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Mozilla Shows up Microsoft Edge with Three Hour Fix of Nasty Security Flaw

Microsoft Edge took three months to fix a security flaw that took Mozilla three hours, showing once more the company's slow response to important issues. Edge users should update their browser to ensure they're safe.
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Reports: Eight New Spectre-like CPU Flaws Have Been Discovered

The Spectre-like flaws are allegedly considered 'high-severity' and can be exploited more easily than previous variants. Intel issued a vague statement about the threat.

Cybersecurity Tech Accord: Microsoft Promises ‘Defense Not Offense’ along with 33 Major Tech Companies

The Cybersecurity Tech Accord promises that companies involved will collaborate on cyberattack defenses that will protect customers regardless of their motivation. Part of that is an agreement not to use their software to collaborate on attacks.

Surface Pro Firmware Update Increases Battery Life and Mitigates Meltdown and Spectre

The Surface Pro and Surface Pro LTE have received a minor firmware update that should spur improvements in many areas. However, the security mitigations for Meltdown and Spectre may result in a performance decrease.

UK Spy Agency GCHQ Discovers Severe Windows Defender Vulnerabilties

Two bugs in Windows Defender allow an attacker to take complete control of a user's PC by attaching a file to an email or instant message. The details are currently private and Microsoft is working to remedy the issue.
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Microsoft Silently Patches Another Flaw in Windows Defender

The company has fixed a critical vulnerability which would allow apps executed in the MsMpEng engine’s emulator to control the emulator and achieve several kinds of mischief.

Cloudflare Reveals Major Security Leak that Exposed Data on 5 Million Websites

Content delivery network, Cloudflare says a leak in the HTML management of its software resulted in user-sensitive information being made available in real-time and cached by search engines. The company has now shored up the problem, but it may have been happening for six months.