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Microsoft Excel Now Creates Spreadsheets from Photos

Microsoft Excel on Android now supports the AI Insert Data from Picture tool, which allows users to create spreadsheets from images.
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Office 365 January Update Reaches Insiders, Bringing @Mentions to Excel

TheOffice January update adds an accessibility checker, @mentions, better file searching, and more. It's currently available to Insiders.

Microsoft Pulls Office 2010 Update Following Excel Issues

Microsoft’s recent update for Office 2010 focused on calendar changes. It seems the update has confused Excel, forcing Microsoft to pull it.
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CHAINSHOT Malware Uses Microsoft Excel to Exploit Zero-Day Flash Vulnerablity

CHAINSHOT makes use of a Microsoft Excel document with no flagged code to start a multi-stage attack process which gathers information and delivers a final malware payload. Investigations reveal targets mainly in Qatar, but a large infrastructure suggests a wider attack.
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Excel Gets Microsoft Flow Add-in for Powerful Automation Capabilities

A new Excel add-in lets users easily access, create, and run Flows on multiple lines. The addition should reduce the need to switch windows via integration with email services, Teams, SharePoint, and more.

Windows 10 April 2018 Update Causing Excel to Freeze

Yet another problem has been found with Microsoft’s Windows 10 April 2018 Update, this time causing older versions of Excel to become unresponsive.

Zero-Day Flash Player Flaw Used to Target Excel Users on Windows

A Zero-day Flash Player exploit is being executed via hidden code in Excel documents, allowing attackers to install a backdoor and control the victim's PC. It's thought to be an APT directed at Qatar.

Office Insider Update Introduces New Features to Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel

The Office Insider Update brings long-awaited features like Insights for Excel, Read Aloud for Outlook, and more.

Microsoft Garage’s Function Translator Makes Excel Intuitive in 15 Languages

Function Translator brings localized formulas and functions to 15 different languages, allowing for intuitive use of Excel in anywhere in the world.

Excel: Microsoft Introduces Cloud-Powered Stocks and Geography Data Types

Microsoft Excel can now pull in current data that doesn't have a set value. Rich data lets users create visualizations, as well as pull in stock and index prices.
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Microsoft Excel Update Removes Frustrating Cell Selecting Issue

Microsoft Excel users on the Office Insider Program can now deselect cells if they have accidentally selected the wrong amount.
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Microsoft No Longer Supporting Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Viewer

Microsoft says its Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps can fulfil the same function as the viewer applications.

Disk Drill Helps Recover Deleted Files: Word, Excel, Document and +300 Filetypes

Disk Drill is a simple to use file recovery tool with a very user-friendly interface and nice features. If you have ever cleaned your recycle bin too quickly or even removed a partition by mistake, this software might help out.

Office 365 August Update: Excel Co-Authoring, Autosave, and More

Just in time for the month's end, the Office 365 August update brings Rich Profiles to Outlook, enhanced assignments to Microsoft Teams, and a Yammer redesign. The features are available now to all subscribers.

Microsoft Garage Releases Script Lab, a Tool to Test Office’s JavaScript APIs in Word,...

Script Lab for Office lets developers create JavaScript add-ons from within the applications, with IntelliSense support and the ability to share and import snippets from GitHub. The tool is currently available for free on the Office Store.
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Microsoft Announces Five New Features for Get and Transform in Excel 2016

The company has released five new data transformation and connectivity features, including support for the same file extensions in Text and CSV connectors.

Microsoft Introduces Co-Authoring for Excel on Windows PCs

The Office team announced that co-authoring is expanding from Word and PowerPoint to Excel, allowing collaborative editing in real-time.
Microsoft Releases Word and Excel “February 2017” Update for Android

Microsoft Releases Word and Excel “February 2017” Update for Android

Thanks to the latest update for the two Office apps, Word now also supports PDF read-only files, while Excel now supports files that contain “legacy drawing images”.

Industry Report: Microsoft´s Mobile Apps Gaining Ground, Excel Mobile Beating Google Sheets the First...

The new market insight comes from 7Park Data, a NYC-based data intelligence company. For the analysis of Microsoft´s mobile apps they have both looked at install rates and monthly active usage among a panel of millions of Android users in the United States.
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Microsoft Excel 2016 Gets 10 Features in November Update

The Office 365 team introduced the November Update for Microsoft Excel 2016 with 10 new features focused on transformation and connectivity. The company says they are among the most requested connectors and features amongst customers.