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Skype for Android has Passed One Billion Downloads

The important Skype for Android milestone does not put the app past WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, although it shows users are looking past the recent update.

Skype Lite Gets Group Video Calling

Microsoft’s India-focused Skype Lite now allows anybody to enter video and audio group calls for free. The feature is available now.
Cortana in Skype

Microsoft Introduces Cortana to Skype with Google Assistant-like Functionality

Cortana can now be called into conversations via contextual suggestions, suggesting restaurants, reminders and more. She's also available as a one-on-one assistant via text chat.

Microsoft to Bring Snapchat-Esque Filters to Skype App

The Skype App's filters include location-specific content, weather data, overlays, and more. Microsoft is also working on improvements to the messaging experience.
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Microsoft Remedies Skype for iPhone Issues with Another UX Refresh

A Skype for iPhone refresh brings back the main menu bar, improves the messaging experience and brings more customization to the interface.
Mirosoft Teams Microsoft Office Official

Microsoft Teams Feature Points to Skype for Business Merger

Fuelling reports Skype for Business will be folded into Microsoft Teams, the latter solution now has a dial-in feature for Skype in public preview.

Skype Gets Microsoft Family Integration to Bring Contacts Closers

With Microsoft Family in Skype, users can sync calendars with family and friends, manage shared schedules, and have contacts placed in one chat group.
Skype Preview Official Images Collage WinBuzzer

Skype Now Uses Cortana for Responses and Internet Searches

First promised in 2016, Microsoft has now introduced Cortana integration to Skype. The digital assistant is currently available in preview on Windows, iOS, and Android.

Microsoft Leak Suggests Skype for Business Will Become Microsoft Teams

Instead of operating two work-based chat platforms, Microsoft Teams could be about to welcome Skype for Business. A leaked Office 365 message suggests Microsoft is moving in this direction.

Microsoft Updates Skype with Live Code Editor

A new code editor for Skype allows users to share coding across seven popular languages in real-time. Microsoft says the feature is for interviews, but in theory it has numerous uses.

Microsoft Acknowledges Issues with Skype App’s ‘Trainwreck’ Update

Microsoft has begun to fix many of the problems present in its Skype app, caused by the last update. You can now see online status, delete contacts and messages, and multitask during calls.
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Microsoft Will “Kill” Skype on Windows Phone, RT, Windows 10 Mobile Messaging App on...

In an email sent to Skype users, Microsoft has informed its customers that it will be shutting down several versions of the service come...

Microsoft Delivers Biggest Skype Update in 10 Years and Hits Snapchat and Messenger Head...

Skype now feels like a new service thanks to an almost complete overhaul that ranges from modern design, intuitive controls, increased bot support, and a new Stories-like feature called Highlights.

Microsoft Updates Bing Bots, Improves Search Experience

Users can now find bots across multiple messaging platforms through a single search, while the company has started rolling out chat bots which help users plan a dinner out.

Microsoft Brings New Adaptive Cards to Bot Framework

A slew of new Adaptive Cards were announced at Build 2017 today. Skype, Cortana, Microsoft Teams and more are now available as cards in the Bot Framework.

Microsoft Releases Skype for Mac v7.50, Adds Support for Share Extension

Thanks to the latest update, users will now be able to share files, videos, photos, links and more, directly to Skype from wherever they are in MacOS.
Skype Malware Ads

Microsoft Warns of Skype In-App Ads That Expose Users to Malware

A Reddit user has complained that a malicious ad appeared on Skype’s home screen, pretending to be a Flash update for his browser. The Redditor has since deconstructed the code, while several other users have reported similar issues.

Microsoft Skype Preview Arrives on Android

Microsoft has brought its Skype Preview app to the Android platform in beta form. The company also announced four new preview features for the Skype Insider program.

Microsoft Bot Framework Gets Updated with Channel Inspector and Speed Improvements

With the update Microsoft makes it easier to connect bots to other services and also testing and debugging bots on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It also brings some performance improvements.
European Commission privacy regulations Wiki Commons

EU Plans to Regulate Skype and WhatsApp like Carriers

The draft proposal of the European Commission aims to bring voice-calling and text-messaging apps under the current EU regulatory umbrella for communications privacy.