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Metro Exodus Embraces Xbox One Mouse and Keyboard Support

4A Games has taken advantage of the Xbox One’s mouse and keyboard support for an Metro Exodus update on the console.

Microsoft’s Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Will Launch on May 7

The disc-less Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will be available in May, and here is the first look at the device on its box.
Xbox One S Gears  Microsoft e

Xbox One to Get Support for Spatial Audio on Regular TV Speakers

Spatial Audio on Xbox One will expand from use with soundbars, speakers, and headphones to regular TV speakers. Microsoft is yet to reveal a finite release date for the feature.
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Microsoft Wireless Display Brings PC Games to Xbox One

Wireless Display is an Xbox One app that acts as a remote PC, allowing users to stream their PC screen to the console, including playing PC games.
Xbox One S Microsoft YouTube Official

Microsoft’s Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Shows Evolution of Gaming

Microsoft’s disc-less Xbox One S All-Digital Edition highlights the companies increasing push to move with the times through connected gaming services.

Microsoft Appears to Be Testing Native Xbox One Games on Windows 10

A recent State of Decay release indicates support for native Xbox One games on Windows 10, with several related Xbox services making an appearance to enable it.

Microsoft Updates Xbox One to Version 1902

Through version 1902 of the Xbox One system, Microsoft has focused on fixes galore while not sending out any new features.

Xbox One Has Only Sold Half as Many Units as PlayStation 4

An analyst says the PlayStation 4 has sold 91 million units, while the Xbox One has sold a disappointing 41 million units.

Xbox One Update Enables Shorter Smart Speaker Commands

An Xbox One alpha build has upgraded the Xbox voice command service, letting users access their Xbox with much more intuitive commands.

Xbox One Backward Compatibility Gets Rayman Raving Rabbids, Battlestations Pacific, and FUEL

Microsoft has started the year off with three backward compatible Xbox One titles, with a party game, an RTS, and a racing game providing a strong variety.

Razer Unveils Turret Keyboard and Mouse for Xbox One at CES 2019

The $250 Razer Turret keyboard and mouse made an appearance and CES, showing off a slide-out magnetic mouse mat, a fully mechanical keyboard, and a high-spec mouse.
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Microsoft Readying Windows Hello and Xbox One Webcams

A report suggests Microsoft is building Surface webcams for Windows Hello facial recognition and Xbox One consoles.

Razer to Debut Xbox One Keyboard and Mouse at CES

While mouse and keyboard support has been with Xbox One since last month, Razer will announce the first dedicated peripherals next month.

Microsoft Cortana Now Picks Up Separate Voices on Xbox One

A new feature allowing Microsoft Cortana to distinguish between voices has been added to the Xbox One through Xbox Skill.

Microsoft Discounts Xbox One X Consoles for Black Friday

Big savings are available for the Xbox One X and Xbox One S in many locations, while other regions have discounts on Surface devices.

Blizzard Opens Free Overwatch 7-Day Trial on Xbox One

For this week only, Overwatch is free to play, with all 27 characters and 19 maps. Users will also be able to carry games over if they purchase later.

Xbox One Without A Disc-Drive Will Launch in 2019

A report suggests Microsoft is taking Xbox One games to an all-connected experience with a new console that lacks a disc-drive.

Physical Xbox One Version of Fallout 76 Requires Additional 50 GB Download

Fallout 76's physical disk isn't much help to Xbox One users, with a huge day one patch that requires most of the game to be downloaded.
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Microsoft Reveals Purchase of Obsidian and inXile to Boost Xbox One Exclusive Titles

Microsoft is continuing to bolster its Xbox One exclusives and has announced the acquisition of Obsidian Entertainment and inXile Entertainment.

YouTube App Update Arrives on Xbox One with Aesthetic Tweaks

Google has updated its YouTube experience for the Xbox One, making some user interface changes to modernize the app.

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