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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Breaks Webcams, Microsoft Promises Fix for September

Users are experiencing non-functional USB supported webcams since upgrading to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Microsoft knows about the problem and says it will issue a fix in September.
Project Alloy Keynote Intel

Intel’s New Project Alloy Headset Will Use Microsoft’s Windows Holographic Shell

Intel's new RealSense technology combines with Windows Holographic to bring real-time object and hand tracking to the virtual world, without the need for external sensors.
Windows Holographic Official

Windows Holographic Shell: Microsoft Announces 2017 Release for Windows 10 PCs

The announcement comes out of the Intel Developer Forum in Shenzen, where the company also revealed a partnership with Intel to create a specification for headsets and mixed reality ready PCs.
Skype Preview Windows  Mobile Microsoft Official

Microsoft Debuts Skype Preview on Windows 10 Mobile

The Universal Windows Platform Skype Preview app has arrived on Windows 10 Mobile. The app is now available to users with the Anniversary Update, which started rolling out to the mobile platform today.
Microsoft Lumia  Microsoft

Microsoft Finally Rolls Out Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update

After weeks of speculation, Microsoft has finally launched the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update. The release is only available to unlocked devices so far.
Ransomware Pikachu Screensaver bleepingcomputer

New Pokémon Go Ransomware Installs a Backdoor Windows Account

Disguised as a Pokemon Go app for Windows, the sophisticated ransomware spreads itself to removable hardware, therefore infecting computers beyond the original victim.
Microsoft Lumia  Microsoft

Windows 10 Mobile: No Anniversary Update Today, Still No Official Date

Reports of the Anniversary Update coming to Windows 10 Mobile proved incorrect. Dona Sarkar confirmed the upgrade will not arrive today and did not say when it will be available
Pokemon go google reuse

PoGo-UWP Returning to Windows Phones? Developers Bringing Pokémon Go API Back

A week after Pokémon Go developer Niantic blocked third party APIs like PoGo-UWP, the developers say they have created another API and will launch it soon.
Windows  Mobile Continuum touchpad official Microsoft video

Anniversary Update coming to Windows 10 Mobile August 9 Suggests Report

After a Microsoft Lumia India account hinted at an August 9 roll out of the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 Mobile, a new report backs up the date. The initial launch will be for unlocked devices, with carrier handsets getting the upgrade on August 16.
Windows  Redstone

Microsoft Confirms Two Major Windows 10 Updates in 2017

On Tuesday, Microsoft released Windows 10's first major update since launch. Since then, they haven't been sitting around – two major updates have already...
Lumia  Microsoft Store

Windows 10 Mobile Receiving Anniversary Update on August 9

Microsoft’s Lumia India Twitter handle said that the company will bring the Anniversary Update to Windows 10 Mobile on August 9. The upgrade started rolling out to PCs and other Windows devices yesterday.
Xbox Windows Microsoft Blog e

Microsoft Bringing UWP Dev Center to Xbox This Month

The launch of Windows Anniversary/Xbox One Summer Update means Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps are now available on Xbox. Microsoft has confirmed that developers will be able to start creating applications later this month.
Skype Preview Windows  Skype Blog

Skype Preview UWP Updated to Build

The latest Insider release of Skype Preview UWP adds an important feature that lets users see notifications from the app on the lock screen.
Project Tango Google Official e

Google Demos Project Tango on Lenovo Phab 2 Pro

The company’s Project Tango augmented reality localization platform is closing in to the consumer space. APIs will come to Android N and the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is the first compatible smartphone. Google and Qualcomm showed the efficiency of Tango at SIGGRAPH this week.
oneweek Hackathon Microsoft Official

Microsoft’s Third Annual //Oneweek Hackathon Underway

Thousands of Microsoft employees from around the world will compete in the //oneweek Hackathon. The company is opening the doors for numerous projects to be hacked, including HoloLens and bots.
Hulu Official Richard irving Collage

Microsoft Vet Richard Irving Moves to Hulu

A long time Xbox manager, Richard Irving had been at Microsoft for 18 years and played a role in the development of the Xbox 360, Kinect, Xbox One, and HoloLens.
Fusion D Screenshot YouTube Microsoft Research

Fusion4D: Microsoft Research Tech Enables High Fidelity Telepresence in Real-Time

The algorithm allows for immersive high-quality telepresence in real time, allowing them to reconstruct challenging scenes. The researchers hope for future use in live broadcasting events, including sports and concerts.
Oculus Rift

Oculus Clears Up Pre-Order Confusion, Rift Shipping Again

Pre-order shipments for the Oculus Rift headset had been delayed, but the flow is moving again. Oculus says it is increasing inventory for sales partners, making the device easier to get.

50 Smartest Companies 2016: MIT Technology Review Ranks Microsoft 26th in List

The Editors at MIT named “technological change” as the reason for this swift climb and noted, “When we included Microsoft on last year’s list for...
Handpose YouTube Screenshot Microsoft Official

Microsoft Research: Handpose Lets User’s Interact with VR Environments

Microsoft’s new Handpose technology can change the way we interact with virtual reality, putting a real connection with objects and the environment inside VR worlds.

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