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Microsoft Teams GIF Attack Bug Receives New Fix

Microsoft says it has fixed a vulnerability in Microsoft Teams that allowed attackers to steal data through an infected GIF.

Microsoft Teams Now Has a Yammer App – and It’s Called ‘Communities’

Yammer for Microsoft Teams is now available under the name 'Community', allowing for easy announcements and polls.
Microsoft announces Microsoft Teams global availability

Microsoft Teams Custom Background Tool Coming This Month

Microsoft has confirmed the Microsoft Teams custom background feature announced last year will launch by the end of April.
Microsoft announces Microsoft Teams global availability

Microsoft Positions Microsoft Teams as a Better Choice Than Zoom

Microsoft has published privacy and security information for Microsoft Teams as it seeks to compete more directly with Zoom.

Microsoft Promotes Skype Meet Now as Zoom Alternative

Microsoft says the Skype Meet Now is a better alternative than Zoom during the COVID-19 outbreak because it has less requirements.
skype logo open graph

You Can Use Skype for Free, Signup-Less Meetings during Coronavirus Isolation

Skype Meetings let users host free conferences with advanced features at no cost. They could be the perfect solution for smaller businesses affected by coronavirus.

Skype’s Latest Feature Lets You Call Someone Who Doesn’t Have an Account

Skype's Meet Now feature makes it much easier to connect with those who don't use the platform, which a simple link system providing easy access for group calls.

Microsoft Could Bring Back Skype Usernames

Microsoft is working on Skype usernames but the feature is in slow development because of technical and legal obstacles.

Slack CEO Says Microsoft Teams Can’t Meet the Need of Some Fortune 100 Companies

Slack's CEO says some big enterprises are still choosing it over teams due to its superior user experience. Meanwhile, its earnings surpassed analyst expectations, but stock price still fell.

Microsoft Teams Native App Could be Coming to Linux Soon

A Microsoft employee has said Microsoft Teams could soon have an application for the open source Linux platform.

Microsoft Working on Microsoft Teams for Life Personal Edition

Microsoft Teams for Life was reportedly showcased by the company at a recent internal event and would be a consumer-facing version of the collaboration service.

Slack Adds Deeper Office 365 Support to Compete with Microsoft Teams

Slack now integrates Office 365 more deeply, including Outlook email and calendar integration, OneDrive improvements, and Office files previews.

Microsoft Updates Skype Desktop with New Chat Window Location

Users of Skype on Windows and MacOS will now see the chat Window open on the right and be size customizable for easier access to conversations lists.

Microsoft Teams for Android Gets Dark Theme, Audio Messages, and More

Microsoft Teams for Android now has a well-implemented dark theme, while bringing in features like RSVP notes and performance improvements.

Skype Gets Portrait Mode-like ‘Background Blur’ in Desktop Video Calls

Skype's new background blur feature is designed to hide your messy home and keep the focus on you. It's available to all after a short preview period.

Microsoft Teams Scores New Calling Features on iOS and Android

Microsoft Teams has netted some significant features on both platforms, including call recording and parking, 1:1 group call escalation for PTSN, and more.

Microsoft Teams Enjoys Huge Growth Against Rival Slack

Microsoft Teams is now comfortably the second most used business chat app, behind Microsoft’s own Skype for Business.

Microsoft Is Skype Calling Windows 10 Insiders for Detailed Feature Feedback

Microsoft is requesting Skype calls from users to get feedback on its upcoming light theme, with 10-minute anonymous sessions. The users may also be asked to join a customer research panel.
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Insiders Can Finally Share OneDrive Files from Skype

Insiders can finally share OneDrive files directly from Skype, increasing productivity and enabling faster collaboration between users.

Microsoft Teams App Will be Removed from Windows 10 S Next Month

Microsoft is killing its Microsoft Teams dedicated app for the struggling Windows 10 S and is pointing users towards other Teams versions.


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