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Microsoft LOVES Linux

Microsoft Introduces Azure Linux for Its Kubernetes Service

Microsoft has announced Azure Linux, its own Linux distro that is available as a container host for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Azure Deployment Environments Are Now Generally Available

Azure Deployment Environments is a new service that allows developers to quickly and easily spin up app infrastructure environments with project-based templates.

Build 2023: Microsoft Tackles Inappropriate Content with Azure AI Content Safety

Azure AI Content Safety is a part of Azure OpenAI Service and leverages AI models to detect and flag bad text and image content.

Microsot Introduces Azure AI Studio for Building, Training, and Deploying Intelligent Apps

Azure AI Studio is a new development platform that allows users to leverage and use AI in their apps through Azure OpenAI Service.

Chinese Company CMGE Partners with Microsoft Azure and OpenAI to Boost Cloud Gaming

CMGE is betting big on Microsoft Azure and OpenAI, making Microsoft its preferred cloud platform and tapping into GPT-4 and ChatGPT AI.
European Comission Flikr

Microsoft Facing Azure Cloud Probe in the European Union

Microsoft is facing an informal European Commission investigation over ongoing complaints regarding its Azure and Office 365 Cloud practices.

.NET Upgrade Assistant Gets Support for NET MAUI and Azure Functions

The tools helps developers migrate their .NET applications to the latest version of the framework.

Azure Virtual Desktop Is Now Available on the Microsoft Store

Microsoft says Azure Virtual Desktop is now available as an app on the Microsoft Store for Windows 11 and Windows 10.
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Microsoft Expands Epic Partnership to Bring Generative GPT-4 Azure OpenAI Service AI to Healthcare

Microsoft and long-standing partner Epic will use GPT-4 in Azure OpenAI Service through Epic’s EHR to deliver AI solutions to healthcare.

Microsoft Azure and Accenture Steer Unilever to Become Cloud-Only

Microsoft and Accenture partnered for the biggest cloud migration in food commerce, with Unilever going cloud-only and embracing Green Cloud Advisor.
Microsoft Azure AD Active Directory collage from official

Azure Active Directory Custom Claims Providers Brings Authentication on Premises

Microsoft says that custom claims providers is an authentication tool for Azure Active Directory that is an alternative to the legacy ADFS system.

Nvidia Deepens Microsoft Azure Partnership with New Cloud Services for AI and Metaverse Applications

The two new services provide access to pre-trained AI models, tools and access to ready-made metaverse applications.
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Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service Gains GPT-4 Integration

Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service now supports GPT-4, allowing businesses to build bots and apps powered by the AI.

Microsoft Azure Launches the ND H100 v5 VM for AI Virtual Machines

Microsoft’s partnership with Nvidia has resulted in the most powerful Azure AI VM supercomputer, known as the ND H100 v5 VM.
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Microsoft Helped Develop ChatGPT by Investing Hundreds of Millions into Azure Supercomputer

Microsoft put plenty of resources into building an Azure supercomputer that underpinned OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI training.

Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service ChatGPT Integration Arrives in Preview

ChatGPT is now available in Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service, allowing users to integrate the chatbot into their services.

Microsoft Announces Azure Machine Learning Foundation Models from Hugging Face

Microsoft says that foundation models from Hugging Face are now available in its Azure Machine Learning cloud service.

Microsoft’s New Azure Cognitive Service for Vision for Better Vision Services

Microsoft says Azure Cognitive Service for Vision is based on Project Florence and enhances visual services for app developers.
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Microsoft AI Builder Gets Azure OpenAI GPT Integration

Microsoft AI Builder is Getting OpenAI GPT Access from Azure OpenAI Service, while Power Virtual Agents is getting a Conversation booster.

Microsoft Azure for Operators Comes to More 5G Networks

Microsoft’s Azure for Operators is getting an expansion with new tools for 5G communications service providers.

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