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Build 2022: Microsoft Intelligence Data Platform Arrives to Unify Data and Governance Analytics

Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform is a new integration of Microsoft products from Azure Analytics, Databases, and Governance.

Xbox Cloud Gaming Scores New Clarity Boost Ability

Xbox Cloud Gaming users on Microsoft Edge will now see better image quality through the Clarity Boost feature.

Microsoft Brings Windows 11 to Windows Desktop-As-a-Service Products

Following Microsoft 365 and Windows 365, Microsoft is now bringing Windows 11 to Azure Virtual Desktop in preview.
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Microsoft to Launch System Center 2022 during Q1 next Year

Microsoft says the new System Center 2022 will drop early next year as an alternative for the Windows Admin Center for Windows Server 2022 management.

Microsoft Brings Universal Print to OneDrive

Universal Print is now integrated with OneDrive for Microsoft 365 users, allowing direct printing from within the app.

Microsoft Releases Public Dataset from First SimuLand Experiment

Microsoft is releasing a dataset covering its experiments from the SimuLand initiative, which tests scenarios on Microsoft security services.
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Microsoft Tops Apple, Google, and Facebook in Ethical Study

Microsoft has been deemed more ethical than all its tech rivals across a range of criteria, with Facebook ranked down in 149th position.
Yubico Login

You Can Now Use Your YubiKey to Login to Windows

The release of Yubico Login lets Windows users security log into their local accounts via an additional authentication step.

AWS Outage Causes Temporary Collapse of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Two leading South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges were forced to suspend trading because of an AWS outage earlier today.
Microsoft Garage installations in Vancouver, Canada

Microsoft Garage Debuts Project Lively for Sharing Collaborative Files on Office

Project Lively lets users share Word files across email and teams. Files that are edited automatically update for all users, making collaborative documents easier to manage.
Microsoft announces Team flows preview, adds Gmail support to Flow

Microsoft Announces Team Flows Preview, Adds Gmail Support to Flow

Users will now be able to create flows that can be used and maintained by others within their organization. The company has also introduced a Sharing Custom APIs feature in its app automation tool.
Operations Management Suite Microsoft Official

Operations Management Suite Scores Huge Update from Microsoft

At Ignite, the company detailed many new features for Operations Management Suite. The infrastructure management service is now even more functional for customers.
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Microsoft Reveals NTT Partnership: Hybrid Cloud Resilience Solution Coming to Hong Kong

The new partnership will combine several existing solutions to provide a single, effective service for businesses. NTT estimates that it will be 55% more cost-effective than current solutions.
Operations Management Suite Microsoft Official

Microsoft Launches Security Features to Operations Management Suite

Operations Management Suite is gaining some new security features. The cloud infrastructure management software now gets Advanced Detection Engine and more.
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Microsoft Issues Windows 10 Build 10586.494 Cumulative Update

The latest release for Windows 10 is build 10586.494, coming to both version builds of the platform. This update comes with no new features, but makes some key fixes.
SQL SERVER  Innovations Microsoft

Microsoft Confirms SQL Server 2016 for June 1, 2016 Release

The company officially announced that SQL Server 2016 on wide release starting June 1, 2016, with all versions of the product available from day one.
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Microsoft Pushes SQL Server 2016, StorSimple Hybrid Cloud Updates

Microsoft has announced new SQL Server 2016 and Microsoft Azure StorSimple cloud storage updates aimed at allowing more customers to use a hybrid cloud model for data storage and protection.