet Explorer replacement that ships with devices and machines running the Windows 10 platform is gaining ground on more established web browsers.
Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight Exploit Found in Angler Kit Hacking Tool

A potentially dangerous and known Microsoft Silverlight vulnerability allows hackers to enter a system on both Windows and Mac.
edge browser adobe flash own

Microsoft Edge to sandbox Flash elements: Another nail in the coffin for the outdated...

The company has recently laid out their 2016 priorities for Edge browser, which include isolating Adobe Flash into a separate process and pause unnecessary content.
Edge browser inprivate

Report: Microsoft Edge browser’s InPrivate mode is storing private browsing data

Researcher Ashish Singh has discovered that that browsing history of websites, including the ones visited in private mode is stored on the system’s hard drive.
gartner logo official featured

Gartner: PC Market to dip before Windows 10 picks it up in 2017

A new report published by Gartner predicts a a dip for PC sales in 2016 followed by a recovery with four percent growth for 2017 due to increased Windows 10 migration.
Edge ChakraCore Javvascript vs Chrome Firefox official Microsoft

ChakraCore gets Node.js: Edge´s open-sourced JavaScript engine hits important milestone

Microsoft has submitted a pull request to Node.js, which enables it to optionally use the Chakra JavaScript engine.
Remix OS official

Remix OS to be released: The Android desktop OS for Intel hardware

Remix OS allows Android enthusiasts and PC users to use Android as the main operating System on Intel hardware. The Android fork offers a mixture of Android and desktop features in one OS.

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