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Desktop App Converter Logo Microsoft

Microsoft Updates Desktop App Converter

A new update for Desktop App Converter adds support for Windows Pro editions and several changes to enhance the file system to make the program more efficient.
Minecraft VR Microsoft

Microsoft Research: Minecraft used to show Virtual Reality Interactions can seem Real

The limitations of virtual reality may be slowly crumbling thanks to a demo by Microsoft Research that shows a user creating something in Minecraft with realistic interactions.
Xbox  YouTube Reuse e

Microsoft Planning New Xbox One, Controller, and Web Streaming for E3

The E3 expo in Las Vegas is going to be busy for Microsoft as the company readies a new Xbox One console, a new controller, and several new features.
Nadella HMI Feature Hero Microsoft e

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks Business Digitalization at Hannover Messe 2016

Tech trade show, Hannover Messe has kicked off this week and Satya Nadella says Microsoft is spearheading digitalization of the manufacturing process.
Xbox One Wireless Chip

Microsoft is working on Xbox One Upgrade Reports Suggest

A number of compelling pieces of evidence are pointing to a new Xbox One with upgraded hardware arriving in the near future.
Phil Spencer Xbox One YouTube Microsoft e

Microsoft Not Interested in Incremental Xbox One Improvements, but could Upgrade the Console Anyway

We reported yesterday that EA confirmed Microsoft has only shifted 19.1 million Xbox One units, while Sony has sold nearly double that amount.
Microsoft SIND Offiical

Microsoft Researchers Develop Image Recognition AI for Story Captions

The latest AI project from Microsoft is a software that can read images and place captions in a story board.

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Desktop App Converter Logo Microsoft

Microsoft Rolls Out Preview for Desktop App Converter (Bridge Win32 Apps to Windows Universal...

A week after announcing the Desktop App Converter at Build 2016, Microsoft is sending out a preview of the tool to Insiders.
satya nadella Microsoft

Microsoft CEO: “What is Unique about our Phones is this Continuum Feature”

Build 2016 was impressive last week, but conspicuous by its absence was Windows 10 Mobile, with Microsoft offering virtually nothing on its mobile platform.
Build  logo official website

Build 2016: Check Out All the News from Microsoft’s Conference

Microsoft’s Build 2016 conference was nothing short of epic, the annual developer’s conference was a showcase for a myriad of new services and major updates to existing ones.
Windows Dev Center

Build 2016: A Full List of Microsoft’s Features to Help Developers get the most...

Microsoft is trying to woo more developers to the Windows platform by making it easier for them to create apps and to make money from their creations.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Build 2016: Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary SDK is Staggeringly Extensive

At its annual developers conference today, Microsoft dropped one of the biggest Windows updates every in the form of the Windows 10 Anniversary, and here you can see all changes to the SDK.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Build 2016: Microsoft Official Videos of New Features Introduced Today

A handful of video have been uploaded to the company’s official YouTube page, highlighting all the announcements at Build today.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Build 2016: Microsoft Announces Facebook Support for Windows through Universal Windows Platform

As expected, Microsoft has opened up further regarding the Universal Windows Platform, going into detail on its concept to unify the Windows 10 platform into a giant ecosystem that crosses form factors.
Build  logo official website

Watch Microsoft´s Build 2016 Livestream Here

Build 2016 is here and Microsoft is expected to unveil some new products and give some updates on Windows 10, HoloLens, Xbox and its cloud strategy.
Continuum Windows Microsoft

Microsoft Pick Up Where You Left Off Feature Coming to Continuum

A new update baked into Windows 10 Redstone could see Microsoft debut a Continuum feature that would let user’s complete started tasks on a different device.
Action Center Card Update WinBeta e

Microsoft Working on Card UI Upgrade for Action Center and Cortana

Internal concept images suggest Microsoft is adding interactive cards to the Action Center and Cortana, with the changes likely to land alongside Windows 10 Redstone.
Windows Tiles

Microsoft to Debut Interactive Live Tiles for Windows 10 at Build 2016

Microsoft has some pretty sizeable announcements to make at its Build conference later this week, but packed into the wider picture will be plenty of smaller details to chew on.
Minecraft flickr

Minecraft Pre-Release Update 1.9.1 Adds Elytra Sounds, More

Mojang says pre-release update 1.9.1 is available for download, featuring sounds for the Elytra, an endgame armor item.

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