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Windows 10X Will Introduce A New Windows Update Experience

Microsoft says Windows 10X will have a new update experience based on an offline model that will allow Windows to update in under 90 seconds.

Windows 10X Has Two File Explorers

Windows 10X will have two file managers, one for Microsoft Store UWP apps and one for legacy Win32 Programs.

Microsoft Explains Windows 10X Win32 Program Limitations

Microsoft says Windows 10X will run most Win32 programs, while some will need changes, and others simply won’t work.

Microsoft Announces Windows 10X Emulator for Surface Neo

Microsoft is pushing forward with preparations for the Surface Neo with the first Windows 10X emulator for developers.

Report: Intel Is Pushing Back a Foldable Showcase Due to Insufficient Windows 10X Support

Intel is reportedly delaying the showcase of its 17" foldable device due to a screen shortage and Windows 10X immaturity.

Microsoft Is Working on a next-Gen IoT OS Based on Windows 10X

Microsoft is looking for candidates to help build the next-generation of IoT, with Windows 10X serving as a strong base.

Microsoft Describes a Tablet UI That Could Fulfill Windows 10X Promise of Pen-First UI

A new demonstration from Microsoft Research shows how a pen could one day interact with Windows 10X on the Surface Neo.

Microsoft’s Windows 10X Launcher Leaks Alongside the Taskbar and Action Center

Windows 10X will have a Launcher instead of a Start menu, and information regarding that solution has leaked.

Microsoft Website Suggests Windows 10X Will Come to Traditional Laptops

Despite Microsoft keeping quiet on Windows 10X, new information shows the variant was developed for “clamshells and foldables”.

Microsoft Reveals Surface Neo, a Game-Changing Folding Dual-Screen Device with Windows 10X Platform

Microsoft has announced the Surface Neo, a dual-screen device powered by the new Windows 10X experience and due to launch next year.

Microsoft Surface Centaurus Devices will be Powered by Windows 10X

Windows Core OS will become Windows 10X at launch, a new report suggests. The platform will power the folding screen Surface Centaurus.

Windows 11 OOBE Secrets Revealed by Security Expert

Security researcher finds hidden shortcuts in Windows 11 OOBE, offering access to advanced features like Audit Mode, diagnostics, and even a developer console.

Google Workspace Boosts Generative AI Testing in Gmail and Docs by 10x

Google says it is expanding its testing of generative AI for Google Workspace apps Gmail and Docs, with 10x more people now given access.

Microsoft Increases Bing Search API Pricing 10x, Leaving Developers Concerened

Developers have been hit with a massive price increase by Microsoft for its Bing Search APIs, now with chat AI features.

Microsoft Explains Auto Color Management for SDR Screens in Windows 11

Microsoft says Windows 11 2022 Update is more efficient at offering Auto Color Management on SDR display for app developers.

Microsoft Adds Video Encode API to DirectX 12 for Windows 11

Windows 11 users will now have the benefit of the Video Encode API from DirectX 12 available by default on the OS.

Windows 11 Is Here: First Look at Microsoft’s New Platform

Microsoft has today announced Windows 11, which will arrive in preview next week before a full release this fall.

This Is Windows 11: All the Major Features Coming Our Way

With Windows 11 on the horizon, we have been checking out the new platform and here are all the big features Microsoft has planned.

Windows 11 Screenshot and ISO Build Leak Reveal an Uninspired Upgrade

A Windows ISO update has leaked showing changes coming in Windows 11, but so far there does not seem to be many big changes to Windows 10.

Microsoft Pauses Windows 10 Previews, Maybe for Windows 11?

Microsoft has halted Windows 10 Dev previews, maybe to add features for Windows 11 ahead of this month’s event.

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