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SQL Server Background Microsoft

SQL Server Data Tools 16.4 Now Available, with New SDDT Workspace and More

Microsoft has announced an update for SQL Server Data Tools which pushes the version up to 16.4. It some prominent issues and adds support for Schema Compare in SqlPackage.exe.
Azure SQL Data Warehouse official Microsoft

Azure SQL Data Warehouse Launches in New Regions

Microsoft has rolled out its deep analytics and huge data management service Azure SQL Data Warehouse to four new regions, expanding its general availability to 18 regions in total.
My SQL in App Preview Official

Microsoft Releases MySQL in-App Preview for Web Apps

The new preview functionality offers significant performance increases due to the ability to run the web and SQL server side-by-side.
Team Foundation  Widgets Microsoft

Microsoft Releases Team Foundation Server 15 RC1

The major release adds endless functionality, with the addition of code search, dashboard and widget improvements, build improvements and more.
Flexera data official

Q2 2016 Flexera Report: Unpatched Windows Systems Fall by 50% in a Year, Users...

Flexera reports that although the amount of secure operating systems has increased, unpatched software is still an issue. 13.5% of the average user's third party software remains unpatched.
p infographic Microsoft

Microsoft’s New P15 Performance Level for Azure SQL Now Available

P15 offers 4000DTUs, and 1TB of storage, allowing for fast and simultaneous real-time analytics and transaction processing.
SQL SERVER  Innovations Microsoft

Microsoft Issues ODBC Driver 13.1 Update for SQL Server

The latest release of ODBC Driver sees the service come to build 13.1. Microsoft has included a number of changes, including Azure Active Directory support.
Microsoft Headquarter free use

Microsoft Q4 FY2016: $5.5bn Net Income, $22.6bn Revenue; Azure up 102%, Surface up, Phone...

Despite this, the company experienced a year on year decline of seven percent in revenue, and a large drop in device sales. At the forefront of this fall was the Phone market, which declined by 71 percent.
Azure SQL Data Warehouse official Microsoft

Azure SQL Data Warehouse: Microsoft´s Cloud-Based Scale-out Database Is Now Generally Available

The Data Warehouse service managed by Microsoft can be provisioned in minutes, process massive volumes of data and scale up dynamically when needed.
SQL SERVER  Innovations Microsoft

Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools Now Support Always Encrypted in Databases

Added protection for sensitive is now offered by Always Encrypted in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT), with the feature arriving to users this month.
Linux SQL Demo Channel

Microsoft Channel 9 Video Demos SQL Server on Linux

A video uploaded to Channel 9 shows two Microsoft engineers run a simply demo of the much-anticipated SQL Server on Linux platform.
SQL Server Upgrade Screenshot

Microsoft Ends SQL Server 2005 Support

The company has re-confirmed a long time plan to shutter support for SQL Server 2005, leaving users without security fixes from tomorrow (April 12).
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Build 2016: Azure Service Fabric Launched Generally, Demoed with Age of Ascent

Azure is the focus of Day 2 at Build 2016 and Microsoft discussed Azure Service Fabric extensively, announcing that the service is leaving Preview and is now Generally Available.
Linux SQL Server Official Logo Edit

Microsoft Discusses Release Plans for SQL Server on Linux

SQL Server for Linux was announced two weeks ago, drawing praise from the industry, bringing the database to the open source platform for the first time. Microsoft is now offering some more details about the release, and when it will happen.
visual studio logo Microsof

Microsoft Starts Private Testing of Visual Studio 15, possibly named Visual Studio 2016

Microsoft’s Visual Studio is due for a major refresh this year. Details about some new features from private preview have made their way online, "lightweight" mode included.
Microsoft free SQL Server migration offer official collage

Microsoft Tries to Sway Oracle Users with ‘Free’ SQL Server Migration Offer

Redmond was pulling out all the stops at the recently wrapped Data Driven SQL Server Event to try and convince potential customers to make the switch to Redmond’s own database solution with free services and training.
SQL Server Linux Microsoft

Microsoft to Launch SQL Server for Linux

The launch of SQL Server will bring the relational database management system to the open source Linux platform for the first time.
visio  official microsoft

Microsoft Releases Visio 2016 With "Tell Me", Pre-Crafted Starter Diagrams And Contextual Tips

Microsoft has officially released Visio 2016, the newest version of its diagramming-solution for professionals. It integrates new Office 2016 features like "Tell Me", pre-crafted starter which help getting started and a quick import feature for real-world diagrams.
SQL Server Background Microsoft

Microsoft Releases Analytics Platform System Update

The latest appliance update builds on the SQL Server 2016 release, offering additional language coverage to support migrations from SQL Server and other platforms.
Microsoft LOVES Linux

Microsoft Responds to Allegations of Intentional OneDrive Linux Slowdown

Microsoft has now fixed a slowdown issue that has been persistent in Linux versions of OneDrive for several months. The developers have disabled the offending feature for now and have plans to implement it after some tweaking.