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Microsoft Hololens NASA project sidekick official Microsoft

Astronauts Are Testing Microsoft HoloLens in Space

Microsoft has revealed in a blog post Saturday that astronauts onboard the International Space Station have started testing the Microsoft HoloLens as part of NASA's Project Sidekick.
microsoft translator API

Microsoft Translator App gets More Functionality on iOS and Android

Redmond’s Translator app is getting a key update, adding features that bring the service closer to Google Translate, although which feature you get depends on OS

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Selling Unexpectedly Well

Nearly four years after the first-ever Microsoft Surface was launched, the fourth generation of the Windows-based computers is selling unexpectedly well.
damiani lumia

Microsoft and Damiani are working on a €1,950 Lumia 950 luxury edition

The Italian jewelry brand has teamed up with Microsoft to release a limited edition Lumia 950, with premium back covers and exclusive packaging for...
edge browser adobe flash own

Microsoft Edge to sandbox Flash elements: Another nail in the coffin for the outdated...

The company has recently laid out their 2016 priorities for Edge browser, which include isolating Adobe Flash into a separate process and pause unnecessary content.
Azure IoT Hub official

Microsoft makes Azure IoT Hub publicly available

The company has developed its Azure IoT Hub to offer a messaging infrastructure for distributed devices which then can communicate via Azure over IoT protocols such as AMPQPS, HTTPS and MQTT.
visual studio dev essentials official microsoft e

Microsoft announces new benefits for the Visual Studio Dev Essentials Program

The latest free developer tools from Microsoft will now come with $300 Azure credits, along with access to the Xamarin University study materials and course recordings.
swiftkey free

Microsoft acquires SwiftKey to strengthen AI and productivity

The company is reportedly paying $250 million to the makers of SwiftKey, the predictive keyboard app which is powered by artificial intelligence.
visual studio apache cordova tools official

Microsoft empowers Visual Studio with open source Cordova Tools extension

Microsoft´s Cordova Tools extension for Visual Studio will bring more editing options for developers, helping them utilize Apache’s mobile development framework to its full potential.
Edge ChakraCore Javvascript vs Chrome Firefox official Microsoft

ChakraCore gets Node.js: Edge´s open-sourced JavaScript engine hits important milestone

Microsoft has submitted a pull request to Node.js, which enables it to optionally use the Chakra JavaScript engine.
Hololens engineering official Microsoft

Microsoft: First Hololens headsets to get 2.5-5.5h of battery life and pairing for shared...

The first units of Hololens will need a recharge after 2.5h-5.5h, a Microsoft representative has revealed at an event in Israel. Microsoft is however working on improved battery life for later versions.
Satya Nadella Seattle home

This is Satya Nadella´s spectacular home: You can buy it for $3.488 million

Satya Nadella is selling his long-term home in Clyde Hill, Wash. for $3.488 million. The impressive house has been listed by Windermere Real Estate.

FULL LIST: All discounted games on Xbox Live over the holidays

Microsoft is offering massive discounts for Xbox Live gamers over the holidays. Discounts are offered in two waves for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and a range of Windows devices. Here is the first wave list.
how old

Microsoft triumphs over other tech giants in image recognition competition

Microsoft´s image recognition technology has declassified other tech giants at the sixth annual ImageNet image recognition competition, leaving behind Google, Intel, Tencent and Qualcomm.
Microsoft Band  activity reminders official Microsoft

Microsoft Band 2 gets buggy update with on-screen music controls

A feature update for the Microsoft Band 2 brings on-screen music controls and activity reminders. It did not take long to get first bug reports about that update.
Nokia  offical Microsoft

Microsoft presents Nokia 230 and Nokia 230 Dual SIM feature phones

Microsoft has released its new feature phones Nokia 230 and Nokia 230 Dual SIM. All of its specifications are closely identical apart from the Dual SIM feature.
Minecraft after school by kjarrett flickr

Microsoft to broaden computer science through "Minecraft coding tutorial"

Microsoft and Code.org is introducing Minecraft coding tutorial for students and educators. Minecraft coding is created especially for the third annual Hour of Code, which will take place December 7-13 at the Computer Science Education Week.
Microsoft Affordable access initiative DiG Tower

Microsoft funds development of low cost internet solutions by partners, pays up to $75,000

Microsoft' Affordable Access Initiative, announced today the funding of companies in undeveloped markets in the effort of providing affordable internet access.

Mistake or Leak? Minecraft Wii U Edition appears on PEGI

Minecraft Wii U Edition is coming out today November the 12th, and hours before Nintendo Direct is announced, this appearance on the PEGI website has raised speculations on whether Ninendo is intending on getting the game.
Microsoft Dogs official

How Microsoft Threatened To Reassign Bad OS Programmers To Work On Obscure Dog Software

Almost two decades back, in making of Windows 95, when programmers weren’t performing up the mark, the company would threaten them to work on a Microsoft Dogs. The CD-ROM informed dog owner for the care and feeding of 500 different breeds of dogs.

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