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AMD Unveils Ryzen 8000 pro Series as Microsoft Reveals Pluton Integration

AMD's new Ryzen 8000 PRO processors bring AI power and Microsoft's Pluton security to business PCs

Adobe Premiere Pro Enhances Video Editing with Four New AI Tools

Adobe adds AI magic to Premiere Pro! New tools let you add/remove objects, extend clips, and create videos from text.

Intel Unveils Lunar Lake Processor with Groundbreaking AI Performance

Intel's Lunar Lake laptop processor boasts over 100 TOPS AI performance, tripling its previous gen.
How to stop apps from running in the background on Windows 10

How to Stop Programs from Running in the Background in Windows 10

Struggling for battery life? We show you how to stop apps from running in the background in Windows 10 using both privacy and system settings.
Intel-Core i9-14900KS-CPU

Intel Unveils Core i9-14900KS: A New Peak in Desktop Processor Speeds

Intel launches record-breaking Core i9-14900KS CPU with 6.2 GHz speeds. It offers 15% better performance and overclocking for $699.

Microsoft Defends Use of News Content in AI Training Against NYT’s Copyright Claims

Microsoft defends AI training using NYT content, citing fair use and comparing it to historical tech advancements.

Wix’s AI Chatbot Crafts Sites Instantaneously Based on User Prompts

Wix launches new AI website builder, creating sites in seconds through a chatbot. Users can answer prompts and the AI builds a basic website.
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AI Chatbots Show Marked Improvement in Math When Cast as Star Trek Characters

A study by VMWare found that AI chatbots performed better in math when prompted with Star Trek references, like "Captain's Log".

Apple Shareholders Decline AI Transparency Report Proposal

Apple shareholders reject proposal for AI transparency report, alongside other social responsibility measures.

Microsoft Chooses Intel Foundry’s Advanced 18A Process for Chip Production

Intel Foundry launches, aiming to be the "AI era foundry" with Microsoft as its first client. Microsoft to use Intel's 18A process for custom chips
Android Security Flickr Reuse

Google’s Play Protect Targets High-Risk Sideloading in Android Security Clampdown

Singapore tests Google's block on high-risk apps, targeting financial fraud. Hackers exploit "zero-day" flaws, while commercial spyware tops Google's concerns.

Apple Integrates Vision Pro with Enterprise Device Management Capabilities

Apple's Vision Pro VR headset is designed for businesses and includes new device management features.
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Microsoft Partners with News Organizations to Bolster Trust in AI-Assisted Journalism

Microsoft partners with media entities to leverage AI for trustworthy journalism. AI assists with research, analysis, and audience engagement
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GPT-4’s Safety Protocols Compromised by Uncommon Languages

A study revealed a major security flaw in OpenAI's GPT-4 language model. Translating harmful prompts into uncommon languages like Scots Gaelic bypassed safety filters 79% of the time

Intuit Receives FTC Order to Cease Deceptive “Free” Product Advertisements

TurboTax must stop misleading ads claiming "free" filing, FTC rules. The software wasn't actually free for many users, despite heavy advertising.

Facebook Struggles to Contain Persistent Phishing Scam Prompting Security Concerns

Facebook phishing scam exploits "missing loved one" posts to steal logins, building an armada of compromised accounts for further scams.

Apple Vision pro Launch Excludes Top Streaming Apps: Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify

Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify snub Apple's Vision Pro launch. No native apps planned, but web access via Safari still available.

Microsoft and Vodafone Forge a 10-Year Alliance to Propel Digital Services in Europe and...

Vodafone and Microsoft forge 10-year digital alliance, promising AI-powered services for 300 million users. Focus on cloud, IoT, and SMEs

Microsoft’s Copilot Joins Forces with Samsung Devices for Improved Interactivity

Samsung's latest smartphones will double as high-quality webcams for Windows PCs and will integrate with Microsoft Copilot.
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OpenAI’s Nonprofit Legitimacy Challenged by Public Citizen

Public Citizen, a consumer group, wants California to investigate if OpenAI's nonprofit truly controls its for-profit partner.

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