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Microsoft Subtly Reveals Spotify for Xbox One

After last week’s leak, an official Microsoft video shows the Spotify application running on Xbox One. However, the company has still not made an official announcement.

Microsoft Paint 3D Scores Magic Select Improvements Alongside Line and Curve Abilities

Microsoft has made an important update to its Paint 3D app for Windows 10 users on the Creators Update. The app finally has Line and Curve input from the old Paint experience, while also getting an improved magic select feature.

Microsoft Introduces File Sharing Interface for OneDrive

At the SharePoint Summit, the company said the ability to directly share files on OneDrive will be introduced this summer. Microsoft also discussed the success of SharePoint and detailed some new features.

Microsoft Debuts Xamarin Live Player for Visual Studio

With Xamarin Live Player, developers can quickly manage their apps on the move through iOS and Android apps. The extension is available in preview today on Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio for Mac.
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Microsoft Studios Collaborating with Disney Infinity Developer on New Game

Studio Gobo, one of the developers behind Disney Infinity, has announced a partnership with Microsoft Studios, but has not yet discussed any possible games.
Azure Mobile Apps Official MSDN

Microsoft Introduces New Azure Mobile Apps Quickstart Method

Azure Mobile Apps developers can now access quickstart projects through GitHub repositories, an alternative method to accessing downloads through the Quickstart blade.
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Microsoft to Close Stockholm Skype Office

In a bid to further streamline Skype, Microsoft is following its closure of the London office by closing its Sweden division. A move to the cloud and the ambition of a truly universal Skype experience could be the driver behind this decision.
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Microsoft Surface Phone is the Mobile PC Answer, Not UMPC Devices

The idea of an ultra-mobile PC device has the feel of been there, done that. If Microsoft is going to redefine mobile as a business-baiting sector that touts full PC capabilities, the company’s Windows 10 ARM-based developments and Continuum will be crucial.

Microsoft Expands Project Olympus with Support from NVIDIA, Intel, and AMD

Speaking at 2017 Open Compute Project U.S. Summit, Microsoft expanded on its Project Olympus cloud hardware standard. The modular platform has gained support from the industry’s leading chip makers.
Xbox  Microsoft Official

Microsoft Launches Xbox Live Creators Program

At GDC 2017, Microsoft unveiled a new open platform called the Xbox Live Creators Program. The system lets indie developers publish their titles to the Windows Store for Xbox One and Windows 10.
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Microsoft Adds DocumentDB Support to Xamarin

Xamarin users can now access Azure DocumentDB features directly in the service without needing a middle-tier. Microsoft says customers now have a fully manage NoSQL database as a service directly within Xamarin
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Microsoft Brings Major Xbox One Update to the Insider Program

Members of the Xbox Insider Program are receiving the first Xbox One S focused Windows 10 Creators Update release. This preview build is geared towards enhancing the overall UI experience, while also adding some Cortana and update changes.
Office Lens ipad Microsoft

Microsoft Rolls out Office Lens Changes: iPad Release, Android and iPhone Updates, Word and...

The updates bring several bug fixes to Android and iOS, as well as improved Learning tools integration, the ability to take Office Lens pictures from Word and Powerpoint, and an iPad app.
Cortana Android Official Collage Microsoft WinBuzzer

Microsoft Brings Color Customization to Cortana on Android

After introducing a new purple color for Cortana earlier this month, Microsoft has sent out a new update that lets users customize the app with a choice of four colors. Purple, blue, black, and green can be selected from a new settings tool.
Xbox promo deal microsoft

Microsoft Launches End of Year Promotion on Xbox One, Free Gift on Purchase and...

Xbox One S customers can choose between a free controller, headset or a selection of games as part of Microsoft's boxing day deal. Store purchases also come with a free copy of The Crew.
Beam Demo Microsoft Official

Microsoft’s Xbox Live Accounts Merged with Beam

Video game streaming service Beam has announced a new logo and extensive UI and performance changes. The Microsoft-owned company has also been merged to Xbox Live accounts ahead of full integration to Windows 10.
D Preview App Windows Store

Microsoft Launches 3D Preview App

With the 3D Preview App users on the Windows Insider Program can place their Paint 3D creations into the application to view.
Project Evo Microsoft

Microsoft Announces AI-Focused Project Evo at WinHEC Event in China

The company’s latest endeavor is a joint effort with Intel. The project’s aim is to advance and deliver new ways of AI interaction.
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Microsoft Cortana Patent Gives Assistant Personalized Greetings

The ‘Providing Personalized Greetings on a Digital Assistant’ patent gives Microsoft Cortana intelligent tools to greet users and offer customized information to individuals.
Skype Official Microsoft

Microsoft Opens Skype Insider Program

The Skype Insider Program gives users early access to features in return for feedback on any issues. However, the Skype Preview UWP app for Windows 10 is not part of the program.

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