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Microsoft Store Hit by ‘Electron’ Bot Malware

Electron Bot is a new SEO-focused malware that has been found in the Microsoft Store cloning popular and legitimate games.

Mozilla Firefox Overcomes Microsoft Edge Default Barrier with In-Built Button

Mozilla has baked in a choice to make Firefox the default on Windows 11 and 10 directly into the browser through a clever system.
Telegram Logo Official

Telegram Working on Clubhouse Audio Rooms Inspired Feature

Reports suggest messaging app Telegram is looking to bring its own version of Audio Rooms, made popular by chat app Clubhouse.

Microsoft Teams @Mentions Flaw Could Allow Attacker App Access

A recently found Microsoft Teams wormable exploit would allow a threat actor to see chats without needing user interaction to execute.

Leak: Microsoft’s Project Mercury Xbox Store Embraces Fluent Design

Microsoft’s Project Mercury Xbox Store is likely to arrive on the Xbox Series X and is heavily influenced by Fluent Design.

How Microsoft is Using Fluent Design to Redefine the Mobile User Experience

Microsoft has recently explained how Fluent Design is leading its UI push across Office apps as the company aims to reimagine mobile use.
Microsoft LOVES Linux

Microsoft Loves Linux Needs More Work Argues Open Source Leader

Richard Stallman, an open source leader says Microsoft Loves Linux is moving in the right direction, but work is left to be done.

Rudy Huyn Is Leaving Dropbox to Return to UWP and WinUI

Rudy Huyn will move into a yet to be announced role that involves a lot of UWP, .NET 5, and WinUI.

Microsoft Details Roadmap for Merging UWP and Win32 App-Experience

With Microsoft's XAML Islands v1 now live, it has shared its plans for v2 and 3, which will bring UWP and win32 apps even closer together.

Microsoft Patent Wants Cortana to Play Nice with Other Apps

A new Microsoft Patent focused on Cortana wants native voice to be accessible to third-parties, allowing a universal voice command across apps.

Skype Now Allows Users to Block Incoming Video Calls

Users on Skype across all platforms can now block an incoming video to save data and enhance audio call quality.

Microsoft Store Starts Highlighting Movies Anywhere Compatible Content

Movies Anywhere films are now listed on the Microsoft Store, in a process of eligibility that Microsoft says is ongoing.

Android Emulator Scores Hyper-V and AMD Processor Support

Google's Android Emulator has received a significant upgrade with support for hardware accelerated emulator for AMD processors, as well as Hyper-V support.

Evidence for Microsoft’s ‘Andromeda’ Foldable Mounts as Clues Found in Latest SDK

Yet another hint has surfaced about Microsoft's Andromeda foldable, with references to an OS and a device in the latest SDK. It follows a steady flow of information over the past few months.

Build 2018: Microsoft’s Biggest Announcements, Summarized

Build 2018 held some important announcements, from Your Phone to Cortana-Alexa integration, Windows 10 Sets, and more. Here are all the best parts.

Microsoft to Discontinue Last-Gen Minecraft Updates after Aquatic Build

Update Aquatic will be the last Minecraft build for last-gen consoles, with Microsoft shifting its focus to Bedrock and Java editions of the game. The update won't come to legacy versions on next-gen consoles.

Skype Gets Linux Snap App Release

Skype's release as a Snap app opens it use on more Linux distros, including Arch Linux, OpenSUSE, Manjaro, and more. The app will also recieve automatic updates.

Minecraft’s Push to Connect People Continues with Realms Clubs Launch

Realms Clubs furthers Microsoft’s desire for Minecraft to be more than a game. It introduces significant social media features to the Realms hub.
Sadaya Nadella Wikimedia

Satya Nadella Pushes for App Store Openeness with Rise of AI

Nadella believes that more collaboration between tech giants is required for AI to be safe and available to everyone. He uses Alexa and Cortana's recent integration as a positive example.

You Can No Longer Purchase Digital Copies of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will give way to a new version, simply named 'Minecraft'. The old version will stop receiving updates, but you can still play the game in its current form.

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