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Windows 10 IoT Experiment in Space Gets First Results

The first ever Windows 10 based experiment platform sent the first batch of live data from the International Space Station (ISS).
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Microsoft Launches IP Filter for Azure IoT Hub

Azure IoT Hub's new IP filtering functionality supports a number of protocols, including MQTT, AMQP/WS, MQTT/WS and HTTP/1.
Azure IoT Background Microsoft Official

Microsoft Opens Security Program for Azure IoT Customers

The Security Program for Azure IoT brings a certified auditing solution for developers, allowing them to ensure their devices are cloud secure.
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Microsoft Announces Two Updated IoT Starter Packs

Seeed’s Grove Starter Kit for IoT has been updated, while Microsoft’s own Internet of Things Pack has also been updated and now ships with Raspberry Pi 3.
Project Cordoba Microsoft

Project Córdoba: Microsoft Garage Project Brings IoT Data Manipulation to Excel

Microsoft's Project Córdoba allows Excel to stream and visualize device data in real time, and pairs with a worksheet collection for use in STEM education.
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Microsoft Releases Azure Stream Analytics for IoT Hub Operations Monitoring

Microsoft's latest update to the Azure IoT Hub adds support form Azure Stream Analytics, allowing users to monitor the status of operations in the IoT hub in close to real-time.
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Microsoft Brings Arduino Wiring Support to Windows 10 IoT Core

Developers can now import their Arduino Wiring sketches directly to Windows 10 IoT Core, adding another facet to the device creation process.
IoT Grove Kit Microsoft

Microsoft’s IoT Grove Kit Makes Raspberry Pi Device Development Easier

The company has released a new starter kit to boost its Internet of Things output. IoT Grove Kit brings together essential components for easy device development.
ATT IoT Starter Kit ATT Official

AT&T and Microsoft Create IoT Starter Kit for Azure Developers

The IoT Starter Kit lets developers create solutions for the Internet of Things through Microsoft’s Azure platform. AT&T is integrating its tools into Microsoft’s cloud services for an easier development environment.
Raspberry Pi Microsoft

Microsoft Unveils Wireless 3D Printing with Network 3D Printer App for Windows IoT Core

The latest application for Microsoft’s IoT based platform is Network 3D Printer, which gives wireless functionality to 3D printers.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Microsoft Acquires IoT Software Provider Solair

In an official announcement today, Microsoft announced that it has purchased Italian IoT oriented company Solair, a company that supplies software for companies making internet-connected hardware.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Microsoft Announces Azure IoT Gateway in Beta

The Azure IoT Gateway is leaving private preview and will now be more widely available in beta form, allowing developers to test the hardware.
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Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 IoT Core Pro

A new specialized version of Internet of Things Windows 10 IoT Core Pro was announced by Microsoft, giving OEMs ease of use for devices.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Build 2016: Azure Functions Preview and IoT Starter Kits Announced by Microsoft

On day 2 of the conference, Microsoft launched Azure Functions, a pay per execution platform. The company also revealed Internet of Things Starter Kits.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Build 2016: BMW’s IoT ConnectedDrive Service Uses Azure to Make the Car Smart

At Microsoft’s annual developer conference, BMW showed off its potent in car system that was created on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.
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Nokia Ventures into 5G and Network Security, Reveals $350M IoT Fund

Former mobile industry leader Nokia has made big announcements during the annual MWC in Barcelona --- revealing a network security firm acquisition, a 5G-ready radio access product, and $350M in investment funds for its IoT projects.
HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies and Microsoft are building an IoT Incubation Center in Redmond

HCL Technologies, a global IT services company from India plans to utilize the capabilities of Microsoft Azure IoT Suite to access real-time analytics, sensory data and rapid co-creation, accelerating enterprise-level adoption of IoT.
Azure IoT Hub official

Microsoft makes Azure IoT Hub publicly available

The company has developed its Azure IoT Hub to offer a messaging infrastructure for distributed devices which then can communicate via Azure over IoT protocols such as AMPQPS, HTTPS and MQTT.
Windows  smarthome IoT demo CES  featured

Windows 10 Smart Home: Microsoft partners with Samsung on IoT hardware

Microsoft has announced a collaboration with Samsung to develop smart home devices running on Windows 10. A demo showed at CES 2016 showed how Windows 10 can be used to manage smart home devices.
Microsoft Adafruit Windows  IoT pack featured

Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT Pack for Raspberry Pi 2 sold out immediately!

Microsoft’s Internet of Things starter Kit for Raspberry Pi 2 has run out of stock. The product is not available anymore, but the company has claimed to bring it back as soon as possible.