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Alexa Answers Goes Live, Letting Users Fill Gaps in the AI’s Knowledge

Alexa Answers is now available to all, with a user rating system and human verification determining which answers make it into the digital assistant's memory bank.

Microsoft Edge Team Proposes Segmented Browser Experience for Folding Displays

Microsoft Edge engineers have suggested a new API that would allow folding screens to have a multi-display web browsing experience.

Chromium Edge Dev Channel Update Adds Collections Improvements

Microsoft has improved the new Collections feature in Chromium Edge through a new update available on the Dev Channel.

Microsoft Vows to Kill Flash in Chromium Edge by 2020

Microsoft has announced plans to disable Flash by default in its Chromium Edge browser, while the plugin will be axed entirely by 2020.

Microsoft to Re-Introduce Edge Insider Extension for Chromium Edge

When Microsoft launched the Chromium Edge preview it removed the Edge Insider extension from the Store. It now seems the developer insight tool is coming back.

Microsoft’s Collections Feature Debuts on Chromium Edge

Collections makes gathering web information easier and has now launched on Chromium Edge Canary development channel.

Microsoft Launches Chromium Edge Beta Channel as Stable Leak Replaces Classic App

Microsoft has announced Chromium Edge beta is now available on Windows and Mac. A recently leaked stable Edge build shows the company will replace the UWP application.

Microsoft Details Chromium Edge Roadmap for September and October

Microsoft has also discussed user requests in Chromium Edge, including the ability to hide the Bing Bar and themes from Chrome.

Microsoft Gives Chromium Edge Global Media Controls

Microsoft has released global media controls for Chromium Edge, allowing users to control playback across all tabs.

Microsoft Improves Chromium Edge Read Aloud Feature with Improved Language

Microsoft says it has improved Read Aloud of the Chromium Edge browser to ensure its readback language is more natural.

Microsoft Brings New Text Finder to Chromium Edge and Google Chrome

Microsoft has improved the text finder experience on Chromium Edge and other Chromium based browsers, introducing an automatic field fill.

Microsoft Edge Receives Read Aloud Feature on iOS

Apple iPhone and iPad users can now access a Read Aloud feature on Microsoft Edge, which will read all the contents on a webpage.

Chromium Edge Dev Channel Update Adds Screenshot Inking

A new update for Chromium Edge through the Dev Channel has also made it easier to move settings from the old UWP app to the new Chrome-based browser.

Microsoft Has Brought Back IE-Mode to Chromium Edge

IE-Mode for Chromium Edge is now once again available to all users, but it is now not accessible through the normal menu path.

Download Links for Chromium Edge Stable and Beta Installers Leak

Installers for Beta and Stable versions of Chromium Edge have been found on Microsoft's servers, but one of them doesn't function correctly.

Microsoft Chromium Edge Receives New InPrivate Mode Tag

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge team wants to make it easier for users to know when they are using the browser in its InPrivate mode.
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Users Raise Privacy Concerns as Edge Browser Caught Sending Full URLs and SIDs to...

Microsoft's Edge browser appears to be sending user's unique SIDs along with the URLs they visit as part of the SmartScreen security feature. Researchers and users have noted their concerns with the behavior.

Microsoft Updates Chromium Edge on Legacy Windows with Dark Mode

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 has received a Dev channel update including dark mode.

Microsoft Details Chromium Edge Roadmap for Enterprise Users

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge browser is available to enterprises through the Developer channel with features such as IE11 integration.

Microsoft Gives the Green Light for IT Pros to Trial Chromium Edge

Microsoft Edge's Dev channel is now featured and stable enough for IT professionals to test it. However, users are still waiting on a number of promised features, including group provision, PDF functionality, and security measures.


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