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YouTube Updates Its Design to Focus on Rewind/Fast Forward Actions

New design changes coming to YouTube include precise rewinding and fast forwarding, ambient mode, and pinch-to-zoom.

Microsoft Audio Dock and Microsoft Presenter+ Debut at Surface Event

At the Surface Event 2022, Microsoft launched the Microsoft Audio Dock speaker and the Microsoft Presenter+ remote control.

Microsoft Teams to Get Payment Abilities

Microsoft is working on a new payment service for Microsoft Teams that will allow users to take payments within the app.

Meta Reveals Call Links for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is adding the ability to share links for audio and video calls, while encrypted video calls are now open to 32 participants.

Ofcom Opens Investigation into Microsoft, Amazon, and Google Over UK Cloud Dominance

Ofcom says it will investigate the largest cloud providers in the UK – Amazon, Microsoft, and Google – to assess how their dominance affects competition and growth.

How to Organize Pages on a PDF on the Web with FormatPDF

In this tutorial, we show you how to use FormatPDF to manage PDF files, including splitting, re-ordering, and removing pages.

WhatsApp Update Brings Individual Mute, Improved Privacy Controls, and More

WhatsApp has new group video chat meeting features that will help the app appeal more to business/enterprise users.

Microsoft Teams to Add “Cameo” Feature to PowerPoint Live

Cameo for PowerPoint Live is coming to Microsoft Teams, allowing users to integrate video feeds into presentations.

Google Meet and Google Duo Become One Product

Instead of running multiple video communication apps, Google Meet and Google Duo will become a single application.

TONOR TC30 USB Condenser Microphone: Budget Price with Solid Specs

If you want to boost the audio quality of your live streaming, Microsoft Teams work calls, content creation, or Zoom sessions, a dedicated microphone...

Microsoft PowerToys Adds Three New Utilities

Microsoft PowerToys is getting three new utilities with the version 0.55.0, two for the File Explorer add-in and a new Mouse Utility.
TONOR TC-777 USB Condenser microphone

TONOR TC-777 USB Condenser Mic: Great Audio Quality with Appealing Price

Whether you need a quality mic for meetings, recording, or streaming, the TONOR TC-777 does a good job. It has sound reproduction quality that compares to microphones three times its cost. As entry-level mic’s go, the TC-777 is hard to beat.

Windows 10: How to Restart Explorer.exe to Fix a Disappeared or Frozen Desktop or...

Has your Desktop or taskbar frozen or the taskbar disappeared? We show you how to restart Windows Explorer.exe via several methods to fix this, including cmd, the Task Manager, and the taskbar's right-click context menu.

How to Change Your Profile Picture/Account Picture in Windows 10

We show you how to change profile picture in Windows 10 for both Microsoft and local accounts.

Microsoft Teams Getting New View Switcher Menu

The View Switcher menu will launch on Microsoft Teams this month, making it easier to switch between view options on the app.
VideoProc Vlogger - Editing Tools

VideoProc Vlogger: Maybe the Best Free Video Editor Available Right Now

Our take on VideoProc Vlogger - the maybe best free video editor available on the market in 2021.
Microsoft Headquarter free use

Microsoft Study Shows Remote Work Harms Cross-Team Collaboration

Microsoft says when inter-team connection is more like in remote work scenarios, while cross-group collaboration is decreasing.
How to customize 'Precision Touchpad' settings on Windows 10

How to Enable and Customize Windows 10 Precision Touchpad Gestures

Windows 10 touchpad gestures not working? We show you how to enable the precision touchpad and customize Windows 10 touchpad gestures to your liking.

Microsoft Acquires Peer5 to Beef Up Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing

Microsoft has purchased Peer5 to give Microsoft Teams an integrated Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN) solution.

How to Use Windows 10 Ease of Access Settings (Accessibility) – Every Setting Explained

We walk you through every Windows 10 Ease of access setting, including how to use text-to-speech, enable the Ease of access keyboard, and more.


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