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Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop 4 Show up on Benchmark Services

Microsoft seems to be testing the Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop 4 ahead of the launch of both devices next month.

Android Gets Major Feature Update for Surface Duo and Other Smartphones

Google is issuing a surprise feature update for Android, expanding the Emoji Kitchen, automizing book narration, and improving Google Maps.

Apple’s M1 ARM Chip Runs Windows 10 Better Than a Surface Pro X

A benchmark comparison between an M1 Mac Mini running Windows 10 on ARM and a Surface Pro X shows up Microsoft’s device.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop 4 Images Leak Online

Images claiming to be of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop 4 have leaked, with both devices coming in 2021.

Microsoft’s Surface Duo Named Amongst Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2020

Time Magazine has named Microsoft’s Surface Duo as one of the best inventions of this year, praising it’s a glimpse into the future.

Microsoft Details Surface Firmware Support for the First Time

Microsoft has published a list for all Surface devices showing how long each will get firmware support into the future and which are already obsolete.

Leak: Has the 2021 Surface Pro 8 Shown Up on eBay?

An eBay listing claims to have an engineering model of next year’s Surface Pro 8, which is available for $1,300 on the auction site.

Microsoft’s New Surface Laptop Go and Surface Pro X Are Now Shipping

Microsoft’s strange Surface Laptop Go and a new more powerful Surface Pro X are both now available to customers.

Microsoft Enters Multiyear Cloud/Surface Partnership with GameStop

Gaming retailer GameStop will use Microsoft cloud services, including Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams, along with Surface devices.

Microsoft’s Surface Duo Facing Hardware Problem with Reports of Cracked USB-C Ports

A growing number of Surface Duo owners are reporting their USB-C ports are facing hardware issues, causing a problem for Microsoft.

Microsoft Announces Surprise Surface Laptop Go, A Device That Checks Few Boxes

Microsoft has announced the Surface Laptop Go for $549. However, this is an “affordable” laptop that struggles to justify its price.

Microsoft Planning Major Surface Duo Software Update

Microsoft wants to overcome some of the software problems on the Surface Duo, starting with an extensive camera update.

Microsoft Reminds Customers of Surface Duo Unique Features

Microsoft has published a video that highlights some of the new software tricks available in the Surface Duo smartphone.

Surface Duo Gets Microsoft Garage Sketch 360 Application

Sketch 360 is making the journey from Windows 10 to Android for the Surface Duo and other smartphones on the platform.

Microsoft Confirms the Surface Neo Has Not Been Cancelled

“Neo is delayed” says Microsoft’s Panos Panay, suggesting the Surface Neo Windows 10X device will ship eventually.

Microsoft Publishes Surface Duo Support Pages

Support pages for the Surface Duo guide users through installing the bumper, using the dual screens, and how to make phone calls.

Microsoft Clarifies Surface Duo Privacy Settings and Data Collection

Microsoft says the Surface Duo will gather required and optional data from users to enhance the performance of software.

Microsoft Surface Duo May Not Ship Globally Until 2021

A new report suggests Microsoft is not launching the Surface Duo outside the United States until the first half of next year.

Microsoft Gets Total Firmware Control on the Surface Duo

Microsoft is using custom UEFI tools to ensure the Surface Duo has robust security, including control over firmware updates.

Microsoft Publishes 35-Minute Surface Duo Launch Video

In the video, Microsoft details the Surface Duo through a series of demonstrations that show how the device works with Android.