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Scorpio Chip Tease E Microsoft

Xbox Head Mike Ybarra Talks about UWP on Xbox, Scorpio and Cortana

Xbox chief Mike Ybarra went into a little more detail about the future of UWP on Xbox, Scorpio exclusivity and more, but was reluctant to give new details.
Scorpio Chip Tease E Microsoft

Xbox One Scorpio will not Make 4K a Requirement for Developers

Xbox chief Phil Spencer reiterated Microsoft’s plan to make Scorpio open to all Xbox One developers by making 4K a choice and not a requirement.

Report: Xbox One X is Too Expensive, Allowing Sony to Control Sales

An analyst believes Microsoft has overpriced the Xbox One X. While that is debatable, the $499 cost and a market strategy from Sony, probably means Project Scorpio will not be a monster-selling console.

Microsoft Launches Xbox One X, the Most Powerful Console Ever

At its pre-E3 2017 event, Microsoft showed the full Project Scorpio console for the first time. Called Xbox One X, the device will launch November 7 at a price of $499.

Microsoft: Middle-earth: Shadow of War Coming to Xbox Play Anywhere

Xbox One and Windows 10 gamers will be able to play Middle-earth: Shadow of War at launch in October. The title is an Xbox Play Anywhere game and will also come to Project Scorpio when the console launches later in the year.

Microsoft Announces E3 2017 Plans with Xbox FanFest

The company will hold its press event at E3 2017 on June 11, where Project Scorpio will likely be star of the show. With Xbox FanFest, members of the public can get up close to all the action at the event.
PS Pro Sony Official

Microsoft Xbox Exec Puts Sony in Crosshairs: Company Doubts 4K Credentials of PS4 Pro

Since the launch of the PS4 Pro two weeks ago, doubts have been cast about the console’s ability to play 4K games natively. Microsoft has now jumped on the bandwagon and reminds gamers that the upcoming Project Scorpio will deliver true 4K gaming.

Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett Console Reported to Launch in 2020

The company has confirmed it is working on the next generation console after the Xbox One, codenamed Xbox Scarlett and a report suggests it could be launched in 2020.

Everything Microsoft Announced at the Xbox E3 2018 Conference

While no consoles were announced at Xbox E3 2018, it was the busiest ever press event for Microsoft at the conference. Here’s all the details of the event with videos.

Microsoft Announces Xbox FanFest for E3 2018

This year’s FanFest for Xbox One will be the biggest yet, with participants drawn randomly online for the first time.

Xbox One X Tops Amazon Chart Ahead of Competitive Holiday Season

The Xbox One X is off to a good start in terms of pre-orders, but with Sony’s PS4 and the Nintendo Switch to compete with, the 2017 Holiday Season is unlikely to mean winner takes all.

Xbox One X Available for Pre-Order as Microsoft Expands Xbox One Enhanced List

A couple of days after Walmart leaked Xbox One X standard edition pre-order information, Microsoft has officially opened the door for its new console sales.

Xbox One X Second Pre-Order Sales Information Leaked by Walmart

Retail heavyweight Walmart has leaked information about Xbox One X pre-order information that will start on September 21.

Microsoft to Announce Pre-Order Information for Xbox One X ‘Standard Edition’ next Month

Though the Xbox One X's Scorpio Edition has already sold out, Microsoft plans to make far more of its Standard Edition available. It will have the same $500 price tag.

Strong Pre-Orders Propel Xbox One X to Top of Amazon’s Best Seller List

Pre-orders of the Xbox One X have sold out on Amazon, propelling it above the PS4 Pro and everything else in the gaming category. However, though initial popularity looks positive, the console's long term sales may not match.

Xbox One X Pre-Order Information Coming Today?

Microsoft teases information regarding Xbox One X for today. The most likely announcement is the reveal of when the console will be available for pre-order.

Xbox One X Early Benchmark Shows Beginning of Scaling to 4K

A benchmark for the Xbox One X shows how the console can upscale older Xbox One games to 4K. The console is expected to deliver better performance than the results show, but early tests are encouraging.

Xbox One X vs. Sony PS4 Pro: Clear case or fierce battle?

The Xbox One X is touted as the most powerful console ever made and comes with some abilities not found on rival devices. How does Microsoft’s new gaming machine fair against Sony’s market-leading PS4 Pro?

Minecraft Gets Xbox One X 4K Treatment and Complete Cross Play

Complete cross play is no understatement. Gamers across Minecraft mobile, PC, VR, and console will be able to play with and against each other.

Xbox One X Advances Consoles and Already Has Huge Developer Support

Microsoft's newly launched Xbox One X scores big with numerous console firsts. The company showed off 43 games at its event today.