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Microsoft Windows Self-Healing Tool Will Not Fix Anniversary Update Problems

A program leaked late last week called Windows Self-healing Tool purports to fix Anniversary Update problems. However, a ZDNet report finds that the software is actually dated from 2015 and is for internal use for techs fixing Surface products.
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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Breaks Webcams, Microsoft Promises Fix for September

Users are experiencing non-functional USB supported webcams since upgrading to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Microsoft knows about the problem and says it will issue a fix in September.
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Microsoft Discusses Efforts to Improve DPI Scaling in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

A blog post by the company details some of the changes made to Windows 10 DPI Scaling through the Anniversary Update. However, it is still a tough process for Microsoft to solve.
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Microsoft: Still No Fix for Windows 10 Anniversary Update Freezing Problem

Microsoft says it is still working to solve a problem where the Windows 10 Anniversary Update freezes during some installations. The company has now locked the support thread, but will continue to find a permanent solution for the problem.
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Microsoft Finally Rolls Out Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update

After weeks of speculation, Microsoft has finally launched the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update. The release is only available to unlocked devices so far.
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Microsoft Issues Anniversary Update Windows 10 Cumulative Patch Pushing Platform to Build 14393.51

Windows 10 has received its first update in a post-Anniversary Update environment. The cumulative release sent out on Tuesday makes some minor fixes to the platform, while Microsoft also issued patches for users back on older Windows 10 builds.
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Windows 10 Mobile: No Anniversary Update Today, Still No Official Date

Reports of the Anniversary Update coming to Windows 10 Mobile proved incorrect. Dona Sarkar confirmed the upgrade will not arrive today and did not say when it will be available
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Microsoft Demos Quick Assist Available Through Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The recently launched Quick Assist feature lets easy desktop sharing that allows users to connect and receive assistance regarding Windows and other PC services.
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Anniversary Update coming to Windows 10 Mobile August 9 Suggests Report

After a Microsoft Lumia India account hinted at an August 9 roll out of the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 Mobile, a new report backs up the date. The initial launch will be for unlocked devices, with carrier handsets getting the upgrade on August 16.
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Microsoft Discusses EdgeHTML 14 in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

EdgeHTML 14 is the new update for the entire Edge web browser. It is available through the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and adds extensions, performance and security enhancements, and improved accessibility.
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Users Have Only 10 Days to Roll Back Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Previously thirty days, the rollback period has now been changed to ten. Microsoft cites storage space as the reason.
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Windows 10 Mobile Receiving Anniversary Update on August 9

Microsoft’s Lumia India Twitter handle said that the company will bring the Anniversary Update to Windows 10 Mobile on August 9. The upgrade started rolling out to PCs and other Windows devices yesterday.
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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Anniversary Update for HoloLens and HoloLens Commercial Suite

The HoloLens is a big part of Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform idea. Now the device is receiving the Anniversary Update after Microsoft rolled out the upgrade today.
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Edge Extensions: Adblock Plus Available Through Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The new Anniversary Update means users can download the Adblock Plus extension. Microsoft’s Edge extensions have been available to Windows Insiders for months.
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Microsoft Pushes Windows 10 PC Offers in Run up to Anniversary Update

Savings go as high as $300 on some devices, with students seeing the biggest benefits. BestBuy, Amazon, and Staples have all collaborated with Microsoft to offer the deals.
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Microsoft Disables Ability to Shut off Some Apps in Windows 10 Pro Anniversary

Changes to Group Policy and mobile device management mean that admins can no longer disable some of Windows 10 Pro's more intrusive features.
Windows Insider Program Dona Sarkar Official Microsoft

Windows 10 Anniversary: A Windows Insider Program View

Windows Insider Program chief, Dona Sarkar, has spoken of the positive impact Insiders have had on Windows 10 through its first year. On the day of its anniversary, Sarkar says Insiders have helped shape the platform.
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Microsoft Makes Windows 10 1607 Anniversary Update Available to Windows Insiders

Also known as the Anniversary Update, Windows 10 1607 is now available on the Release Preview for the Windows Insider Program. The full update will reach end users on Tuesday, August 2.
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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Will Support Electron Apps on the Windows Store

The applications will be able to support push notifications, one-click installs and automatic updates. Programs such as Slack, Discord and Hive could all be coming to the Windows Store after August 2nd.
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Microsoft to Enforce Driver Signing Restrictions in Windows 10 Version 1607 (Anniversary Update)

Failure to digitally sign drivers correctly or the lack of a valid EV Code Signing Certificate will now result in their removal by Program Compatibility Assistant. The changes will apply to all fresh installs of Windows 10 version 1607.

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