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Microsoft Showcases Xbox Series X Dashboard Experience

In a video this week, Microsoft has showed the Home Dashboard for the Xbox Series X, with several improvements included.

Leak: Halo Infinite Will Have Free-to-Play Multiplayer and Run at 120 FPS on Xbox...

A retailer has leaked information about the upcoming Halo Infinite game, and it seems as though the information is accurate.

Xbox Series X Supports All Xbox One Titles Apart from Kinect Games

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer says the upcoming Xbox Series X will not support Kinect games, but will have robust Backward Compatibility.

Xbox Series X Smart Delivery Provides Free Xbox One Game Upgrades

Xbox Series X Smart Delivery will allow customers to get a Series X version of a game they bought for the Xbox One, and dev’s can’t charge for it.

Microsoft Confirms Xbox Series X Game Showcase for July 23

As well as highlighting exclusive Xbox Series X games, Microsoft could reveal the Xbox Series S and price details for the consoles.

Microsoft Details Xbox Series X Backward Compatibility: Double FPS and 1000s of Games

Xbox Series X will support titles from Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One and improve the performance of each game.

Microsoft Xbox Series X Price Could Undercut Sony’s PS5 by $100

Some analysts have predicted the Xbox Series X will be priced $100 lower than the PS5 and Microsoft will lose money on the console.

Microsoft Xbox Series X Trades Storage for Compression Technology

While Microsoft is using new compression technology for the Xbox Series X, storage will remain at 1TB as games get larger.

Microsoft Admits Xbox Series X Sneak Peak Promised Too Much

Microsoft says its Xbox Series X sneak peak was never supposed to have been a gameplay showcase and the announcement message confused gamers.

Xbox Series X is Much More Powerful Than PlayStation 5 Claims Former Sony Developer

A former developer on Sony’s Killzone 2 suggests the Xbox Series X is much more powerful that the PS5, with a “staggering” difference.

Microsoft Project Acoustics Details Point to New Era of Audio on Xbox Series X

Microsoft’s Project Acoustics was introduced a year ago but is now a part of Xbox Serie X development on the Unity engine.

Microsoft’s GDC 2020 Replacement Stream Will Cover xCloud, Xbox Series X

Microsoft and a long list of companies pulled out of GDC 2020 in February, leading to its official postponement. At the time, Microsoft announced...

Xbox Series X Ray Tracing Promises New Era of Console Graphics

Early signs suggest ray tracing technology in the Xbox Series X and PS5 will bring PC-quality graphics to the ninth-generation consoles.

Xbox Series X To Allow Games to Resume After Reboot

Microsoft has confirmed the upcoming Xbox Series X will allows gamers to pick up where they left off across multiple games.

Microsoft Confirms Xbox Series X Hardware Specs, Including 12TFLOPS

In a deep dive on the Xbox Series X, Microsoft confirmed numerous specifications and also introduced new features.

Analysts Say the Xbox Series X and PS5 Could Be Delayed Due to Coronavirus

The Coronavirus could cause factory and workplace shutdowns that would limit both the production of Xbox Series X consoles and their games, say analysts.

CES 2020: AMD Inadvertently Unveils Fake Xbox Series X Ports

The ports of the Xbox Series X remain a mystery after AMD confirmed renders used in its marketing material were purchased from TurboSquid.

Microsoft Shares Image of Its Custom Xbox Series X Chip

Xbox head Phil Spencer has shown the Xbox Series X's coppery chip, with features a subtle logo in one corner and 8K in the other.

Xbox Series X and PS5 Details Leak on GitHub

A new leak highlights some specs coming to the Xbox Series X and specifically Sony’s PlayStation 5 consoles that will launch next year.

Microsoft Unveils Its Next-gen Xbox Series X Console, Announces Hellblade 2

Microsoft's next-gen console will be called the Xbox Series X, with a clean design reminiscent of a small PC tower.


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