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Zoom Addresses ZoomBombing with New Measures

Zoom says users can use passwords on meetings and use default Waiting Rooms to avoid ZoomBombing problems during sessions.

Private Zoom Recordings Appear Online and Are Visible to Everyone

Thousands of Zoom recordings are available online. While it seems like a user mistake, the platform’s design is under the microscope.

Microsoft Promotes Skype Meet Now as Zoom Alternative

Microsoft says the Skype Meet Now is a better alternative than Zoom during the COVID-19 outbreak because it has less requirements.

Facebook Messenger Launches Standalone Video Call App to Compete with Zoom

Facebook Messenger is providing an alternative to Zoom during the COVID-19 outbreak with a standalone video calling app.

Zoom CEO Apologizes for Issues, Says Company Was Unprepared for Influx of Users

Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan says the company was not prepared to become popular during the COVID-19 outbreak and apologized for various problems.

Slack Now Allows Microsoft Teams and Zoom Calls

Slack has announced its integration with Microsoft Teams, while also adding support for direct Zoom calls within the app.

Zoom Has a Vulnerability That Allows Attackers to Access Windows Login Details

A new Zoom vulnerability that opens Windows credentials comes days after the British Prime Minister sparked security concerns on the platform.

Zoom Removes Its Facebook Data Sharing on iOS amid Possible GDPR Violations

Zoom will remove its 'Login with Facebook' integration on iOS and replace it with a web portal, removing the leak of user's hardware information.

Zoom Offers Tips to Avoid “Zoom-Bombing” Meeting Hijackers

Threat actors have been Zoom-Bombing meetings on the Zoom online conferencing tool with porn, threats, and hate speech.

Microsoft Updates Windows Console with Handy New Zoom Feature

Users of the Windows Console can now easily zoom in on content, making the text reader easier to view. Microsoft says the console will also respect theme choice.

OneDrive for iOS Gains New Super Zoom Features

Super Zoom on OneDrive for iOS helps users find images more efficiently on the cloud storage service. The ability is not available on Android or Windows.
Office app Office Insider for Android

Microsoft Previews Office for Android August Update with Zoom Improvements and More

The latest Office for Android update makes zooming more powerful on Word and PowerPoint, while also introducing some useful functionality to Outlook groups.
Evernote promo official

Evernote for Windows 10 Gets Drag and Drop, Image Zoom, and More

Evernote's 6.11 update fixes a number of annoying bugs and adds modern functionality, allowing for stronger competition against Microsoft's OneNote and similar apps.
Featured - How to change your account profile picture in Windows 10

How to Change Your Profile Picture/Account Picture in Windows 10

We show you how to change profile picture in Windows 10 for both Microsoft and local accounts.

Ignite 2021: Mesh for Microsoft Teams Brings More Engagement to Enterprises

Mesh for Microsoft Teams allows users to create avatars that can interact in a metaverse on collaboration and communication.

Microsoft Teams Getting New View Switcher Menu

The View Switcher menu will launch on Microsoft Teams this month, making it easier to switch between view options on the app.

Microsoft Announces Massive Skype Updates Coming Soon

Microsoft has big plans for Skype in the coming months, including a new design and a bunch of new features across the app.
VideoProc Vlogger - Editing Tools

VideoProc Vlogger: Maybe the Best Free Video Editor Available Right Now

Our take on VideoProc Vlogger - the maybe best free video editor available on the market in 2021.
Microsoft Headquarter free use

Microsoft Study Shows Remote Work Harms Cross-Team Collaboration

Microsoft says when inter-team connection is more like in remote work scenarios, while cross-group collaboration is decreasing.
How to customize 'Precision Touchpad' settings on Windows 10

How to Enable and Customize Windows 10 Precision Touchpad Gestures

Windows 10 touchpad gestures not working? We show you how to enable the precision touchpad and customize Windows 10 touchpad gestures to your liking.


Featured - How to add a border in Google Docs

How to Add a Page Border in Google Docs

Featured - How to Create a Custom Map in Google Maps

How to Create a Custom Google Map