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Microsoft Fixes Two Remote Desktop Services “Wormable” Flaws

As part of the Patch Tuesday, Microsoft issued fixes for Remote Desktop Services flaws that are similar to BlueKeep and WannaCry.
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Microsoft: Update Windows or Risk Being Hit by BlueKeep-based Ransomware

Microsoft says over 400,000 endpoints may still be vulnerable to BlueKeep, which has the ability to spread between PCs and cause widespread disruption.

U.S. Company Starts Selling Working BlueKeep Windows Exploit

Immunity has bundled a working exploit for the BlueKeep vulnerability into a new product, causing concern amongst security experts.

NSA Joins Microsoft’s Call for BlueKeep User Protection

Microsoft recently warned users to protect their old Windows machines from BlueKeep, and now the NSA has described the problem as a “significant risk”.

Microsoft Urges Users to Patch Against BlueKeep Windows Vulnerability

Microsoft says patches exist to protect legacy Windows from the BlueKeep flaw, which is in the wild and likely to be exploited soon.
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Microsoft Joins Google in Paris Pledge to Crack down on Tampered Chips, Election Hacking

Microsoft has joined Google and Samsung in a Paris pledge to work together to ensure hardware and software security across the globe, as well as prevent election interference.

Windows Defender System Guard to Get Runtime Attestation

Windows Defender System Guard's runtime attestation will help detect kernel tampering, protect bank transactions, prevent cheating in games, and more. It will launch with the next Windows update.

Cybersecurity Tech Accord: Microsoft Promises ‘Defense Not Offense’ along with 33 Major Tech Companies

The Cybersecurity Tech Accord promises that companies involved will collaborate on cyberattack defenses that will protect customers regardless of their motivation. Part of that is an agreement not to use their software to collaborate on attacks.

Atlanta City Government Asks Microsoft for Help with $50,000 Ransomware Attack

The City of Atlanta has been hit by a major ransomware attack, taking down bill payment and court record systems. It's collaborating with Microsoft and the FBI to discern how to proceed.
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Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Focuses Released with Focus on Three Key Risk Areas

Ransomware, Botnets, and easy marks are the focus of the latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, which was launched today.
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UK Government Flatly Blames Russia for NotPetya Malware Attack

In a clear accusation, the UK says the Russian government was certainly responsible for last year’s disruptive NotPetya fake ransomware attack.

Microsoft Is Finally Bringing Windows 10-Exclusive Security Features to 7 and 8.1

Windows 10's Endpoint Detection & Response tool is coming to Windows 7 and 8.1, giving organizations the tools to identify and mitigate the damage of breaches.
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OneDrive for Business Gets Long-Requested File Restore Feature

OneDrive for Business now lets users restore files via a scrollable activity histogram, helping to protect against corruption and ransomware attacks. It's not clear if the feature will come to personal OneDrive accounts.

Microsoft Talks Up Windows 10 Security against Ransomware, Calls Platform a “Worthy Upgrade”

In a blog post, Microsoft urges holdouts to upgrade to Windows 10 and enjoy protection against ransomware alongside the most secure Windows ever.

Russia State Bank ATMs Running Windows XP Can Be Hacked Easily With Sticky Keys

Simply pressing Shift 5 times on Windows XP powered ATMs from Sberbank allows hackers to easily access the system.

Microsoft Covered Up Database for Windows Vulnerabilities

A cyberattack on a database holding Windows and other software flaws was breached in only the second confirmed instance of such an attack. However, Microsoft handled the issue internally.

Google Project Zero Warns Microsoft about Exclusive Windows 10 Patches

Microsoft's tendency to focus on Windows 10 security could leave Windows 7 vulnerable, says Google Project Zero researcher Mateusz Jurczyk. He points out several bugs that can be discovered by looking for discovered bugs in older OSes.

British University Hacks: Thousands of Breaches May Have Leaked Sensitive Research

The British University hacks are thought to have targetted research on missiles, stealth technology, and healthcare. So far, investigations point to sources in China and the Far East.

Come October, Blizzard Games Will No Longer Run on Windows XP and Vista

Blizzard will release a staggered schedule in October that will end support for World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone. It encourages users to upgrade to a newer OS.
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SMB Ransomware Exploits: Microsoft Unveils Software Makers Who Still Use SMBv1

Redmond has released a list of applications which need updating, reiterating the need for vendors to stop using SMBv1 due to its multiple vulnerabilities against ransomware attacks.