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AMD Patent Points to GPU Individual Compute Units

An AMD patent highlights what the company is planning for its next generation of graphics cards, including a way to allow tasks to be handled individually.

Microsoft May Use AMD for next Surface Laptop, Release Modular Surface Studio

Microsoft may let users swap the compute portion of their Surface Studio with newer hardware, switch to AMD, and shake up the Surface line with a new foldable device.

Microsoft Partners with AMD for Xbox Cloud Gaming Console

Microsoft is collaborating with AMD to ensure its in-development Xbox cloud gaming (Scarlett Cloud) can give gamers the best experience possible.

AMD Debuts “Record-Breaking” 2nd-Gen Ryzen Threadripper Series

The new Ryzen Threadripper series delivers four chips for enthusiast and work-station level performance. AMD says the series offers record-breaking performance.

Android Emulator Scores Hyper-V and AMD Processor Support

Google's Android Emulator has received a significant upgrade with support for hardware accelerated emulator for AMD processors, as well as Hyper-V support.

AMD Ryzen and EPYC Processors Have Meltdown and Spectre Style Flaws

13 critical flaws in AMD Ryzen and EPYC processors in a location designed to stop attacks exploiting a system.

Windows 10 Build 17074.1002 Fixes Boot Issues on AMD PCs

Windows 10 Insider build 17074.1002 halts the block of updates on AMD PCs, finally allowing them to access the new features. It also fixes boot slowdowns.

AMD to Roll out Security Patch for Meltdown and Spectre CPU Flaws

AMD has detailed its plans for the Meltdown and Spectre CPU flaws, including a patch for Spectre Variant 1 and an OS update for Variant 2. AMD processors seem immune to Meltdown.

Meltdown and Spectre: Microsoft Halts Security Updates as AMD-Based PCs Refuse to Boot

A Windows update seeking to fix the Meltdown and Spectre processor flaws is breaking PCs, and Microsoft believes AMD is to blame. The Redmond giant accuses the chipmaker of not conforming to previous documentation.

AMD Cuts Prices across Ryzen CPU Range by up to 30%

At CES 2018, AMD has announced decent savings on the Ryzen 3, 5, 7 and Threadripper chips, possibly pointing to replacements being announced soon.

Intel and AMD Announce First Core i5/i7 Chips with Integrated Radeon Graphics

Months after first announcing a collaboration, Intel and AMD have debuted new processors with Radeon graphics. The chips produce significantly improved performance and a 50% smaller footprint.
8th Gen Intel processor with AMD graphics

Leak: Upcoming AMD Graphics and Intel CPU Pairing to Utilize Vega Architecture

The offering will be named the Intel Core i7-8809G, and will have a 3.1 GHz base clock rate and Radeon RX Vega M GH graphics. Details about the release are sparse, but it's possible more will come at CES next week.
8th Gen Intel processor with AMD graphics

Intel and AMD Partner for High-Performance Pairing of CPU and Graphics

Intel and AMD will bundle their chips to compete with Nvidia in the gaming laptop space, bringing high-performance in a small form factor.

AMD Targets Intel Again with Ryzen Mobile Processors

Ryzen mobile processors are AMD making another play for Intel’s market and will be available in devices from Lenovo, Acer, and more.

Ryzen Pushes AMD to First Profit in Years

AMD Ryzen processors have been competing with Intel and have helped the company grow revenue and record profit.

AMD Announces Prices of Ryzen-Based Threadripper CPUs, Undercutting Intel by up to $700

The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X will sell for just $999, while its 12-core, 34-thread 1920X will be $799. Initial Cinebench results show very strong multithreaded performance against Intel's current releases.

Microsoft Supports Newly Launched AMD EPYC 7000 Datacenter Processors

The AMD EPYC 7000 series is billed as the best performing across classes. Microsoft has announced support for its Windows Server and Windows Azure platforms.
AMD FreeSync with Project Scorpio

Microsoft´s next Console Xbox Scorpio Gets AMD FreeSync and Next-Gen HDMI 2.1

AMD FreeSync support in Project Scorpio / Xbox Scorpio will lead to smoother experiences, with less stuttering and screen tearing. However, it could be a while until the average user sees the benefit of the hardware.
Processor Generic Pixabay Reuse

Microsoft Blocks Windows 7, 8.1 Patches on Most Recent AMD, Intel Chips

The company has clarified that users whose computers have a new (7th or later) generation processor should upgrade their OS to Windows 10 in order to receive Windows Updates.

AMD: Windows 10 Not to Blame for Ryzen Performance Issues

In a blog post, AMD has explained why its new Ryzen processor is under-performing, and it is not because of the Windows 10 thread scheduler.