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Microsoft Edge Dev Gets a Barebones PDF Reader

Microsoft Edge Dev fixes media casting and adds a PDF reader, but introduces several known issues affecting extensions and the spellchecker.

Here’s How to Run the Chromium Edge Preview on Windows 7

Microsoft’s new Chromium Edge preview can be used on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 through discovered installers.

Microsoft Removed 53 Google Services from Its Chromium Edge Browser

Microsoft cut or replaced over 50 Google services from its browser, implementing its own OneAuth account system, switching telemetry, and removing links to Google Drive, Now, and Chrome OS.

Chromium Edge’s Addon Site Is Now Open to All

The Chromium Edge addon store is now live for all users and is viewable on every browser. Unfortunately, it's still missing a major feature.

Microsoft Chromium Edge Preview Arrives with Three Testing Channels

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge browser is now available in testing across two channels, with a third to come soon.

Microsoft Store Shutters eBook Store Ahead of Chromium Edge

The Microsoft Store no longer sells books, an area that Microsoft only embraced in a half-hearted manner and is now closing.

Google Chrome Will Finally Implement a Microsoft Edge Inspired Feature

Google Chrome is beginning to implement features from the port of Edge, respecting Windows system settings to make typing suggestions for hardware keyboards.

Chromium Edge Moves Nearer to Preview According to Skip Ahead Filing

Microsoft seems to be laying the foundation for the Chromium Edge preview, with files for the browser showing up on the Skip Ahead Insider branch.

Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge Have Recorded Market Expansion in 2019

Netmarketshare says Windows 10 has grown its desktop lead over Windows 7, while Microsoft Edge is increasing its browser share.

Microsoft Brings Azure Data Box Edge to General Availability

Azure Data Box Edge is leaving preview, allowing organizations to access the power of Azure cloud services in edge environments.

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge Addons Page is Live Again

Microsoft leaked its Chromium Edge extensions page for Insiders accidentally last week, but now seems to be ready for its official launch.

Microsoft Edge Extension Launches to Connect Insiders

A new Microsoft Edge extension is now available to connect Insiders through notifications on new builds, features, fixes, and more.

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge Browser Just Leaked Online

Microsoft’s preview of its upcoming Chromium Edge browser has leaked, showing how the browser integrates Chrome extensions.
Edge Microsoft Opening WinBuzzer Homepage Collage Own

Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox Have Been Exploited at Pwn2Own

Researchers at the Pwn2Own hacking contest successfully exploited Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox more than once.

Microsoft Chromium Edge Preview Nears Thanks to Live Installer

Microsoft’s preparations for the Chromium Edge browser are in full swing, and now a live installer has been discovered.

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge Browser Already Has 82 Addons in Preview

Microsoft is preparing to launch a preview of Chromium Edge and already has 82 Chrome extensions prepared for the browser.

Microsoft Wants Edge Technology to Solve Chrome Mouse Scrolling Bug

Microsoft is on Chromium and making its presence felt by wanting to bring Edge quality mouse scrolling to Chrome.

Microsoft Edge Chromium Preview Moves Nearer to Release

Leaked documentation suggests a Microsoft Edge preview for the Chromium browser is near to release for 64-bit Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft Edge for iOS Update Enables Automatic Webpage Translation

Microsoft Edge for iOS now has the option to automatically translate up to 60 languages, bringing it in line with Android versions.

Screenshots of Microsoft’s Chromium-Based Edge Leak Online

Screenshots of Microsoft's Chromium Edge reveal little design change from regular Chrome, but show progress with extensions and features.


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