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Microsoft Excel’s New Web Connector Brings AI Power to Web Data Importing

Microsoft Excel's new Web Connector tool makes importing data from websites easier and more efficient, with automated updates

Microsoft Excel Unveils Generative AI Driven Business Assist – Forecast Add-in

Microsoft's Business Assist - Forecast add-on for Excel leverages machine learning and AI to streamline business forecasting, saving users time and enhancing strategic planning capabilities.

Microsoft Excel Web App Introduces Improved Functions

Users can now swiftly look up a particular function or browse through categories to find what they require.

Microsoft Unveils Improved Narrator Feature in Excel for Visually Impaired Users

The enhanced Narrator feature in the Excel Windows app intends to expedite the workbook skimming process.

Microsoft Excel to Cease Automatic Data Conversion: Date Auto-Formatting Comes to a Halt

Microsoft addresses longstanding user concerns by introducing options to disable Excel's automatic data conversion, preventing unintended errors and giving users greater control over data formatting.
Featured - How to insert a checkbox in Excel

Microsoft 365 Insider Preview Introduces Cell Checkboxes to Excel

Excel's new checkbox feature, often requested by users, aims to streamline data entry and minimize mistakes, is available to Microsoft 365 Insiders running version 2310 (build 196924.2000 or later)

UK Information Commissioner’s Office Recommends Ceasing Microsoft Excel Use for FOI Data amidst Data...

Recent data breaches have led to the accidental exposure of confidential information stored within spreadsheets in response to FOI requests.

Microsoft Excel Gets AutoComplete Feature across All Platforms

The AutoComplete feature is rolling out to Microsoft 365 Insiders on specific Android, iOS, and Mac builds, with no general release date announced.

Microsoft Excel’s August 2023 Updates: A Comprehensive Overview

Microsoft Excel's August updates include a public preview of Python integration for users on the Beta Channel with Windows version 2309 (Build 16818.20000) or later, enabling native Python and Excel analytics in the same workbook.

Microsoft Excel Gets a Python Upgrade: Now You Can Use Python Code to Analyze...

Python integration in Excel is a powerful new tool for data analysis and visualization that allows users to input Python code directly into spreadsheets.

Microsoft Excel Enhances Formula Bar with Monospaced Font

Microsoft Excel introduces a new monospaced font for the formula bar, which is designed to improve readability and functionality.

Word, Excel and Teams are coming to the Apple Vision Pro AR headset

Microsoft announces Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Teams for Apple’s Vision Pro AR headset. Users can create and edit Office documents in mixed reality.

Microsoft 365 Insider Program Introduces Enhanced Search Features for Mac Users across Word, Excel,...

Microsoft 365 apps for Mac users get new features to improve the search experience across Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Excel for Web Gets Immersive Reader for Enhanced Accessibility

People with dyslexia read 10% faster and had 50% fewer reading errors with the new feature, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft Excel Labs Brings Generative AI Capabilities Courtesy of Microsoft Garage

Excel Labs is a new generative AI model that allows users to create and manage their data on a spreadsheet workbook.

Microsoft 365 Copilot in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook Gives Core Office Apps an...

Microsoft 365 Copilot is bringing OpenAI ChatGPT AI to Microsoft’s core Office apps, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Microsoft Excel “Image Function” Reaches Mobile Users

The Image Function in Microsoft Excel is expanding from desktop/web to also be available on iOS and Android.

Microsoft Excel Could Receive New FLAME AI

Microsoft Research is highlighting its new FLAME AI that will help make Microsoft Excel formula automation more efficient.

Excel PivotTable View Comes to Web, Power Automade Lands on Windows and Mac

Microsoft Excel on web now has a PivotTable View, while Mac and Windows users can access Office Scripts through Power Automate.

Microsoft to Block Excel XLL Add-Ins from the Web

Microsoft says that it will block Excel users from receiving XLL add-in attachments starting in March to prevent malware attacks.

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