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Leaked iOS 13 Code Confirms Apple’s RFID Item Tracking, Watch Features

Apple's RFID tracking system will reportedly tell users when an item gets too far from their smart devices, with Augmented Reality support to find it.
Four new surface pen colors

Microsoft Patents a Wacky Surface Pen That Doubles as an Earpiece

Microsoft's Surface Pen patent would let it wrap around the ear for a traditional earpiece form-factor while retaining full functionality. The document also hints at a dual-screen foldable.

Apple Will Allegedly Launch Its Own Credit Card in Collaboration with Goldman Sachs

Apple will allegedly team with Goldman Sachs to create a Credit Card. It will utilize its Apple Wallet service to offer rewards, payment management and more in a quick and secure way.
Microsoft solitaire collection android own

Microsoft Solitaire Collection Gets a Long-Overdue Update on Windows 10

Microsoft Solitaire Collection now features a level up system. Users can utilize it to track their progress across multiple game modes.

Microsoft’s $349.99 Surface Headphones to Launch in Only Two Markets

Hugely expensive and available this week, Microsoft’s Surface Headphones are limited to availability in the United States and United Kingdom.

Microsoft Launches Mixer Season 2 with Four New Features

Mixer Season 2 is available now with a focus on engagement between streamers and fans. Skills, Sparks, Embers, and Progression are four new features on Season 2.
Microsoft Azure official Microsoft

Microsoft Announces Strategic Partnership with Grab, a Ride-Sharing Service

Microsoft and Grab's collaboration will increase its efficiency and analytics with Azure while adding features like mobile facial recognition to its app.

Bitcoin Scammers Are Using over 3,000 Microsoft TechNet Pages to Advertise Fake Support Services

Scammers are advertising bitcoin and Google Wallet support on Microsoft Tech net, posting thousands of automated posts over a period of months to try and trick users. Microsoft has since removed a number of pages.

Mega Removes Google Chrome Extension After User Credentials Breach

The Mega Google Chrome extension was replaced by a mimic which stole customer credentials from a wide-range of websites and services.

Microsoft Details Websites and Apps Connecting to Windows 10 from Clean Installs

As you would expect, most of the services Windows 10 connects to by default are endpoints for Microsoft’s own services.

Google Joins Facebook in Banning Cryptocurrency Advertising

Google says it will ban cryptocurrency ads across all of its services, but the change will not be introduced until June.
Google pay's new interface

Worldwide Google Pay Rollout Begins with New Features Inbound

Google Pay unifies Wallet and Android Pay into a new, material design interface. Google plans to bring the app to Chrome and Assistant in the future.
bitcoin flickr

Bitcoin: Supporters Warn against Greed-Driven Opposition as Congress Seeks Restrictive New Bill

Bitcoin had a rough couple of days this holiday period. The currency fell to lows of $11,000, following a previous high of almost $20,000....

Snap Up Holiday Season Deals with New Bing Search Features

Microsoft has debuted several new Bing shopping features, including a new tool that collects all products in one place for easy comparison.

Lenovo Debuts 25th Anniversary Edition ThinkPad: A Blend of Young and Old

A throwback to its classic ThinkPad range, Lenovo’s 25TH Anniversary Edition ThinkPad is a retro designed power-performer for the modern age.
bitcoin flickr

Bitcoin Mt. Gox Fraud Suspect Faces U.S. Trial After Stealing $4 Billion

Alexander Vinnik, thought to be the main perpetrator of a $4 billion Mt. Gox Bitcoin laundering operation, was arrested in Greece and will be extradited to the United States.

Microsoft Project Olympus Blueprint Now Supports Intel Xeon Processors

Microsoft’s Project Olympus is an open hardware standard for cloud services. The company today announced support for Intel’s new Xeon series of enterprise-grade processors.
Ransomware YouTube Scrnsht Reuse

NotPetya Malware Was Not Ransomware Suggests Cisco Expert

The head of Cisco’s Talos cyber security divisions argues a lack of payment methods mean NotPetya was not ransomware and was likely politically motivated.
Petya GDATA Ransomware

World Under Attack from Petya Ransomware That is Bigger than WannaCry

Europe has been hit by a massive ransomware called Petya, which is taking down companies, banks, and airports. Early reports suggest the attack could be bigger than the recent WannaCry ransomware.
Surface laptop

Surface Laptop: Microsoft’s Laptop Could be a Tough Sell Because of Windows 10 S

While Windows 10 S is shaping up to be an excellent education-focused platform, it may not sit well with the Surface Laptop, a flagship-quality hardware that should appeal to more serious users.

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