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Lightning Labs Debuts LangChainBitcoin for AI Language Services on the Bitcoin Blockchain

LangChainBitcoin by Lightning Labs allows faster language service transactions by tapping the AI into the Bitcoin blockchain.

Former Ethereum Developer Says OpenAI/ChatGPT CEO Sam Altman’s Worldcoin Is “Unrealistic and Scary”

Hudson Jameson is warning of the dangers of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s Worldcoin project, calling it “creepy” and “scary”.

Google and Apple Partner to Thwart Unwanted Wireless Tracking

Apple and Google are pushing for Bluetooth trackers to require industry standard specifications amid concerns over spying.

Microsoft Teams Adds Payment App to Help Small Businesses Charge for Content

Payments is a new app in Microsoft Teams that allows users who offer services to charge for them directly in the Teams ecosystem.

Google Pay Bug Results in Users Getting Free Money

It seems internal testing of Google Pay resulted in users accidentally receiving up to $1,000 for free, which Google says they can keep.

Xenomorph Android Malware Makes Comeback with New Variant Hitting 400 Banks

A new variant of the Xenomorph malware is now available, targeting 400 banks to automatic attacks around data theft.

What Microsoft’s Xbox Activision Blizzard Acquisition Means for Its Gaming Future

Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard deal is causing controversy, but why is it so important to the company and the future of Xbox?

Apple Facing Lawsuit from AirTag Stalker Victims

Two women claim Apple does not safeguard people from the AirTags device being users by stalkers to track unknowing victims.

Kraken Details Ways to save Itself during Cryptocurrency Decline

Kraken says it is laying off 30% of its staff and cutting operating expenses to survive uncertainty in the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoins Investors Are Abandoning Ship as FTX Tumbles

As FTX collapses, Bitcoin investors are losing faith in exchange platforms and turning to their own personal custody wallets.

Microsoft Edge 107 Reaches Wide Release with Limited Features

However, Microsoft Edge 107 does provide a new sidebar experience to bring improved productivity tools and multi-site view.

FBI Says Fake Cryptocurrency Apps Are Fleecing Investors of Millions

The FBI is warning cryptocurrency investors of successful scams that have already taken over $40 million from people.

Phishing Scam Using Fake Nvidia Bitcoin Giveaway is Targeting Crypto Users

Threat actors are targeting cryptocurrency miners using Nvidia GPUs with a fake Bitcoin giveaway to reel them in.

Mastercard Digital Transaction Insights Uses Dynamics 365 for Real-Time Fraud Detection

Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection helps Mastercard Digital Transaction Insights provide identity information in real-time.

Microsoft 365 Defender Warns of ‘Ice Phishing’ Risk to Web3 and Blockchain Tech

Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team warns of increasing social media and ice phishing attacks on blockchain services.

Meta Is Poaching Microsoft HoloLens Team Members

Microsoft HoloLens and mixed reality employees are leaving the company to work with Meta on the metaverse development.

Microsoft SMS Organizer Gets OnePlus-Focused Android Update

Microsoft SMS Organizer on Android now has a snack bar for battery optimization for OnePlus smartphones on the platfrom.

Windows 10 November 2020 Patch Tuesday Is Now Available

Microsoft is sending out its month Patch Tuesday cumulative updates covering most Windows 10 versions from recent years.

Microsoft SQL Hit by Crypto Mining Malware Perpetrated by New Hacking Group

Microsoft SQL servers have been targeted by a new group that places malware to install a Monero mining tool onto systems.
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Microsoft Could Invest in Digital Payment Service Paytm

Microsoft is reportedly weighing up an investment in Indian e-wallet platform Paytm, marking a rare foray into the digital payment market.

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